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Pinky & The Brain

TVY7AdventureComedyAnimation • KidsActionFamilyTV Series1995

From the Peabody Award-winning series Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs come two h...more

From the Peabody Award-winning series Steven Spielberg Presents A...More

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Episode 1

Leave It to Beavers / Cinebrania

The Brain enlists the beavers in his plan to take over the world by flooding it in; Pinky and The Brain try to capture the adoration of the world by becoming movie stars. The world considers them comic geniuses.
Episode 2

Brain Noir

In the 1940s, The Brain tries to acquire water rights to burgeoning Los Angeles...but someone is beating him to it.
Episode 3

Pinky & the Brain and...Larry / Where the Deer and the Mouselopes Play

Pinky and The Brain's plans are hindered by a new, uninvited sidekick, Larry. The Brain claims he and Pinky are among the last of the nearly extinct Mousealope species.
Episode 4

Brain Bogie / Say What, Earth?

The Brain disguises as actress-singer Cher, enters a celebrity golf tournament and steals Chi Chi Rodriguez' putter; The Brain invents a machine that brings the Earth to life.
Episode 5

My Feldmans, My Friends

Pinky and The Brain are forced to befriend their eccentric neighbor, Sultana, to retrieve an important package he has accepted on their behalf. Posing as Mr. and Mrs. Feldman, the two lab mice visit Sultana's home and slowly win his confidence.
Episode 6

All You Need Is Narf / Pinky's Plan

In the 1960s, Pinky's idiosyncratic observations are mistaken for wisdom in; Pinky plans a surprise birthday party for The Brain, making Brain suspect that Pinky is trying to take over the world without him.
Episode 7

This Old Mouse

When The Brain gets a glimpse into the future and sees that he will continue to fail, he realizes, after some soul searching, that he must change his destiny.
Episode 8

Brain Storm

The Brain develops a way to harness the energy of tornadoes in his latest bid to take over the world.
Episode 9

A Meticulous Analysis of History / Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish

The Brain leads Pinky on a whirlwind tour of history, in this musical cartoon; Pinky and The Brain go undercover among the Minnesota Rhennish, a strict rural community.
Episode 10

The Pinky Protocol

Famous Hollywood director Gulliver Sloane has a new conspiracy theory: two laboratory mice are attempting to take over the world! The Brain decides to use the publicity to his advantage and invents his own conspiracy theory.
Episode 11

Mice Don't Dance / Brain Drained

In the 1930s, The Brain creates steam-powered legs to send a subtle Morse code message of world domination; Bereft of ideas to take over the world, The Brain goes to Hollywood to get plots from screenwriters.
Episode 12

Brain Acres

The Brain and Pinky move to a rural farm, where The Brain plans to raise and train giant vegetables to take over the world.
Episode 13

Pinky & the Brainmaker / Calvin Brain

The Brain uses a dance to demonstrate the poetic majesty of world domination; Then The Brain becomes a fashion designer and Pinky becomes a supermodel to promote a mind-controlling fragrance.
Episode 14

Pinky Suavo / T.H.E.Y.

In a horrible lab mishap, Pinky becomes really suave guy, "Pinky Suavo." The Brain and Pinky infiltrate the secret organization of world leaders where they endure humiliating initiation rites to succeed in their latest scheme.
Episode 15

The Real Life

In this spoof of MTV's show, "The Real World," The Brain must get along with a houseful of 20-year-olds to carry out his latest scheme.
Episode 16

Brain's Way

In the early 1940s, The Brain opens a resort in Las Vegas to finance a plan and poses as a singing star to draw patrons. In the process, he becomes an ultra-cool icon and the leader of the celebrated Mouse Pack.
Episode 17

A Pinky & the Brain Halloween

In a special Halloween episode, Pinky sells his soul so that The Brain can take over the world. The Brain challenges the devil to get Pinky's soul back.
Episode 18

Brainy Jack

Discovering that the best way to take over the world is through pacifism, Pinky and The Brain travel to the Southwest on horseback and create a colony to teach the world the value of peace, love and improvisation.
Episode 19

Leggo My Ego / Big in Japan

The Brain goes to Vienna to get Sigmund Freud to condition his patients for mouse worship, but Freud analyzes him instead; The Brain becomes a Sumo wrestler in order to gain access to the rare Mugu fish.
Episode 20

But, That's Not All Folks

The Brain launches his latest plan on a live infomercial in this real-time episode.
Episode 21

Operation Sea Lion / You Said a Mouseful

The Brain commands dolphins and sea lions in his latest attempt to take over the world; The Brain must infiltrate the Hackensack Kicky-Sack Sack Kicker factory to carry out his latest plan.
Episode 22

The Tailor & the Mice / Bah, Wilderness

Pinky and The Brain are the pets of a crazy tailor; The lab is closed for summer vacation and The Brain travels to Camp Davey, the lodge for children of dignitaries visiting Camp David.
Episode 23

Pinky at the Bat / Schpiel-Borg 2000

The Brain coaches a last-place baseball club to the pennant race; Pinky unwittingly hits a button on The Brain's robot duplicate of Steven Spielberg, and the robot acts out scenes from Spielberg movies.
Episode 24

Broadway Malady

Impressed by the financial success of "Cats," Pinky and The Brain stage their own Broadway musical.
Episode 25

Brainie the Pooh / Melancholy Brain

"Brainie" and "Pinklet" attempt to take control of Acme Woods in a parody of A.A. Milne's classic "Winnie the Pooh" stories; Pinky and The Brain bring their inimitable style to a classic Shakespeare play.
Episode 26

Inherit the Wheeze

Lab scientists subject The Brain to experiments testing the addictive properties of cigarettes, an experience that endangers his latest plan for world domination.
Episode 27

Brain's Night Off / Beach Blanket Brain

The Brain gets wild and crazy on a night when he and Pinky don't try to take over the world. The Brain tries to infiltrate a group of surfing teenagers in this spoof of beach party movies.
Episode 28

The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together

Pinky and The Brain must bring together Pinky's far-flung family to win money on a TV game show.
Episode 29

Pinky's Turn / Your Friend, Global Domination

The Brain follows Pinky's plan to take over the world--with surprising results. Then The Brain describes what things would be like if he ruled the world.
Episode 30

You'll Never Eat Food Pellets in This Town Again!

In this change-of-pace episode, when studio executive Jamie Kellner presses them for higher ratings, Pinky and The Brain try out different ideas for their show, spoofing various other sitcoms.
Episode 31

Dangerous Brains

In order to carry out his latest world domination scheme, The Brain must take a teaching job at a dangerous inner city school.
Episode 32

Whatever Happened to Baby Brain / Just Say Narf

The Brain becomes a child star in 1930s Hollywood; Pinky attempts to cheer up The Brain with a musical number.
Episode 33

Pinky's POV / The Really Great Dictator / Brain Food

An episode seen through Pinky's eyes, and the view is interesting, to say the least; Pinky and the Brain sing about their schemes for world domination; The Brain opens a restaurant.
Episode 34

Brainwashed, Part 1: Brain, Brain Go Away

During a White House conference on the topic "the brain," one of the president's assistants mistakenly invites The Brain. After he becomes trapped in a web of conspiracy and deception, The Brain gets brainwashed and Pinky must save him.
Episode 35

Brainwashed, Part 2: I Am Not a Hat!

The Brain and Pinky escape from the land of Hats, but find someone is still after them as they try to save the world from an evil dance, the Schmeerskahoven.
Episode 36

Brainwashed, Part 3: Wash Harder

Pinky and The Brain unmask the culprit behind that evil, mind-numbing dance, the Schmeerskahoven, and save the world.
Episode 37

To Russia...With Lab Mice / Hickory Dickory Bonk

The Brain and Pinky ship themselves to Russia, where they become involved in a James Bond-style adventure; Pinky and The Brain find themselves trapped in the familiar nursery rhyme.
Episode 38

The Pinky & the Brain Reunion Special

A fictitious retrospective celebrating Pinky and The Brain is actually another of Brain's schemes!
Episode 39

A Legendary Tail / Project Brain

The Brain concocts a legend about himself; We find out how The Brain and Pinky first met.
Episode 40

Star Warners

Pinky, The Brain and the Animaniacs star in a parody of "Star Wars."

About this Show

Pinky & The Brain

From the Peabody Award-winning series Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs come two hilariously popular laboratory mice now starring in their own animated comedy spin-off--PINKY AND THE BRAIN--as they take on the modern world in an intelligently silly way with their plans for global domination.

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