1 season available

Pinky, Elmyra & The Brain

TVY7 • Fantasy, Animation, Kids, Adventure • TV Series • 1998

The popular animated characters Pinky and The Brain continue to concoct schemes to rule the world while hiding out in the suburbs where they live with...more

The popular animated characters Pinky and The Brain continue to concoct schemes to rule the world while hiding out in the suburbs where they live with...more

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1 season available (13 episodes)

1 season available

(13 episodes)

Episode 1

Patty Ann / Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific

The Brain constructs a girl robot named "Patty Ann" to create a media event when she is "rescued" from a sewer; The Brain enters Elmyra in a spelling bee.
Episode 2

Cute Little Alienhead / Better Living Through Cheese

Pinky and The Brain barter with an alien for technology, and Elmyra mistakes the ET for a furry "bunny." / The Brain helps Elmyra create a model volcano and discovers the secret of cold fusion!
Episode 3

My Fair Brainy! / the Cat That Cried Woof

Pinky and The Brain teach Elmyra about the solar system so she can win a trip on the space shuttle and help them; A vicious cat thwarts Pinky and The Brain’s plans for world domination.
Episode 4

The Girl With Nothing Extra / Narfily Ever After

The two mice attempt to make Elmyra popular, theoretically giving them more time to take over the planet; The Brain adds unique alterations to the Cinderella story.
Episode 5

The Man from Washington / the Icky Mouse Club

Pursued by a mysterious group called The Circle, a trap begins to close around Pinky and The Brain; Pinky and The Brain build a clubhouse for "The Icky Mouse Club," where children can gather without being hassled by adults.
Episode 6

At the Hop! / Pinky's Dream House

The Brain invents a scent that draws people to whoever wears it, but Elmyra inadvertently takes it to her school dance; When Elmyra buys Pinky a 1950s-style dollhouse, The Brain is drawn into Pinky's fantasies.
Episode 7

How I Spent My Weekend / Yule Be Sorry

Elmyra’s story of flying to France on a robot who transforms cheese into annoying tourists. Parodying "It's A Wonderful Life," The Brain learns what it would be like if Elmyra replaced Pinky.
Episode 8

Wag the Mouse / a Walk in the Park

Pinky and The Brain become Elmyra's campaign managers in her bid for class president. Pinky and The Brain decide to alter the tune of the theme song from a children's amusement park for their own purposes.
Episode 9

Squeeze Play / the Raven

When Rudy steals their Solar Ray, Pinky and The Brain must get it back from his room, which is home to his ravenous anaconda.; Pinky and The Brain attempt to survive a typical day with Elmyra.
Episode 10

Teleport a Friend

A teleportation device goes awry, using The Brain and Elmyra into a two-headed being. Captured by a sinister carnival owner, their rescue is in Pinky's hands.
Episode 11

Mr. Doctor / That's Edutainment

The mice must prevent discovery by The Circle when veterinarian wants to publicize Elmyra’s bizarre cat/dog. Discover what happens when Pinky and The Brain broadcast plans for world domination on public access TV.
Episode 12

Fun, Time and Space / Hooray for Meat

Pinky and The Brain create a black hole inside a jar and plan to sell it, but events soon spin wildly out of control; Pinky and The Brain plan to use the Patty Ann suit to try out for the Meat Queen contest.
Episode 13

Party Night / the Mask of Braino

After learning that Rudy won't attend Vanity's big party, Elmyra sobs uncontrollably, so Pinky and The Brain lure Rudy to the event; Pinky and The Brain's attempt to win public support backfires.

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