2 seasons available

Pinky Dinky Doo

TVYFamilyAnimation • AdventureKidsTV Series • 2009

This engaging animated children's series finds 7-year-old Pinky and her younger broth...more

This engaging animated children's series finds 7-year-old Pinky a...More

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2 seasons available (51 episodes)

2 seasons available

(51 episodes)

Season1 2
Episode 2

Tooting Trunk/In the Dark

The Dinky Doos help an elephant remember his favorite song; Sir Guinea Pig the Brave Explorer conquers his fear of the dark.
Episode 3

Stinky Pinky Doo/Kooky Cook-Off

Some of Pinky's friends make fun of her for having bad breath; Pinky and her friends enter a cooking contest and learn to collaborate.
Episode 4

The Great Biscotti/Speed Rocket

Nicholas puts on a magic show that goes wrong; When Speed Rocket Guinea Pig enters a big race, he learns to be persistent.
Episode 5

Always Ask First/The Trip Not Taken

Pinky and the gang must teach a giant pink gorilla to ask permission; Pinky and Daffinee help Jinkins make a video for his family.
Episode 6

Burpzilla/Happy Burpday

A Miggy Monster has eaten the city's electrical plant; Pinky and friends go to Squeedorp Prime in search of a unique birthday present.
Episode 7

Tyler's Disaster/Balloony Feet

After Tyler accidentally breaks the story box, Pinky tells a story about a disaster; Daffinee's 'balloony feet' keep changing sizes.
Episode 8

Big Blob of Talk/Vicki Chicken

Pinky's friend Blobby gets stuck in a moon-cheese flood; Pinky and her friends help Vicki Chicken learn to handle problems one at a time.
Episode 9

Thundering Thesaurus/Pinky's Rock!

A dinosaur called Thesaurus helps Pinky use more words in her stories; Pinky's band puts on a concert for the whole world.
Episode 10

Mystery Planet/Octopus in Tap Shoes

Captain Doo and her crew find out the facts about a new planet; Pinky and Daffinee dance with an octopus in a submarine.
Episode 11

Pinky Dinky Rex/Puppy-Go-Seek

Daddy Dinky Rex is nervous about trying new food; Pinky panics when she thinks she lost Daffinee's poodle, Fluffy Buffy Boo Boo.
Episode 12

Pop the Corn/Lord of the Pies

Pinky, Bobby, and Daffinee are contestants on a game show called Pop the Corn; Pinky and Nicholas are on Great Big Desserty Island.
Episode 13

Great Big Nature/Monkey Town

Tyler doesn't want to go outside, so Pinky tells a Great Big Nature story; Big Sister Monkey and Baby Monkey's doll is lost in the ocean.
Episode 14

Lobster/Super Doo, Traffic Too

Pinky and Mr. Guinea Pig help a famous Lobster clean up his polluted home; A traffic jam keeps everyone from getting to the animal party.
Episode 15

The Two Daffinees/Hot Hot Hot

Daffinee and her cousin have a bubble-blowing contest that gets too competitive; On a very hot day, Pinky and her friends try to cool down.
Episode 16

Legend of Big Blue/Ponytail Power!

Cowgirls Pinky and Daffinee follow instructions to find Big Blue; Pinky loses her lucky scrunchy before Great Big School Olympics.
Episode 17

Pinky's Present/Pinky Squeaks

P. Piddy Pony gives Pinky a present she doesn't like; Tyler Von Whoopty Doo hears distracting squeaking sounds.
Episode 18

Great Big Bean/Are You My Mummy?

The Dinky Doos enter Mr. Guinea Pig's sculpture in a colossal contest; Pinky and Tyler help a little Mummy find his Mummy.
Episode 19

Tyler's Shirt/Pinky's Missing Page

Postman Guinea Pig can't figure out where to deliver a letter; Pirates Pinky, Tyler, and Mr. Guinea Pig set off on a treasure hunt.
Episode 20

Tipsy Topsy/Growing Up Stretchy

Pinky and Nicholas help Princess Volume learn to control her volume; Pinky, Tyler, and Lulu help a balloon animal.
Episode 21

Squeedorp Grand/The Pinkyriffic Hat

Pinky and her friends go on a field trip to Squeedorp Grand Hotel; Pinky has to Think Big for her own quirky hat idea.
Episode 22

Tyler & the 4 M's/Promise

Tyler makes the new Big Sharks hover board soccer team; Trusty Tyler looks after the frisky, cute puppies at the Giddyuppy Puppy Ranch.
Episode 23

Bugging Tyler/Guinea Pig's Museum

Pinky and the gang find an egg that hatches into a new dragon friend; Pinky and Tyler shrink to Mr. Guinea Pig's size.
Episode 24

Teeny Weeny Waste/Pinky and the Duck

The Super Duper Doos look all over Great Big City for the water-wasting culprit; Pinky absentmindedly draws her science teacher.
Episode 25

New Year/Pinky's Happy Doo Year

The Monkey Dinky Doos, the Toilettes, and the Bleepy Bloopys learn to share their different traditions; Pinky and Tyler visit old friend.
Episode 26

Pinky's Silliest Story/Tyler's Big Idea

The Dinky Doos play The Random Game; With the help of Professor Boom, Pinky and Tyler travel into Tyler's imagination.

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