2 seasons available

Pet Alien

TVG • Comedy, Animation, Adventure, Science Fiction, Kids • TV Series • 2010

Tommy Cadle's seemingly normal life is turned upside down when a group of wild, outrageous aliens crash into his world.

Tommy Cadle's seemingly normal life is turned upside down when a group of wild, outrageous aliens crash into his world.

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2 seasons available (46 episodes)

2 seasons available

(46 episodes)

Episode 1

The Creature Who Left

Swanky's had enough of the uncouth and uncivilized behavior of Tommy, Dinko, Gumpers and the rest. He packs his possessions and moves out of the lighthouse.
Episode 2

It Came From The Fan Club

When a jealous Tommy learns Dinko and Gabby have formed a secret fan club, he makes his own secret fan club hoping they'll agree to let him join their fan club. But little does Tommy realize the "secret."
Episode 6

The Master Bakers

When Gumpers sees Gingerbread Man cookies for sale at the local bakery, he mistakenly believes the baker is turning real people into cookies.
Episode 7

He Walks And Talks Like An Alien

Tommy wants to win the DeSpray Bay MathOlympics and defeat his nemesis, Melba. Unfortunately, he stinks at Math.
Episode 8

The Night of Two Tommys + 1

When Tommy's too busy studying to play soccer with Dinko, he does the next best thing - he creates a duplicate Tommy by hotwiring a photocopier with extra power. And why stop there?
Episode 9

They Took The Toilet To Outer Space

When the aliens find the lighthouse toilet guilty of ball swallowing, they banish it to outer space. Tommy disagrees with their verdict. He just drank a gigantic Captain Spangley soda, and he needs that toilet back!
Episode 10

Big Hand Of Fate

Ladies and gentlemen, how about a big hand for Tommy of Earth? Dinko helps Tommy capture an asteroid for a school science project, but the radiation causes his hand to increase in size! Bad news?
Episode 11

This Phone! This Insanity

Tommy gives Dinko a cell phone in case of emergencies.
Episode 12

The Beast That's Stuck In My Foot

When Tommy pulls a sea urchin's spine from Gumpers' foot, he inadvertently becomes Gumpers' best friend, much to the dismay of Tommy's other best friend, Dinko!
Episode 13

A World Without Hamburgers

Dinko decides to give up junk food and eat healthy. Hilarity ensues.
Episode 14

The Evil That Pinched My Feet

Tommy is the only kid at school without the latest high-tech fad shoe. Dinko helps his best friend by radioactively modifying Tommy's shoes, making them do all kinds of fantastic things!
Episode 15

The Earth Boy Who Needed Protection

When Tommy breaks his arm playing soccer, Dinko is heartbroken that he let his best friend get hurt. To protect Tommy from any further harm, Dinko develops the Tommy Defense System.
Episode 16

The 70 Foot Tommy

When Dinko learns that great humans are honored with statues, he vows that Tommy of Earth shall have his own.
Episode 17

The Island Of Doom

Journeying home to visit his parents, Swanky's Space Bubble crash lands on a desert island, stranding him in the middle of the ocean.
Episode 18


Dinko believes a scarecrow in Melba's yard is waiting for Tommy to come home from school. Falling into paranoia, Dinko does all he can to save his best friend from certain doom.
Episode 19

Curse of the Frozen Tommy

When Tommy stays up all night playing with his friends, he needs to take a quick nap to stay awake during school.
Episode 20

Night of The Norwegian Boy!

Gumpers plays Cyrano for Granville and helps him win the love of Melba. But when Gumpers gets sick on the night of Granville's big date, Tommy must step in with tragic results.
Episode 21

They Had An Aluminum Ticket

Captain Spangley hides a special "aluminum ticket" in one of his taffy bars and the kid who finds it gets to go on a tour of his secret taffy factory.
Episode 22

Curse of the Invisible Boy

Embarrassed at school, Tommy wishes he was invisible. Unfortunately, he makes that wish in front of Dinko who makes Tommy's wish come true!
Episode 23

Remote Control of Doom

After Dinko alters Tommy's TV remote, the device is able to affect time as if it were a TV. Tommy tries to use the remote to win his school track meet, with comically tragic results.
Episode 24

The Slow-Mo Terror

Swanky raises snails in order to eat them, but slowly grows attached to them and can't bring himself to cook his new friends.
Episode 25

Gumpers of the Future

When Gumpers has trouble sleeping, Tommy suggests his "magic" pillow will make him feel like he's slept for 100 years.
Episode 26

Planet of the Granvilles

Tommy, Dinko and Gumpers are transported to an alternate dimension populated by primitive Granvilles and a giant Melba.
Episode 27

Trapped In the Pink Purse

Tommy finds a pink purse and violates a sacred Conforma Dimension law by becoming a...purse opener.
Episode 28

Race with the Clinton

Tommy enters a soapbox derby race determined to beat Clinton. Vowing to beat him "fair and square," Tommy swears off alien technology.
Episode 29

The Horrible Workout of Evil

When Tommy of Earth hurts his back, Dinko devises a special fitness program designed to make his best friend stronger. Unfortunately, it also wears Tommy out.
Episode 30

The Incredible Floating Boy

When Dinko breaks gravity, everything and everyone in DeSpray becomes weightless. Dinko and Tommy must fix gravity before it's too late and the whole town floats away!
Episode 31

The Black Eye of Doom

Dinko's Conforma Camera of Destiny reveals that Tommy of Earth will soon have a black eye. A paranoid Dinko suspects that any one of Tommy's friends will be the future culprit and he will stop at nothing to stop them!
Episode 32

The Sheriff Was An Alien

While playing cowboys, Gumpers takes the job of sheriff a little too seriously and arrests Dinko. Then Gumpers brings his own brand of alien law to DeSpray Bay.
Episode 33

The Night My Brain Froze

Tommy and Dinko can't wait to try the new Taffy Blast smoothy from Captain Spangley's Taffy Shopped. Unfortunately, Dinko drinks his too fast and gets a "brain freeze."
Episode 34

Scout's Horror

Gumpers and Tommy join the DeSpray Bay Seagull Scouts and are going into the forest for a series of tests. Gumpers causes trouble for everyone, but when the troop gets lost, Gumpers keen sense of smell leads them home.
Episode 37

Duet from Another Dimension

Tommy is chosen to be entertainment director for the upcoming DeSpray Bay Festival. On Dinko's recommendation, Tommy books the Comforma signing duo, Shank & Dank, who turn out to be awful singers.
Episode 38

The Doctor Is In...Sane!

Dr. Daffodil comes to DeSpray to open a medical practice, but when he falls ill, it's up to Tommy to nurse him back to health.
Episode 41

When TV Ruled The World

Dinko thinks Tommy of Earth's daily life is more fascinating than TV. So what could be better than recording everything Tommy does and broadcasting it to the entire town?
Episode 42

The Thing With the Ugly Face

When Dinko's face gets stuck after riding a rollercoaster, Spangley mistakes him for a monster and leads an angry mob to burn down the lighthouse.
Episode 43

The Boy Who Cried Wahhhh!

In an effort to freeze Tommy's age and make him young forever, Dinko accidentally turns Tommy into a baby.
Episode 44

The Cow Says Moo

Dinko comes to believe that a toy of Tommy's is giving Dinko a secret, coded message. "The cow says, 'Moo!'" the toy keeps repeating. Dinko thinks the cow keeps saying "moo!" because it knows something about Tommy...
Episode 45

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Swanky

When Swanky dares to eat his first potato chip, he goes from cranky to super-happy. Unfortunately, a happy Swanky is more annoying than a cranky one and Tommy and Dinko must figure out a way to bring back the original!
Episode 46

The Day That Flip Stood Still

When Flip stands still and hibernates, he's mistaken as a rare statue by both Spangley and Granville, who will stop at nothing to obtain him.
Episode 47

The Lookalike Girl of Evil

Gabby's identical cousin Jabby is in town and Tommy will do anything to spend time with her, even bailing on his day with Dinko. But when Jabby doesn't want to spend time with Tommy, he needs Dinko's help.
Episode 48

Uranus Awaits!

When Tommy is grounded for the weekend, Dinko promises to stay with him. But then Dinko remembers the Screaming Eel Festival is happening on Uranus that weekend and must choose if he'll be staying with Tommy.
Episode 49

The Alien Who Invaded the Taffy Shoppe

When Tommy is too sick to work, Dinko fills in for him at the taffy shoppe with tragic results.
Episode 50

Hammy Of Earth

Dinko's fear of thunder leads him to take up the world's weirdest security blanket--a 15-pound smoked ham. But when the ham begins to go bad, Tommy must help Dinko overcome his fears and his dependency.
Episode 51

When Clinton Ruled the World!

When Tommy and Dinko mess with time in order to get Tommy the day off from school, they accidentally create a new reality where Clinton is the dictator in a society ruled by sports.
Episode 52

Beware the Crack!

Dinko becomes obssessed with Earth superstitions. When he steps on a crack in the sidewalk, he's convinced bad things will happen to Tommy if he lifts his foot.

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