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Pawn Stars

TVPGRealityTV Series2009

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the valu...more

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as ...More

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Episode 1

Pawns Ahoy!

Sail away with the Pawn Stars as a peg leg pistol hobbles its way into the shop. Will Rick and Corey say, "ahoy" or will they toss it overboard if it doesn't fire? Then Corey and Chum check out four yearbooks signed by the ultimate teenager, James Dean.
Episode 2

Pawnball Wizard

Aim for the high score with the Pawn Stars when a rare Captain Fantastic pinball machine comes into the shop. Will Rick jump at the chance to become the pinball wizard? Then, Corey is offered a Leroy Neiman painting of Marilyn Monroe.
Episode 3

Oh Holy Pawn!

Get holy with the Pawn Stars as Rick gets the chance to purchase a page from the Gutenberg Bible. Known as the first printed book, will the single page break Rick's bank or leave him wanting more?
Episode 4

Buddy, Can You Spare a Thousand?

Do the math with the Pawn Stars when Rick considers paying ten times the face value of a rare $1,000 star note. Will the cash really be worth that kind of cash? Then, Rick sets his sights on a World War II Navy gun scope.
Episode 5

Spider Pawn

Get fired up with the Pawn Stars when Rick investigates the authenticity of a rare 1936 Zippo lighter prototype. Will Rick light the fire on a sale or extinguish the deal when the truth comes out?
Episode 6

Up Up and Away!

It's up, up and away with the Pawn Stars when Rick and Corey check out an original Superman costume. Can Rick's super strength lift what the seller is asking or will archenemy "No Deal" rule the day?
Episode 7


The Pawn Stars are seeing stars as rap artist, Flavor Flav, brings in an O.J. Simpson statue with a six-figure price tag, but is the juice worth the squeeze? Then, Rick sees money signs when a seller comes in an autographed Winston Churchill letter.
Episode 8

Gilded Pawn Age

All aboard with the Pawn Stars when Rick checks out a Gilded Age train. Will he be able to hook up a buyer for this thing, or is Rick holding a one-way ticket to No Sale? Then, a classic Nintendo race car game from the 1960s rolls its way into the shop.
Episode 9

Pawning Reagan

Get stumped with the Pawn Stars when a rare double lock musket comes into the shop. Will Rick and Corey take it lock, stock and barrel or will it leave them gun shy? Then, Rick is offered an autographed photo of Laurel & Hardy.
Episode 10

Thar She Pawns!

Hit the open road with Pawn Stars as Rick checks out a 1974 Triumph Convertible. Will he blow a gasket when he hears the asking price for this little Spitfire? Then, a pair of whale spears makes an appearance at the shop. Will negotiations get tough?
Episode 11

La La Land

It's "Lights, Camera, Action!" as Rick heads to LA on a shopping spree for the shop. First up, the largest collection of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory props in existence. Will he be able to make a deal?
Episode 12

The Pawnshine State

Rise and shine with the Pawn Stars as Rick and Chumlee take a trip to the Sunshine State to check out a fully loaded 1964 Rybovich Yacht. While in Florida, Rick visits his friend, Lisa, at her own pawn shop in town.
Episode 13

By Land or by Seep

Get ready to etch this episode into Pawn Stars history. Rick paints himself into a corner when he considers removing six Picasso etchings from a famous illustrated edition of Lysistrata.
Episode 14

Balloon Payments

The Pawn Stars are confident when it comes to making the right deal, but will Rick get a big head by calling in a surprise expert to appraise a Ronald McDonald balloon inflator?
Episode 15

Lock, Stock and Two Nickle Barrels

Hit "The Big Trail" with the Pawn Stars when Rick gets offered a rare movie poster for John Wayne's first film.
Episode 16

Declaration of Dopeness

Brew up a hot cup of joe with the Pawn Stars when a Civil War era carbine shows up with a "coffee grinder" in the shoulder stock. Will Rick bite the bullet and make a sale, or misfire on making a deal?
Episode 17

Frontier of Fortune

Three generations of men run a family-owned pawn shop in Las Vegas.
Episode 18

Poké Pawn

Get ready to GO with the Pawn Stars as a very valuable Pokemon collection makes its way into the shop. Will Rick battle for a sale or will he be defeated? And next, it's about time the Pawn Stars got a 1926 Dunhill Watch Lighter in the shop.
Episode 19

Masonic Pawn

Party like it's 1999 with the Pawn Stars when a hat worn by Prince dances into Rick's hands. Will he be singing for a sale or will it become an unpronounceable flop? Next, an Egyptian scarab ring crawls into the shop.
Episode 20

Pawn Samurai

The Pawn Stars are all about cutting deals, but what will happen when Chum takes a stab at three Japanese Samurai swords? Then, Corey pushes to make a plush deal for a Steiff donkey pull toy.
Episode 21

Pawned at the Stake

Cast a spell with the Pawn Stars when an 18th century "Tryal of Witches" book possesses the shop. Will it work its magic on Rick or prove to be a curse? Next, a 20th century airplane control yoke maneuvers in.
Episode 22

Mini Miles

Schedule a playdate with the Pawn Stars after Rick stumbles upon what could be one of the first Barbie dolls ever made while visiting his good friend, Marie Osmond backstage at her long running Vegas show.
Episode 23

Dollars & Dunks

Shoot some hoops with the Pawn Stars when Rick checks out a warm-up jersey signed by The Black Mamba himself: Kobe Bryant. Will he make a slam dunk on a sale or buy nothing but air?
Episode 24

Business Is Brewing

Business is brewing at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop as Rick takes a look at a couple of antique beer items. With beer on his mind, Rick hops over to his friend's brewery in San Diego to tap into the drink's history.
Episode 25

Great Scott!

Turn it up to eleven with the Pawn Stars when Rick gets offered a 1973 Marshall Amp. Complete with all original parts, will it sound as rich as it looks?
Episode 26

Stamp Stumped

Call it heads or tails, when Rick flips around a few gold and silver coins that come into the shop. Will he buy them all or call it chump change and walk away from the deal?
Episode 27

The Greatest Pawn on Earth!

Come one. Come all. Step right up to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop! When an early addition of P. T. Barnum's autobiography shows up in the shop, will Rick be a sucker and pay too much for the famous hoaxer's tell-all?
Episode 28

If the Pawn Don't Fit

Take a ride with the Pawn Stars as Rick test-drives the infamous O.J. Bronco. Will Rick pony up the big bucks for this million-dollar item, or will the verdict read no sale? Then, Rick sits down to dinner with a rare silverware set.
Episode 29

King of Pawntus

Dig up some history with the Pawn Stars when an ancient coin comes rolling into the shop. Next in, Chum unrolls an autographed movie poster for the 1990s indie hit "Reservoir Dogs."
Episode 30

Money to Pawn

Don't get fooled at the pawn shop when a seller hands Chumlee a thirty dollar bill. Will this curious cash have Chum reaching for his wallet to buy it or will it turn out to be a costly currency that's not worth making a deal?

The Peg-Leg Gun

"Beverly Hillbillies" Toy Car

1930s AC Spark Plug Cleaner

1974 Misprinted $30 Bill

King of Pontus Coin

"Star Wars" Comic Signed by Fisher, Ford, and Hamill

O.J. Simpson Getaway Bronco

Old Man Wisdom

Rick's Laugh

1838 Gobrecht Silver Dollar & 1857 Liberty Head Double Eagle

1966 Dodge Charger with Hemi Engine

Napoleonic Era Sword

Signed Bob Marley "Exodus" Album Sleeve

"Back to the Future Part II" Signed Hoverboard

Coolidge "Dogs Playing Poker" Promotional Print

Rare Civil War-Era Clark & Sherrard Pistol

The Jean-Michel Basquiat Postcards

"Citizen Kane" Production Still Signed by Orson Welles

1959 Barbie #1 Signed by Ruth Handler

Corey Gambles on "Leaving Las Vegas"

Kobe Bryant 2010 NBA Finals Warm-Up Jersey

Original British WWI Poster

Rick Has Chumlee's Swords Appraised

1826 Erie Canal Completion Medal

Stacks of Pristine 10 Charizard Pokemon Cards

William J. Stone Copy of the Declaration of Independence

175-Year-Old Nickel Plated Scottish Pistols

1975 Kavan Alouette 2 RC Helicopter

Rare Civil War-Era Photograph

Tomak Kris Spear

2000 Presidential Election Voting Booth

Original Incredible Hulk Issues #1-6, Signed by Stan Lee

Picasso-Illustrated "Lysistrata"

ThunderCats Memorabilia Are Go

Muhammad Ali's Signed Philosophical Musings

Original 1971 "Willy Wonka" Props

1930s Popeye Water Pistols

1974 Triumph Spitfire 1500

Laurel and Hardy Autographs

Ronald Reagan Foam Head

Flavor Flav's O.J. Simpson Statue

Gilded Age Pullman Train Car

Hamilton's Federalist Papers, 1802 Second Edition

Signed Winston Churchill Letter

An 18th Century Atlas

An Original 1978 Superman Film Costume

Stan Lee Meets Chumlee

A Working Commodore 64 Computer

"Grinch" Storyboard Signed by Chuck Jones

$1000 Federal Reserve Star Note

Huge Six-Sheet "Ziegfeld Follies" Poster

A Leaf of the Gutenberg Bible

James Dean's High School Yearbooks

The Egyptian Cartonnage Mummy Mask

Up in Space

Big-Screen Souvenirs

Harley Heaven

Rad Vintage Video Games

High-Dollar Disney

Ronnie Wood Self-Portrait

Visiting Lonnie Hammargren

Carrier Pigeon Capsule

Stretch Armstrong Toy

Jim Morrison Door Painting

Lucille Ball's Necklace

Vintage Wine Press

Moonshine Still

Richard Nixon Head Candle

Playboy Club Keys

Aerosmith Concert T-shirts

About this Show

Pawn Stars

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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