7 seasons available

Outer Limits

TV14 • Horror, Thriller, Supernatural, Science Fiction • TV Series • 1995

In the tradition of the classic anthology series, the new series brings the bizarre, frightening and disturbing back to life; pushing the imagination ...more

In the tradition of the classic anthology series, the new series brings the bizarre, frightening and disturbing back to life; pushing the imagination ...more

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7 seasons available (153 episodes)

7 seasons available

(153 episodes)

Episode 1

Family Values

A man gets a robot so that he can spend more time at work, but loses his place as head of the household.
Episode 2

Patient Zero

A man travels to the past to kill a girl who is about to infect the world with a deadly virus that will eventually wipe out billions.
Episode 3

A New Life

A religious cult goes to live in the woods and finds they are really abductees on an alien ship destined for slavery.
Episode 4

The Surrogate

A surrogate mother finds that her pregnancy is actually changing her into an alien.
Episode 5

The Vessel

The lone survivor of a space shuttle disaster discovers he's indestructible and has become spiritually linked to an alien living within himself.
Episode 6

Mona Lisa

A blue-collar repo woman discovers and befriends an escaped android.
Episode 7


A man clones his near-dead wife only to discover that she has awoken from her coma and he now has two wives.
Episode 8

Think Like A Dinosaur

Michael Burr is the only permanent human occupant of the Tuulen station, situated on a vast empty plain of the Moon. His companions are the Hanen, an emotionless lizard-like alien species who have developed a highly advanced means of long distance travel by 'jumping' through space. Achieved by creating an exact duplicate of the jumper, the copy is reconstituted at the destination point and the original destroyed, thus leaving only one. Kamala Shastri is one of the test jumpers to arrive for travel to the planet Gend, but in the final stage of the transfer, something inexplicable happens. Confirmation of her duplicate's arrival is not received from Gend and the procedure is temporarily aborted. When it's later determined that Kamala's copy does indeed exist, Michael is called upon to balance the equation and eliminate the original. Michael knows the human race is desperate to access a technology that would allow them to leave behind a planet now virtually destroyed by pollution and over population. He also knows it is imperative that he avoid a protocol breach with the Hanen, but can he bring himself to kill Kamala?
Episode 9

Alien Shop

In a strange shop, an unemployed man is given a wallet that becomes filled with the belongings of anyone he touches.
Episode 10

Worlds Within

A mutant child is a link to another dimension and a scientist tries to save him from secret government manipulation.
Episode 11

In The Blood

On a outer space mission through a wormhole, an American Indian woman scientist discovers that the entire universe is a living being.
Episode 12

Flower Child

A beautiful woman is really an alien flower that seduces men in order to feed and reproduce.
Episode 13

Free Spirit

An experiment is terminated resulting in the deaths of six subjects spawning a murderous entity that seeks revenge on the team of scientists responsible.
Episode 14


A psychiatrist creates a device that allows her to enter the thoughts of her patients.
Episode 15

Time to Time

A young woman travels back in time to try and change her father's destiny.
Episode 16


An alien forces five high school students to decide which one of them should die after they are abducted and taken to a mysterious reproduction of their school.
Episode 17

Rule Of Law

A judge must determine the truth behind an attack on settlers on a remote planet where aliens and humans live side-by-side.
Episode 18

Lion's Den

A high-school wrestling team takes new drugs which cause some unexpected changes.
Episode 19

The Tipping Point

A computer whiz must destroy a deadly artificial intelligence.
Episode 20

Dark Child

A woman's past alien abduction comes back to haunt her.
Episode 21

The Human Factor

A rogue computer on an outpost on Ganymede threatens to destroy Earth's last hope of survival.
Episode 22

Human Trials

A test to find the right soldier for a secret mission pushes the limits of loyalty of each of the candidates.

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