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Committed to reflecting reality, this series portrays the mature themes of life in th...more

Committed to reflecting reality, this series portrays the mature ...More

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Episode 1

As Flies to Careless Boys Are We to the Gods (or This Bud's for You)

Sipowicz and Simone deal with the aftermath of the Joey Salvo homicide. A drugged-out pimp goes on a killing spree.
Episode 2

All's Wells That Ends Wells

A corrections officer may have inadvertently shot and killed an innocent bystander during a robbery. The detectives set up surveillance inside a hotel where a rapist committed several crimes.
Episode 3

Three Girls and a Baby

The detectives investigate the shooting death of Abby's lover. A man attempts to cover-up his girlfriend's death by setting her corpse on fire.
Episode 4

The Truth Is Out There

Simone and Sipowicz ponder the cultural implications of a nursery rhyme and question the credibility of a murder witness.
Episode 5

It Takes a Village

A junkie implicates her two teenage sons in the shooting death of a Korean grocer. Sipowicz and Russell search for a man who raped a nine-year-old girl.
Episode 6

Dead Man Talking

Simone and Sipowicz investigate an apparent home invasion robbery that left a woman and her infant son dead. Fancy’s dying friend asks that a fifteen-year-old murder case be reopened.
Episode 7

Sheedy Dealings

Simone and Sipowicz search for clues when two young strippers are found strangled. A pair of men with the same lover suspect they put out contracts on each other's lives. A housekeeper is accused of stealing her employer's jewelry.
Episode 8

Lost Israel, Part 1

Sipowicz and Simone attempt to snare a man suspected of murdering his young son. The detectives investigate the death of an Hasidic woman.
Episode 9

Lost Israel, Part 2

A suicide threatens to derail the Egan case. Detectives question a doctor about a body - Sans hand - Found in the city dump.
Episode 10

Remembrance of Humps Past

Sipowicz assists an old friend who fears his daughter has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Medavoy and Martinez uncover a body-snatcher ring. Naomi reveals a secret.
Episode 11

You're Under a Rasta

The detectives search for clues when a drug dealer's wife is found murdered; A young prostitute's body is discovered lying by trash outside an apartment building; Diane tells Simone that she is pregnant.
Episode 12

A Box of Wendy

Simone and Sipowicz question an odd, farmer-like man whose sister was found murdered. Medavoy and Kirkendall investigate a shooting at a dispatcher's office. Russell searches for the truth when a young boy falls to his death.
Episode 13

Twin Petes

The detectives search for a murder suspect who preys on ATM users. Medavoy puzzles over a case involving a man who may or may not have an identical twin brother.
Episode 14

Weaver of Hate

Tempers flare when the father of a white teenager murdered by African-American drug dealers uses racial epithets in the station house. A woman's body is found stuffed inside a refrigerator.
Episode 15

Don't Kill the Messenger

A schizophrenic man and a police officer become the prime suspects in the murder of a young nurse. Medavoy and Kirkendall investigate when a Good Samaritan is killed while trying to retrieve a robbery victim's backpack.
Episode 16

The One That Got Away

The detectives search for evidence when a police officer becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Russell and Kirkendall search for a suspect who shot and wounded a student filmmaker.
Episode 17

Speak for Yourself, Bruce Clayton

A woman's arrest on murder charges leads to a violent showdown in the precinct; detectives question a hostile paraplegic about a deadly rape.
Episode 18

I Don't Wanna Dye

The detectives get a break in a case involving a police officer suspected of committing murder.
Episode 19

Prostrate Before the Law

The detectives encounter a group of right-wing militants suspected of killing one of their own. Sipowicz undergoes surgery for prostate cancer.
Episode 20

Hammer Time

Henry Coffield becomes a suspect in the murder of one of Simone's elderly tenants. Sipowicz is released from the hospital.
Episode 21

Seminal Thinking

The detectives search for the killer of a particularly disreputable used car salesman. Medavoy is sickened by the murder/rape of a homeless woman.
Episode 22

Honeymoon at Viagra Falls

Simone and Russell make final preparations to be married. The detectives investigate the murder of a witness and her young child. A man’s daughter disappears in a park. A bust uncovers a sports memorabilia scam.

About this Show


Committed to reflecting reality, this series portrays the mature themes of life in the police department of New York City with an unprecedented combination of real life, real language and real dramas. Whether it's in the squad room or the bedroom, "NYPD Blue" will offer viewers the kind of realism more often associated with theatrical films than with network television.

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