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News • TV Series • 2017

NBC News’ new op-ed vertical THINK delivers strong arguments and sharp analysis from stories in the news cycle and beyond.

NBC News’ new op-ed vertical THINK delivers strong arguments and sharp analysis from stories in the news cycle and beyond.

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Why can’t Americans all just vote by mail?

For the last doctors of the Santa Fe school shooting, the world has moved on — but they haven't

Mary Lambert gets candid about poetry, trauma and being a child of incest

Trump is eroding democratic norms so quickly and so often we've become numb to the changes: Amy Siskind

Trump is the rare billionaire who can speak to the working class

Sharpton: I've known Trump for decades and he's only loyal to one thing

Trump isn’t a disrupter – at least not in the way that his critics think

Can fascism take root in the U.S.?

Trump may have a shameless persona, but he's obsessed with what people think of him

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Trump isn’t a mad-man. He’s been following the authoritarian playbook since day one

The religious right traded morals for Supreme Court seats. Was Trump worth it?

How I tried to make my brain fall out of love

Inside the heated battle over Juul: Creating teen addicts or saving lives?

Debunking the most common myths white people tell about race

It's time for women to embrace their rage

William Shatner on what a cancer misdiagnosis taught him about life

We already have all of the information we need to impeach Trump

Texas's first gay, Latina sheriff on how to get minorities to trust police again

The "Queer Eye" cast on the show’s first trans storyline, the French tuck and which one of the Fab Five needs a makeover

Brett Kavanaugh proves the Supreme Court swing vote is dead

Why NFL players protest and NBA players don’t

What’s the deal with Trump’s ‘Space Force?’ And how will it affect the future of warfare?

The Catholic Church is broken. Can it be saved?

Here's what Jenny Han said to the Hollywood producers who tried to whitewash ‘To All the Boys I've Ever Loved’

Now that Trump's military parade is canceled, here's everything else he could do with $92 million

Elite private schools are a scam. Here's how we fix them.

Dascha Polanco talks OITNB, being Latino in Hollywood and posing naked

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ runner-up Peppermint on exclusion in the drag world

Are we at war with Russia? Because Russia is certainly at war with us

3D-printed guns are a reality – and they're going to change the gun control debate forever

Stand your ground laws are a license to kill and a threat to the most vulnerable

The firing of James Gunn is a lesson in how the alt-right co-opts outrage

If Roe v. Wade dies, there will be nothing left to unite the Republican Party

Trump vs. the DOJ: Trump may win the battle, but he’ll lose the war

What Lebron James’ salary says about the value of labor in America

Democratic socialism can succeed in the Midwest – by any other name

‘Pose’ star Angelica Ross on why so many trans portrayals fail — and how to fix it

I was fired for drawing cartoons about Trump

Treating dental care as an afterthought has dangerous consequences

Hip hop artist Taylor Bennett talks coming out as bisexual in the Chicago rap scene

'13 Reasons Why' explains the show's sexual assault choices

Inside a Russian troll factory

Let’s be honest: President Trump’s executive order solves almost nothing

How e-cigarettes like the Juul are co-opting the language of wellness

'I refuse to apologize': '13 Reasons Why' defends the show's suicide controversy

How willful ignorance is changing U.S. politics

Can mass shootings really catch on like a disease?

Where do conservative women fit into the #MeToo movement?

Flying is terrible now and here’s why

The false promise of the gig economy

Your DNA is the next big privacy battleground

Why the Royals matter, and why the U.S. needs its own

Fewer people are getting married. Good.

Why Puerto Rico deserves statehood

For pregnant women, your race may determine your standard of care

It's too early for #MeToo comeback stories

It's time for Dems to fight dirty

Are all endangered species worth saving?

Counting calories is a ridiculous way to try and lose weight

Is Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party complete?

We let big tech off the hook – now it’s time to break them up

The U.S. workplace is hazard to public health

When killers become heartthrobs: Why do we make celebrities out of murderers?

21 Savage has some money tips for broke people

If you want to fix the U.S. mental health system, start with primary care

Copyright should protect creativity, not ownership

What the proposed Sinclair merger could mean for local news

Chris Hadfield: Before we colonize Mars, we should settle the Moon

How the NRA weaponized the Second Amendment

How can we save the Democratic Party?

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