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Mach asks big questions and celebrates big ideas. It champions science & innovation, challenges technology, and explores our universe.

Mach asks big questions and celebrates big ideas. It champions science & innovation, challenges technology, and explores our universe.

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Could this cosmic interloper be an alien spacecraft? Neil deGrasse Tyson isn’t so sure

'A bumpy ride ahead': Astronomer Martin Rees on humanity's chance of surviving the 21st century

Mount Etna is sliding into the sea. It could be catastrophic

'Great Pumpkin' asteroid returns: Spooky skull-shaped space rock will fly by after Halloween

Deep Fakes: How they’re made and how they can be detected

How hurricanes affect deep reefs

Diagnosing Michael Myers: Can horror films help study human behavior?

Scientists just discovered that an Antarctic ice shelf is “singing”

A squishy robot that can help study underwater reefs

'First Man's' portrait of Neil Armstrong gets at the man behind the myth

These robotic ‘skins’ can turn inanimate objects into soft bots

Science of 'Venom’: How real-life parasites affect their hosts

In a real-life Start Trek discovery astronomers think they might have found Vulcan

Donna Strickland won the Nobel Prize in Physics; The third woman since 1901

Sony’s beloved robotic dog is back with a new bag of tricks

From facial scanning to targeted ads, a 'Minority Report' future isn't science fiction anymore

Ranger danger: A killer robot that could protect the Great Barrier Reef

Suit up: This polka dot onesie aims to replace the measuring tape

Can a virtual reality game help astronauts cope with the journey to Mars?

Slow-moving storms like Florence could become increasingly common

SpaceX says fashion tycoon will ride a rocket around the moon

Tracking Florence as it makes landfall

How Florence became a Category 4 storm

This ‘telepresence system’ lets two people share one body

NASA is studying an underwater volcano in Hawaii to learn more about alien life

The mysterious gene that helps elephants fight cancer

This propeller-head robot fly-walks

'An infinite, giant trampoline': Apollo 17's Harrison Schmitt remembers what it is like to walk on the moon

Scientists discover hidden coral reef off the coast of South Carolina

This deep-space habitat could be a rest stop on trips to Mars

Autonomous grocery delivery is almost here

How animals paved the way for human space flight

The mysterious “skyglow” that has scientists confused

Sorry, Elon Musk, but scientists say terraforming Mars is impossible

A smart jacket that could make riding safer for cyclists

Breaking down Elon Musk’s most “painful” year yet

A mysterious particle from a distant galaxy made its way to an observatory in Antarctica

Cheetah 3 is a blind robot that doesn’t need sensors to navigate

'The Meg': Is the terrifying prehistoric shark from Jason Statham's new movie real?

The devastating California wildfires from space

The human factor: What it will take to build the perfect team for traveling to Mars

The most incredible meteor shower of the year is about to light up the night sky

Touching the sun: NASA solar probe to go where no spacecraft has gone before

Google’s latest initiative to fight fake news

NASA introduces first astronauts to launch from U.S. soil since 2011

The toxic red tide that’s decimating Florida’s marine life

Waiting for a marshmallow: Kids today are more patient than in the past, study finds

This personal flying vehicle is ready for take off

This personal flying vehicle is ready for take-off

Facial recognition and law enforcement: Are we ready?

It's NASA's 60th anniversary, here are some of the space agency's greatest achievements

Mission: Impossible's futuristic gecko gloves and self-destructing messages are fast becoming possible

Discovery of an underground lake on Mars stokes hopes of finding life

Why the July 27 lunar eclipse will be the longest one this century

Space without sound: One woman’s journey to become America’s first deaf astronaut

This bionic bartender serves up 120 drinks an hour

160 beats per minute: The final, frantic moments before the historic moon landing

In a 'not too distant future' Gattaca-like designer babies could become possible

This ship is on a six-year-long journey to prove that zero-emission ocean travel is possible

Celestial object may help unlock mysteries of the early universe

Scientists discover twelve new moons orbiting Jupiter, one of them is an oddity

This counter top device could make home brewing easier and more compact

Apple Launches A Clean Energy Fund In China

The geographical anomaly that makes Venus’ rotation so strange

Elon Musk proposes plan to help the trapped Thailand soccer team

Realizing the dream of space: Astronaut Peggy Whitson on leaving Earth for the first time

Can an Algorithm Make Sense of a Wild World Cup?

Ant-Man and the Wasp’s quantum universe: Could a branch of physics make the film’s science possible?

It’s UFO Day! Here’s what we know so far

Can we figure out alien languages?

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