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For more than 60 years, millions of Americans have tuned into “Meet the Press” Sunday mornings to hear analysis, discussion, and get answers about the...more

For more than 60 years, millions of Americans have tuned into “Meet the Press” Sunday mornings to hear analysis, discussion, and get answers about the...more

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In suburban South, Democrats break into Republican strongholds

Women incoming to Congress: 'An overall feeling that Washington was broken'

Full Panel: Did midterms change anything for politics?

Gardner: 'Leave it to the courts' to oversee Florida recount integrity

Schiff: Trump fire tweet shows ‘How little he understands the job he has’

Consequences of Midterms ripple through Congress, White House and Department of Justice

Incoming Congressional women: 'Just fine' that Democrats don't have a national leader

Full Gardner: 'We have evidence that the state constitution of Florida was violated'

Schiff: ‘We are going to find out’ if acting AG Whitaker interferes with Russia probe

Full Schiff: 'Facts for recusal are very strong here' for acting Attorney General

Flashback: How GOP leaders responded to possibility of Trump firing Jeff Sessions

Chuck Todd: Trump has 'remade' the Republican Party 'and he knows how to activate it'

Democrats hold 7-point edge in final national NBC News/WSJ poll

Full Van Hollen: ‘Big difference between House and Senate seats’ for Democrats

Compressed: Record voter turnout means midterms are still in play

Full Haslam: ‘I don’t think any race is entirely on the president’

Full Panel: Midterm enthusiasm turnout approaches 'presidential' levels

Full Stacey Abrams: ‘We have seen unprecedented turnout in this race’

Haslam: 'Kavanugh hearings did change things' in Tennessee

Stacey Abrams: Trump's personal attack 'vapid and shallow'

Three races to watch on election night

The best political ads of 2018

Meet the Midterms: Why the Sun Belt is the new political battleground

Amy Walter: ‘Nobody’s taking any responsibility’

Erickson: Conservatives can't 'be at war with the truth'

Full Panel: Is divide growing in America with acts of violence?

Full Interview Joint Congressional Chairs: 'We can come together'

Meet the Midterms: Voters speak out about their biggest issues

Synagogue shooting: Federal government was 'very eager' to declare a hate crime

Full Greenblatt: 'Single deadliest attack on the Jewish community'

Midterm voter enthusiasm reaching historic levels

Greenblatt: 'Anti semitism has moved from the margins into the mainstream'

Pittsburgh Mayor to Trump: Guns in synagogues are not the answer

Meet the Midterms: Cruz talks Senate race against O'Rourke, civility in politics

Meet the Midterms: Environmental issues break red-blue divide in Florida

Full Scaramucci: John Kelly 'has hissy fits' in the West Wing

Durbin: Saudi Crown Prince 'has his fingerprints all over' Khashoggi killing

Full Tillis Interview: Saudi killing 'very problematic for our relationship'

Tillis: ‘There has to be a consequence’ for killing of Jamal Khashoggi

Compressed: Midterms come into focus with new polling

Full Panel: 'Anger is the number one issue on both sides'

Americans are divided over everything except division

Full Durbin: Republicans 'can't win' on issues, 'so they get personal'

New NBC News / WSJ Poll: Turnout is going to be 'through the roof'

Scaramucci: John Kelly has 'hurt the moral' inside the West Wing

Tillis: Historic government debt is a 'powder keg'

Meet the Midterms: Is Arizona ready to be a swing state?

MTP Film Festival with AFI: 'Active Shooters' Q&A

Full Hawley: ‘Don’t have to have Obamacare’ to protect pre-existing conditions

Full Panel: Saudi Crown Prince 'like an early Putin'

Brennan: Unclear if Saudi King can 'muster the strength' to challenge his son

Full Brennan: Saudi 'denials ring hollow' in Khashoggi disappearance

Rubio: U.S. credibility is ‘undermined and compromised’ if we allow allies to murder critics

'A vote for me' Trump barnstorms before midterm elections

Full Stacey Abrams Interview: ‘Pattern of behavior’ for GOP opponent to remove voters

Full Rubio Interview: ‘An atrocity’ if Saudis killed critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Healthcare disappears from some campaign ads

Full Alexander Interview: Kavanugh hearing was an 'inquisition' by Democrats

Alyssa Milano and Tarana Burke: 'People do not often lie' about sexual misconduct

Full Panel: How will Washington move forward after Kavanaugh?

MTP Compressed: Confirmation Fallout

Tarana Burke: 'People do not often lie' about sexual abuse

Alexander: Ford allegations were 'he said, she said, they said'

Coons: 'Premature' to talk Kavanaugh impeachment

Full Coons Interview: 'No one is entitled' to sit on the Supreme Court

Democrats voters face off against gerrymandered districts

Full Pompeo: 'We have our eyes wide open' with Kim Jong Un

Full Perdue: 'There’s no rush here' on Kavanaugh hearings

Full Murray: ‘Senate Republicans have predetermined the outcome’ on Kavanaugh hearing

Full Panel: Kavanaugh nomination challenges presumptions of innocence

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