2 seasons available

Naturally, Danny Seo

TVPG • Health & Wellness, Lifestyle & Culture • TV Series • 2016

"Naturally, Danny Seo" is an educational series for young people and their families seeking a healthier lifestyle by learning the science behind eatin...more

"Naturally, Danny Seo" is an educational series for young people and their families seeking a healthier lifestyle by learning the science behind eatin...more

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2 seasons available (52 episodes)

2 seasons available

(52 episodes)

Episode 1

Succulents in the City

Danny visits a succulent nursery, weighs in on how to turn old CDs into crafts and offers tips for smarter recycling.
Episode 2

Second-Chance Kitchen

Danny creates morning must recipes, re-purposes paper recyclables and visits a kitchen providing redemption to employees and produce.
Episode 3

Fallen Fruit

Danny maps out an urban foraging plan, uses his noodle to create spiralized dishes and finds household uses for pantry staples.
Episode 4

Urban Farming

Danny creates unique decor with foraged items from the yard, teaches us how to make a creamy dreamy vegan dessert and learns about repurposing sidewalk gardens.
Episode 5

Superfood Vitamins

Danny uses foods to create plant-based dyes, makes anytime tofu toast and learns about creating vitamins and supplements using farm fresh super foods.
Episode 6

Pet Space

Danny makes a "worth-the-effort" weekend brunch from scratch, visits a state-of-the-art pet adoption center and beautifies plain glass with inspiration from the sea.
Episode 7

Juice Ranch

Danny learns about a juice farm, makes chickpea party appetizers and creates sequined pillow designs by hand.
Episode 8

Harry Connick, Jr.

Danny shares travel tips with Harry Connick, Jr., creates nontoxic slime using household ingredients and makes a satisfying vegetarian ramen.
Episode 9

Croft Alley

Danny shakes it up with to-go meals in a jar, reclaims old containers and turns them into new treasures, and visits with a chef whose simple dishes are making a big impact.
Episode 10

Salt Bath

Danny visits a salt spa, creates a 15-minute chili and teaches the art of making money from recycling.
Episode 11

Stonyfield Farms

Danny goes to the source of organic milk for fresh yogurt, shows us how to make gooey, guilt-free desserts and inspires us to save memories in a bottle.
Episode 12

Square Roots

Danny reveals two-ingredient dishes, upcycles old computer keyboards into modern art and learns about vertical planting in Brooklyn.
Episode 13

Volunteering at the Shelter

Danny visits a pet shelter and shares tips on how to help our furry friends; makes a healthy, sweet and savory go-to dish with orzo; and bowls us over with leaf creations.
Episode 14

Heiwa Tofu

Danny meets with a tofu master, creates two-ingredient dishes, shares easy ideas on how to save money and shows us how to use lemons to brighten up our home.
Episode 15


Danny makes frozen treats, demonstrates a marbleizing effect to glamorize accessories and works in a commercial vegetarian kitchen.
Episode 16

Chloe Dao

Catherine McCord shows Danny how to make yogurt pancake tacos; Danny twists twigs into a bird-friendly craft and visits designer Chloe Dao in Houston.
Episode 17

Spilling the Beans

Danny spills the beans on a protein-rich superfood, shows us how to rock a cactus garden and customizes chickpea dips that will please any crowd.
Episode 18


Danny visits an organic avocado farm, creates cauliflower cheddar bread, redesigns old plates and shares the secret for making a DIY room freshener.
Episode 19

Sweet Creams

Danny uses coffee to wake up your shower routine, makes veggie steaks and visits Honeychild’s Sweet Creams in Houston.
Episode 20

Pasta Factory

Danny learns how to make pasta the old-fashioned way, makes a gelatin peel-off mask and crafts with lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman.
Episode 21

Green Seed Vegan

Danny visits a 100% vegan restaurant and learns why their plant-based menu is a favorite for all eaters, makes a dessert using algae, and upcycles belts and ties into fabulous gifts.
Episode 22

Magpies and Peacocks

Danny meets designers who are passionate about upcycling textiles, gives new life to obsolete CD and cassette cases, demystifies exotic produce, and reveals how to use unusual gadgets at the gym with fitness guru Erika Quest.
Episode 23

Kitchen and Beauty Genius

In this special edition, Danny has unexpected recipe twists, simple kitchen cleaning hacks and a few homemade beauty products that not only work but are good for you, too.
Episode 24

Green Living

In this special edition, Danny visits inspirational eco-friendly entrepreneurs whose companies help the planet as well as the people on it.
Episode 25

Home Hacks

In this special edition, Danny shares simple solutions to annoying household problems, plus tips and ideas to make our lives a little bit easier and help save the planet while saving money.
Episode 26

Don't Buy It, DIY It

In this special edition, Danny repurposes nature with crafty ideas and creates something fun and new by upcyling. Before you toss it away, reinvent it for another day.


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