3 seasons available

Naturally, Danny Seo

TVPG • Health & Wellness, Lifestyle & Culture • TV Series • 2016

"Naturally, Danny Seo" is an educational series for young people and their families seeking a healthier lifestyle by learning the science behind eatin...more

"Naturally, Danny Seo" is an educational series for young people and their families seeking a healthier lifestyle by learning the science behind eatin...more

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3 seasons available (78 episodes)

3 seasons available

(78 episodes)

Episode 1

The Organic Aroma Buzz

Danny learns the science behind aromatic essential oils on a bee farm, mixes yeast into nutritional nachos, creates an upcycled desktop organizer, and turns eggshells into a natural kitchen cleaner.
Episode 2

Bee Condos and Tiny Gardens

Danny visits a small diner with big ideas about sustainability, mixes up a cauliflower-crust pizza, bakes a birthday treat to share with man’s best friend, and turns nail polish into a household problem-solver.
Episode 3

The Herbivorous Butcher

Danny goes behind the scenes of a meatless butcher shop, creates an avocado-oat facial exfoliator, bakes up a new way to use old bread pans, and pairs mismatched socks with cool upcycling ideas.
Episode 4

Teenage Cookie Cart

Danny meets teen bakers enjoying sweet business success, stirs up a vitamin-packed green detoxifying soup, upgrades pet bowls from boring to beautiful, and solves fur ball problems.
Episode 5

Compassion Flower Power

Danny Seo digs into a garden project that sows seeds of kindness and compassion, swaps eggs for flaxseed in crispy, sweet banana-coconut pancakes, brightens up the look of plain lampshades, and upcycles cereal boxes into handy home organizers.
Episode 6

Handsome Cycle Safety

Danny Seo pedals through cycling safety with a Minneapolis bicycle builder, crisps up the ancient grain sorghum for a modern twist on egg breakfast, goes "on the clock" for a timely DIY project, and offers a cool tip for ironing away a waxy mishap.
Episode 7

Regenerative Farming

Danny Seo wades into a California rice paddy to learn about regenerative farming, makes brownies with a recipe featuring sweet potatoes and dates, dials into ideas for upgrading phone cases and chargers, and revives broken clay flower pots.
Episode 8

Eco-Friendly Ceramics

Danny Seo gives sustainable ceramics a spin at an eco-friendly pottery studio, combines cauliflower, coconut milk and yogurt for a creamy grits makeover, spins a crafty chair upgrade with leftover yarn, and finds new uses for old contacts cases.
Episode 9

Botany in the Big City

Danny Seo explores nature in the city and uses botanical souvenirs for leafy screen printing; transforms veggies into ribbons topped with yogurt ranch dressing; creates DIY bath fizzies; and shares tips on how to upcycle more life into a wardrobe.
Episode 10

Rock Solid Sustainability

Actress Amy Smart joins Danny to make a recipe that elevates oats into a breakfast treat; helps transform concrete and reclaimed wood into functional art; uses backyard flora to leave a DIY impression; and brings new life to old gift ribbons.
Episode 11

Inside Organic Farming

Danny Seo learns the secrets to organic farming at a seventh-generation dairy; goes green for a matcha-infused, strawberry-ginger breakfast bowl; transforms freezer paper into must-have art; and offers the dos and don'ts of food bank donations.
Episode 12

The Circle of Glass Recycling

Danny Seo helps glass artists turn red-hot recycling into cool new lighting; ditches oil for organic yogurt in zucchini walnut spelt bread; strings together new uses for used beverage pods; and breathes new life into reusable containers.
Episode 13

Green-Living Solutions

Danny Seo visits a green community that promotes sustainability by reducing the distance that food travels; bakes oat flour into doughnuts; elevates a selfie from the phone to a frame; and perks up plants with a nutrient-filled soil smoothie.
Episode 14

A Goat Yoga Experience

Danny Seo learns the surprising benefits of sharing a yoga mat with baby Nigerian dwarf goats; bakes dairy-free almond zucchini crackers; makes jars into stars with an easy glass-etching project; and offers an icy aloe vera idea for soothing sunburn.
Episode 15

Baking with Gesine Bullock-Prado

Danny gets the inside scoop on baking a beautiful Bundt from celebrity baker Gesine Bullock-Prado; shares a recipe for coconut-covered vitality bites; crafts used containers into designer-style buckets; and reveals new uses for condiment packets.
Episode 16

Getting the Most out of Oats

Danny Seo learns how gluten-free whole-grain groats go from the test lab to the breakfast table; blends together a soup that offers all the tastiness of French onion without the prep time; and creates a crafty garden without a drop of water.
Episode 17

Green Solutions for Chemical-Free Spaces

Danny learns chemical-free ways to green up public parks and private lawns; makes a cornflake-crusted appetizer that's packed with tofu protein; creates nature-inspired DIY glycerin soaps; and offers ideas for extending the life of leftover paint.
Episode 18

Elevating Overlooked Ingredients

Danny Seo mixes up a DIY facial cleanser; makes a savory carrot tartine; slices through a pineapple-cutting how-to; bakes a golden-brown strudel; upcycles ice-pop sticks; and creates a home freshener with ingredients you may already have.
Episode 19

Ice Cream Innovation

Danny Seo visits an ice cream shop in Portland, Oregon, where innovative flavors create dairy-free treats; spices up twice-baked sweet potatoes with jalapeños and more; creates DIY piñatas; and offers alternatives to landfill-clogging plastic straws.
Episode 20

Sebastian's Chocolate Factory

Danny Seo follows cacao from bean to bar at a Portland, Oregon chocolate factory; bakes granola bars that pack a punch of unusual energy; unwraps artful ideas for reusing gift paper; and rethinks ways to support local thrift stores.
Episode 21

The Vegetable Whisperer

Danny Seo meets James Beard Award-winning author Joshua McFadden in a Portland garden to gather and cook peak-season vegetables; layers sliced bananas and date caramel sauce into a coconut-maca milkshake; hopscotches through a DIY chalk project.
Episode 22

Flower Power and Vegetable Stars

Danny makes a recipe that takes the "fry" out of kale falafel, and another that makes zucchini the star of whole-grain linguine topped with edible flowers; repurposes used cutting boards; mixes up a natural way to spray away suitcase stowaways.
Episode 23

Treats with a Healthy Twist

Danny Seo dishes up secret swap-outs, reinventing nachos with squash and nutritional yeast; transforming avocados and limes into a dairy-free tropical dessert; and rolling coconut-covered vitality bites into a high-energy alternative to candy bars.
Episode 24

Eco-Defenders and Sweet Entrepreneurs

Danny Seo celebrates entrepreneurs who encourage sustainable living and conscious eating, including glassblowers who recycle bottles into light pendants and a restaurateur who built rooftop garden condos for bees; teen bakers raise dough for charity.
Episode 25

Ingenious Ways to Repurpose Everyday Items

Danny Seo raids the recycling and compost bins to share creative ways to upcycle, including transforming food scraps into an indoor garden and tin cans into trendy desk organizers; repurposes take-out containers and gets more out of beverage pods.
Episode 26

At-Home Pampering for You and Your Pets

Danny makes a skin-boosting facial cleanser and nature-inspired glycerin soaps; builds bubbly bath fizzies; bakes a peanut butter and carrot birthday dog treat; creates a DIY cat wand; blends up a smoothie for plants designed to boost flower power.

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