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Documentaries • TV Series • 1994

News stories about the natural world from National Geographic.

News stories about the natural world from National Geographic.

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Tour a Fly Brain in Stunning Detail

See a New Robot That Captures Sea Creatures — Gently

Watch a 4-Mile-Wide Iceberg Break from Greenland Glacier

Most Annoying Sound On Earth Finally Explained by Science

Watch Magnets Control These 3-D Printed Robots

Watch Millennial Monks Adapt to a Modernizing World

New Invention Keeps Deep-Sea Creatures Alive at Surface

These Robots Use Living Muscle Tissue to Mimic Human Fingers

Horses Found in Pompeii May Have Been Harnessed to Flee Eruption

Students' Ice Pops Bring Plastic Pollution to (Unappetizing) Life

Watch Surfer Ride Record-Breaking Wave

Explore the Tiny, Beautiful Cellular World With New Microscopic Images

This Famous Dodo Didn't Just Die—It Was Murdered

Highlining Between Alpine Ice Falls in Grenoble, France

See Newly Discovered Ancient Drawings in Peru Desert

See What It Takes to Bring Exotic Fish from the Sea to Aquarium Tanks

Shuanghe Cave Is Asia’s New Longest Cave

Purple Streak Named 'Steve' Is a Whole New Type of Aurora

Explore Deception Island, the Active Antarctic Volcano That's Home to Penguins

Ancient Indus Valley Civilization Cemetery Unearthed in India

Deep Bore Into Antarctica Finds Freezing Ice, Not Melting As Expected

Pre-Aztec Skeletons Found Arranged in Spiral Shape

On a Greek Island, Clues to a Mysterious Civilization

Explore the World's Largest Underwater Cave

Watch: Stuffed Tiger and Other Wildlife Contraband Burned

Explore the Remains of a Massive Supernova

Here’s How Boiling Water Can Turn Into Ice

Exclusive: Face of Ancient Queen Revealed for the First Time

This Pearl Harbor Warship Fired First American Shot in WWII

Body Count Rises On 400-Year-Old 'Murder Island' Shipwreck

Duck-Like Dinosaur Is Among Oddest Fossils Yet Found

The Answer to America's Opioid Crisis May Come from the Ocean

Camera Submerged in Hot Lava, Keeps Recording

Why Prehistoric Women Had Super-Strong Bones

Underwater Fortress Discovered Under Turkish Lake

Town Drowned by Dam Returns from the Dead

Watch the World's First Floating Wind Farm Ride the Waves

Roman Auditorium Unearthed Under Western Wall in Jerusalem

See How Mosquitoes Use Stealth to Steal Your Blood

Why Does This Man Have 33 Horns On His Back?

New Animations Reveal Details of Cursed Warship

WWI German Submarine Discovered Off the Coast of Belgium

Massive Roman Mosaic Unearthed in England

Ancient Remains Offer Clues About Early Americans

Get a Haunting Look at Croatia's Abandoned Island Prison

One of Earth’s Driest Places Experiences Rare Flower Boom

Solving an Ancient Tablet's Mathematical Mystery

To Get to School, These Kids Must Cross a Deadly River

Rare 2,000-Year-Old Chariot Racing Mosaic Unearthed

Captivating Storm Footage from Nat Geo Storm Chasers

Sun-Worshippers Built This Massive Altar 3,000 Years Ago

Beneath Iran's Dusty Desert Lie Ancient Water Tunnels Still in Use

Are These the Oldest Modern Human Fossils Ever Found?

He Risked Death As First American to Explore Africa's Deepest Parts

This Empowering Memorial Honors the Legacies of Military Women

Ruins—and Fierce Weaponry—From Bloody Roman Battle Discovered

See What It Takes to Move a 1,100-Ton Stone Tomb

Why Science Says It's Good for Kids to Lie

Robot vs. Volcano: “Sometimes It’s Just Fun to Blow Stuff up” (Exclusive)

Would You Stay if Your Home Became a Desert?

3,500-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb Explored: What Was Inside?

Here's What Earthquakes Look Like from Inside the Earth

Could You Draw an Entire City from Memory? This Artist Can.

Transforming a Spinach Leaf Into Beating Human Heart Tissue

Risking Arrest, Pygmies Deal Weed to Survive in the Congo

Watch: Nearly 10,000 People Ice Fish for Charity

Giant Statue of Pharaoh Ramses II Discovered in Egyptian Slum

TIL: Almost 40 Percent of New Yorkers Are Immigrants

Boy Discovers WWII Nazi Warplane That Crashed On Family Farm

Amazing Volcano Footage: See Smoke and Lava Erupt from Mount Etna

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