National Geographic Environment

Documentaries • TV Series • 2007

Videos about the environment from National Geographic.

Videos about the environment from National Geographic.

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Dying Coral Reefs Found Around Samoan Island of Upolu

Why Murky Water Might Be Good for Coral Reefs

Rare Swath of Pristine Southern California Coastline Protected

Largest Coral Sperm Bank May Save Our Reefs

Explore One of the Most Pristine Coral Reefs in the World

Three New Marine Parks Protect Stunning Biodiversity

How Much Do You Know About the Deep Sea?

See a Giant, Spinning Ice Disk Form On River

38 Million Pieces of Plastic Trash Cover This Remote Island

Once, This Island Had Just One Tree—Look at It Now

See Inside a 124-Mile-Long Cave

Here, Cutting Down Millions of Trees Is Actually a Good Thing

Explorers Take to the Skies to See Greenland Like Never Before

How Water Built and Destroyed This Powerful Empire

A Closer Look Into a River That Feeds 60 Million People

Protect the Grass, Save the People (and the Monkeys)

See the Beautiful and Endangered Red Coral of the Mediterranean

Fire Tornado Captured in Rare Video

Meet the People Behind a Movement to Diversify Our National Parks

TIL: This Volcano Has Erupted Almost Every Hour for 94 Years

Dive Into an “Underwater Kaleidoscope” of Unbelievable Beauty

Her "Classroom" Is an Environmental Theme Park

Close Call: Flipping Iceberg Nearly Crushes Explorers

Exploring the Ocean for Sixty Years

President Obama On Deep-Sea Diving and One Unimpressed Seal

Diving Deep Below Arctic Ice to Bring Back Our Ocean’s Skeletons

Transforming Human Poop Into Eco-Friendly Fertilizer

TIL: Cairo’s “Garbage People” Farm Their City's Trash

Fishing With Dynamite Is Harmful—Why Does It Persist?

Mapping the Mysterious Islands Near San Francisco

Watch: Shipwreck Hunter Discovers 500-Year-Old-Treasures

Six Photographers Reveal Yellowstone Like You’ve Never Seen It

Conquering the World’s Largest Glaciers

Super Coral That Can Survive Global Warming

TIL: 20% of Our Oxygen Comes from a Bacteria

Collecting Animal Bones in Alaska

Experience the Tranquility of Central Park

TIL: We Waste One Third of Food Worldwide

Exploring Toxic Ice Caves Inside an Active Volcano

TIL: Archaeologists Are Coming for Your Trash

Drifting With the Ice: Life On An Arctic Expedition

TIL: Nuclear Waste Could Power the World for 72 Years

Are Microplastics in Our Water Becoming a Macroproblem?

Capturing Climate Change Through the Lives of the Inuit

Photo Evidence: Glacier National Park Is Melting Away

How Does Viewing Nature Affect Your Brain?

My Lightbulb Moment: Using Solar Energy to Feed a Village

Taking the Pulse of Our Planet

An Immersive Voyage Into Germany’s Energy Revolution

How Innovative Tech Helps Fight California’s Drought

Announcement: Chile Creates Enormous Ocean Preserve

The World’s Largest Migration Isn’t What You Think

Why It’s Hard to Forecast the Weather

Can You Build a House With Hemp?

Why Are So Many Starfish Dying?

Kids Learn Why Bees Are Awesome

From Fleece Jackets to Your Food: the Scary Journey of Microplastics

Nighttime Thunderstorms: Unraveling Their Mysteries

Scientists Create Tiny Zones of Climate Change

Amazing Waterspout Encounter Caught On Video

This Crazy Tree Grows 40 Kinds of Fruit

Wings, Water, Wind Created Hawaii's Ecosystem

This Scientist Wants to Email Vegetables

The Monster 11-Ton Net That Threatened Hawaii’s Coast

Why Is the Ocean Salty?

Is California Exporting Tons of Water During a Drought?

Oil-Eating Bacteria Could Be a Solution to Spill Cleanups

Nat Geo’s Stop-Motion Team Animates History

A Tiny Beetle Is Destroying Entire Forests

Florida's Beautiful But Inhospitable Springs

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