National Geographic Animals

Science & Technology, Travel, Animals & Nature • TV Series • 2003

Wildlife videos from National Geographic.

Wildlife videos from National Geographic.

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Watch 1,000 ‘Octo-moms’ in World’s Largest Deep-sea Octopus Nursery

Watch Mexico's Extreme Sport of Horse Sliding

Rare Dumbo Octopus Shows Off for Deep-sea Submersible

Watch Leopard Seals Play and Hunt in Antarctica

Watch This Water-spitting Fish Identify Human Faces, Get Rewards

Why Snakes Are Disappearing from Southeast Asia’s Largest Lake

Watch a Camouflaged Slug Eat Sea Grapes

Watch Flatfish 'Walk' Using Finger-like Fins

Why Moths Are Obsessed With Lamps

Watch ‘Horny Toad’ Hatchlings Released to New Home

Tiger Population Sees Hopeful Rise in Nepal

There Are Better Ways to Save Sharks — Here's How

Watch Scientists' Hilarious Reaction to Bizarre Deep-Sea Fish

Sumatran Rhinos Are Nearly Gone—New Plan Launched to Save Them

This Woodpecker Mimics a Snake When Threatened

Watch a Family of Otters Fight off a Crocodile

Why an Orca Spins a Sea Turtle With Its 'Nose'

Here's What Happens After an Elephant Dies

Rescuers Release 20 Javan Slow Lorises Back Into the Wild

Watch the Awkward First Steps of a Newborn Giraffe

Hyena Clan Fights Off Wild Dogs and Steals Kill

Crows Trained to Pick up Trash Teach Humans a Lesson

First-Ever Video Shows Corals Collaborating to Eat Jellyfish

Watch Rare Video of Bats Hibernating in Snow Dens

Mr. Stubbs the Tailless Alligator Isn't Stubby Anymore

Watch a Free-Diver Rescue This Entangled Whale Shark

5 Iconic Animals of Yellowstone

99-Million-Year-Old Baby Snake Fossil Found in Amber—First of Its Kind

This Is Only the Second Mammal Known to Seek Out Spicy Food

Squirrels Seek Warmth in Winter by Snuggling

Tusked Elephant Charges After Man in Tea Field

Watch Amazon Animals Discover Themselves in a Mirror

These Shrimp Are a Clean-Up Crew for Dirty Fish

Extremely Rare Pig Births Even Rarer Triplets

Watch Tiny Flamingo Hatch in Exclusive Time-lapse Video

The Railroad Worm Glows in the Dark, as a Warning

Watch a Stingray Devour Spider Crabs on the Seafloor

Watch an Orca Knock Stingray Out Cold With Its Tail — for ‘Play’

Sneaky Turtles Sunbathe on a Hippo's Back

Ultra-Rare Lobster Looks Like Blue Cotton Candy

23 Nuns Fight for the Survival of an Endangered Mexican Salamander

See Extremely Rare Video of Teddy Bear-Like Mammal

Watch a Rescued Baby Kangaroo Chill in a Handmade Pouch

Watch Male Bottlenose Dolphin Friends ‘Hold Hands’

Why Is This Baby Elephant Swinging Its Trunk Like a Helicopter?

Watch a Buffalo Toss a Lion Cub Into the Air

At Least Five New Giant Salamander Species Identified

Camels Don't Mind Spines in Their Cacti

Rescuers Reunite Baby Sloth and Mom Using Audio Recordings

Lucky Wildebeest 'Cheats' Death in Dramatic Video

Mysterious Deep-Sea Jellyfish Filmed in Rare Sighting

See How Bat Moms Find Their Babies in Crowded, Dark Caves

Reminder: When On a Cheetah Safari, Don’t Exit Your Car

Watch a Hercules Beetle Metamorphose Before Your Eyes

Why Are Gray Whales Losing Their Tails?

Watch Grumpy Toadfish Sing Strange Love Songs

Curious Lion Bites Tourist's Car Door On Safari

Watch an Octopus Hitch a Ride on a Diver’s Arm

Great White Shark Bites Down On a Submarine Drone

Jaguars vs Giant Otters: Who Will Win?

Watch Thousands of Cranes Take Flight in One of Earth's Last Great Migrations

This Rescued Kitten Isn't Just Any Cat—It's a Wild Leopard Cat

How Cats Revived This Ex-Coal Town's Economy

Spiders Spin Balloons to Fly Away

Meet Brian the 'Mini Kangaroo,' One of Many Unknown Marsupials

Prosthetic Wheels Put a Squirrel On the Road to Recovery

Rescuers Free Humpback Whales Caught in Fishing Lines in Hawaii

Two Lynx Cats Scream at Each Other—Can You Stand It?

Watch a Sparring Match Between Two Rescued Kangaroos

Watch an Elaborate Rat Snake Dance-Off

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