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Naruto Shippuden

TV14Animation • AdventureFantasyInternationalAnimeTV Series2007

The Village Hidden in the Leaves is home to the stealthiest ninja in the land. But t...more

The Village Hidden in the Leaves is home to the stealthiest ninja...More

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Episode 219

(Sub) Kakashi Hatake, The Hokage

Naruto gathers his friends and tells them that he will defeat Sasuke alone. Meanwhile, the Elders of the Leaf officially nominate Kakashi to become the next Hokage.
Episode 220

(Sub) Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder

In Mount Myoboku, Gerotora, Fukasaku, and the Great Lord Elder are debating whether to give Naruto the key to the Tetragram Seal left behind by Jiraiya, an act that could unleash the Nine Tails.
Episode 221

(Sub) Storage

At Mount Myoboku, Naruto prepares to store Gerotora within himself, but hesitates as it also holds the potential risk of unleashing the Nine Tails on the world.
Episode 222

(Sub) The Five Kage's Decision

The denizens of the Leaf Village ready themselves for the coming of the Fourth Great Ninja War.
Episode 223

(Sub) The Young Man and the Sea

Tsunade sends out Naruto under the guise of a top-secret mission to keep him hidden away from the Akatsuki. Unfortunately, Naruto, Yamato, Gai, and Aoba are stuck at the pier due to a report of a monster attacking ships.
Episode 224

(Sub) The Ninja of Benisu

During their voyage, Naruto, Yamato, Gai, and Aoba stop at an island to recover from severe seasickness. There, they unexpectedly meet up with Sakura, Ino, and Choji, who are on an assignment to gather medical herbs for Tsunade.
Episode 225

(Sub) The Cursed Ghost Ship

Naruto's ship is stranded at sea due to heavy fog, when another ship suddenly appears.
Episode 226

(Sub) Battleship Island

Pirates living on an island resembling a battleship open fire on Naruto's ship.
Episode 227

(Sub) The Forgotten Island

Going after Guy, who was whisked away by a giant bird, Naruto, Yamato, and Aoba arrive on an island where they spot a young woman.
Episode 228

(Sub) Fight! Rock Lee!

Guy recalls the time when he and Lee celebrated Lee learning the Hidden Lotus technique.
Episode 229

(Sub) Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell

Making a stop at a nearby port to stock up on supplies, Naruto buys a rare mushroom from a vegetable merchant. But soon after they set sail for their next destination, Naruto and the other crewmembers find their ship infested with poisonous mushrooms.
Episode 230

(Sub) Revenge of the Shadow Clones

Naruto's Shadow Clones turn against their master after feeling mistreated and overworked.
Episode 231

(Sub) The Closed Route

As he prepares for the coming war, Shikamaru begins to feel the pressure of shouldering the lives of his friends. To help ease his mind, Shikaku sends his son on a mission to Mokuzu Island where Shikamaru meets up with Naruto.
Episode 232

(Sub) The Girls Get-Together

Hinata’s father Hiashi summons the Hyuga clan to discuss the role they will be playing in the upcoming Fourth Great Ninja War.
Episode 233

(Sub) Naruto’s Imposter

Naruto and the others encounter a thief who claims that he is Naruto Uzumaki of the Hidden Leaf. The real Naruto easily takes care of the imposter and hands him over to a ninja who was after the thief.
Episode 234

(Sub) Naruto’s Favorite Student

Konohamaru is eager to fight alongside his senior ninja in the coming war, but his young age prevents him from being assigned to the battlefield.
Episode 235

(Sub) The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko Village

Naruto meets two kunoichi ninja named Shizuka and Tokiwa from the Nadeshiko village who are seeking the student of Jiraiya.
Episode 236

(Sub) Friends You Can Count On

At the Ninja Academy, Shino recounts the time when he failed to capture a wanted thief.
Episode 237

(Sub) Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!

Tenten is helping out Lee’s training to enhance his Eight Inner Gates.
Episode 238

(Sub) Sai’s Day Off

While taking a walk through the Leaf Village, Sai comes across some kids who remind him of Sakura and Naruto.
Episode 239

(Sub) The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho Trio

Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru run into Kosuke, an elderly genin who they saved in a previous mission.
Episode 240

(Sub) Kiba’s Determination

Kiba trains hard to catch up to Naruto, who is now hailed as the hero of the Leaf Village, but with little success. Feeling desperate, Kiba asks Kakashi if he could train him.
Episode 241

(Sub) Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!

As the Leaf ninja’s ship heads toward their final stop for supplies before entering the Land of Lightning, Yamato warns the crew to stay alert for enemies who could mimic both the appearance and chakra of their closest allies.
Episode 242

(Sub) Naruto’s Vow

During his final stop for supplies on an island in the Land of Water, Naruto runs into Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi of the Hidden Stone, who are on an assignment to deliver a letter from the Tsuchikage addressed to the Mizukage.
Episode 243

(Sub) Land Ahoy! Is This the Island of Paradise?

After a long voyage at sea, Naruto’s ship finally arrives at the island of its destination. Before everyone can rejoice, a giant squid attacks the ship. Fortunately, the crew is saved by Killer Bee, the Eight Tails’ jinchuriki host.
Episode 244

(Sub) Killer Bee and Motoi

Motoi warns Naruto that he is not yet ready to enter training to control the Tailed Beast. Undaunted, Naruto asks Motoi to tell him more about Killer Bee.
Episode 245

(Sub) The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. Nine Tails!!

With Killer Bee as his new master, Naruto begins his training to control the power of a Tailed Beast.
Episode 246

(Sub) The Orange Spark

Inside his mind, Naruto continues his battle against Nine Tails to take control of its immense power.
Episode 247

(Sub) Target: Nine Tails

Sixteen years ago, Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina are expecting their first child, much to the delight of the young couple.
Episode 248

(Sub) The Fourth Hokage’s Death Match

Minato is forced to use his Flying Raijin jutsu and leave his wife Kushina behind to save their newborn son, Naruto, from a masked assailant.
Episode 249

(Sub) Thank You

Minato uses his Transportation Technique to move Nine Tails away from the Hidden Leaf Village.
Episode 250

(Sub) Battle in Paradise! the Odd Beast vs. the Monster!

Guy arrives at the Waterfall of Truth to help Naruto with his training. Instead he encounters Kisame, who has infiltrated the island to locate Naruto and Killer Bee.
Episode 251

(Sub) The Man Named Kisame

Kisame’s escape is prevented thanks to Guy’s efforts. Aoba enters Kisame’s mind to gather intel on the Akatsuki.
Episode 252

(Sub) The Angelic Herald of Death

Madara appears in the Hidden Rain Village seeking the corpse of Nagato and his Rinnegan.
Episode 253

(Sub) The Bridge to Peace

Madara uses the forbidden jutsu Izanagi to escape Konan’s Paper Bomb trap.
Episode 254

(Sub) The Super Secret S-Rank Mission

The Leaf and Cloud ninja prepare to relocate Naruto and Bee, as the Akatsuki may already have knowledge of their location.
Episode 255

(Sub) The Artist Returns

Kabuto and a reanimated Deidara attempt to grab hold of the jinchuriki, but are stopped by the Tsuchikage.
Episode 256

(Sub) Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!

The Tsuchikage and his team manage to safeguard the Jinchuriki, but at the cost of losing Yamato to the enemy.
Episode 257

(Sub) Meeting

A look back into the early years when Naruto and Sasuke first met.
Episode 258

(Sub) Rivals

During the Chunin Exam, Sasuke witnesses Naruto’s growth as a shinobi.
Episode 259

(Sub) Rift

Sasuke’s defeat to Gaara, and later Itachi, forces him to realize that he is not strong enough to get revenge against his older brother.
Episode 260

(Sub) Parting

Naruto is determined to save Sasuke, who has deserted the Hidden Leaf.
Episode 261

(Sub) For My Friend

The Allied Shinobi Forces are on standby, ready to confront Madara’s army of reanimated shinobi and 100,000 White Zetsu. But distrust still exists among the Allied Shinobi Forces, who were once sworn enemies until recently.
Episode 262

(Sub) War Begins!

Kankuro’s commando unit enters enemy territory to set up a stronghold for the Allied Shinobi Forces. They are immediately ambushed by the Akatsuki’s own commando unit comprised of the reanimated Deidara and Sasori.
Episode 263

(Sub) Sai and Shin

The Allied Shinobi Forces’ commando unit engages with the Akatsuki in the first wave of battle.
Episode 264

(Sub) Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu

Under the guidance of Killer Bee, Naruto enters the final stage of training to master the Tailed Beast Bomb, a Jinchuriki’s most powerful technique.
Episode 265

(Sub) An Old Nemesis Returns

The commando unit is in hot water as they engage the reanimated Kekkei Genkai shinobi, which include Zabuza Momochi and Haku.
Episode 266

(Sub) The First and Last Opponent

Kakashi and his unit devise a strategy to take on the Kekkei Genkai shinobi, but it’s foiled by Kabuto, who uses the Reanimation Jutsu to summon the most powerful members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.
Episode 267

(Sub) The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf

The Akatsuki dispatch an army of powerful reanimated shinobi and White Zetsu across the war zone, causing chaos within the Allied Shinobi Forces’ chain of command.
Episode 268

(Sub) Battleground!

As Darui and his First Company engage an army of White Zetsu, the remaining forces must deal with reanimated shinobi.
Episode 269

(Sub) Forbidden Words

Atsui, Samui, and Darui face off against Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the legendary brothers from the Hidden Cloud, feared even by the Raikage.
Episode 270

(Sub) Golden Bonds

Darui manages to seal away Ginkaku. Fueled by the rage of losing his brother, Kinkaku transforms into a monster that resembles a jinchuriki’s Tailed Beast State.
Episode 271

(Sub) Road to Sakura

Ino sees Sakura falling from the sky. Although she manages to save her, the shock of the fall has left Sakura with amnesia.
Episode 272

(Sub) Mifune vs. Hanzo

Kankuro’s Commando Unit is cornered by Hanzo’s poison attack. Fortunately, Mifune and his Fifth Company arrive in time to provide assistance.
Episode 273

(Sub) True Kindness

The Ino-Shika-Cho trio is ordered by Shikaku to take down the reanimated Asuma. Remembering Asuma’s final words, Shikamaru and Ino are determined to stop their former teacher.
Episode 274

(Sub) The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!

Choji is unable to attack Asuma and loses his will to fight. Ino and Shikamaru try to snap Choji out of his paralysis.
Episode 275

(Sub) A Message from the Heart

While training in Chakra Mode, Naruto senses the presence of the Nine Tails’ chakra seeping from Kinkaku outside. Curious to find out what’s happening, Naruto tries to leave the training room when Iruka suddenly steps in to stop him.
Episode 276

(Sub) Attack of the Gedo Statue

The Allied Shinobi Forces are on the verge of winning the war when Madara Uchiha appears. Madara summons the giant Gedo Statue and unleashes its devastating power.
Episode 277

(Sub) Unison Sign

Naruto and Killer Bee rush to the battlefield when Nine Tails suddenly speaks to Naruto inside his mind. The Nine Tails questions Naruto’s intent to end the hatred in the world and reminds him of how he was unable to save Sasuke.
Episode 278

(Sub) Medic Ninja in Danger

Over at the Medical Unit camp, Sakura and the other medic ninja work nonstop to treat the wounded. Neji is there to recover from overusing his Byakugan.
Episode 279

(Sub) White Zetsu’s Trap

Kiba, Shino, and Hinata are sent to investigate an area where the Akatsuki are supposedly getting through. There, the three are ambushed by a White Zetsu and get separated.
Episode 280

(Sub) Aesthetics of an Artist

Back at the Fifth Company’s camp, Kurotsuchi attempts to negotiate with the captive Deidara to find out Kabuto’s location, but is quickly rebuffed.
Episode 281

(Sub) The Allied Mom Force!

With many of the shinobi away serving in the Fourth Great Ninja War, the Leaf Village is left with the mothers and children to protect it. Konohamaru is eager to guard the village but is discouraged by the adults who tell him to go about his day as usual.
Episode 282

(Sub) The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!

Tsunade and the Raikage arrive to prevent Naruto and Killer Bee from joining the battle. But the two Kage fail to convince the Jinchuriki to turn back, forcing the Raikage to use extreme force.
Episode 283

(Sub) Two Suns

Fourth Raikage Ay attacks Naruto in an attempt to prevent the Jinchuriki from falling into Madara’s hands. Ay is unwilling to listen to either Tsunade or Killer Bee’s pleas to change his mind.

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About this Show

Naruto Shippuden

The Village Hidden in the Leaves is home to the stealthiest ninja in the land. But twelve years earlier, a fearsome Nine-tailed Fox terrorized the village before it was subdued and its spirit sealed within the body of a baby boy. Now that boy, Naruto, has grown up to become a hyperactive ninja-in-training who's more interested in pranks than schoolwork...but Naruto is determined to become the greatest ninja ever!

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