1 season available

My Knight and Me

TVGAnimation • KidsTV Series • 2017

Meet loyal, street-smart Jimmy the Squire; his best friend fun, daring Cat the Prince...more

Meet loyal, street-smart Jimmy the Squire; his best friend fun, d...More

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1 season available (52 episodes)

1 season available

(52 episodes)

Episode 1

How to Save a Princess

When Jimmy shows off at an exercise about "how to save a princess" from a tower, Cat gets kidnapped by Bad Jack. While Cat, held hostage, is getting on Bad Jack's nerves, Jimmy is off with his dad to rescue her.
Episode 2

The Cat and the Swan

To celebrate the Dragon New Year, Bad Jack plans to throw Henri and Jimmy into a bottomless pit. When Cat goes to rescue them, the queen insists she joins Cat and dons the outfit of “The Swan,” a hero she idolized as a girl.
Episode 3

Witch Hunters

When the evil witch turns all the knights into frogs but Henri, he's the only one who can save the kingdom. Jimmy comes up with a perfect plan to defeat the witch. But his perfect plan may not be that perfect.
Episode 4

Bad Bad Mandolin

When Jimmy loses his dad’s prized mandolin, he makes a deal with a witch to replace it. But when Henri plays the mandolin for the Queen and she starts acting strange, Jimmy and Cat know the witch is up to something and they have to stop it.
Episode 5

Epic Ballroom

When Jimmy and Lance’s bickering gets in the way of them serving Henri and Wilfried in battle, Colbert tells the squires they need to learn to work together, like partners. And he assigns them to take Lady Fontaine’s ballroom dancing class.
Episode 6

Fashion Victims!

When the entire realm is blindly selling out and wearing Wilfried’s BWK (“Bright White Knight”) line of clothing, Jimmy refuses, determined stay true to his family color. Henri completely agrees. Until both see a BWK gadget they really, really like.
Episode 7

Attack of the 50ft Squire

When Jimmy finds he’s too small to complete a squire competition in gym class, he sneaks a swig of Perlin's magic growing potion and soon realizes that he drank way too much!
Episode 8

The Helmet of Epic

Jimmy gets a helmet that will make him a fearless super-warrior (and impress his dad), but the gear turns out to be a cursed “baddie magnet.”
Episode 9

The Challenge

After a foolhardy challenge causes Jimmy and Lance to be captured by Bad Jack, Henri and Wilfried must team up to save their squires.
Episode 10

Queen's Guard

After Jimmy and Cat stop thieves from robbing the Queen, Cat hides so her mother doesn’t discover she’s ditching school again. But when the Queen celebrates Jimmy as a hero, Cat gets jealous and stages a holdup.
Episode 11

The Road Knight

When the Black Rats are attacking all convoys supplying the kingdom, Henri is sent with a supercarriage to defeat the Rats. Dying to get their new videogame (that was also stolen by the rats), Jimmy and Cat sneak into the super-carriage.
Episode 12

Epic Traffic

When Jimmy pushes his dad into “good-deed overdrive” to be First Knight, Henri goes too far and gets busted down to “Horse traffic duty. But when Jimmy and Cat discover Wilfried set Henri up, they set out to get Henri’s knight badge back.
Episode 13

The Stinky Swamp Witch

When Jimmy and Cat find a witch’s broom, they can’t resist taking it for a spin, for fun. But the fun quickly ends, when their joyride inflames the rage of every witch of the Dark Lands, and puts the entire kingdom at risk, Henri included.
Episode 14

The Harvest Festival

When Bad Jack wreaks havoc by scorching the crops of Epic, the Queen asks Henri to compose a song to lift the spirits of her beloved subjects for this year's Harvest Festival.
Episode 15

Treasure Trap

As Henri and Bad Jack go head-to-head in a race to find an extremely rare treasure, Jimmy lies to Bjorn and then has to try to repair their friendship.
Episode 16

Guess Who's Coming for Dinner

Heart of gold Henri and Jimmy host the bad Witch, who has been kicked out of her house by her sister Stinky Swamp Witch. Jimmy and Cat are convinced it’s actually a scheme to kidnap the Queen who’s coming for supper at Henri’s farm on Sunday.
Episode 17

Fearless Colbert

When Jimmy and Cat discover Colbert never completed his officiant exam, he has to go on a "field mission" with Henri to keep his job, while Cat and Jimmy replace him at the Quest Desk.
Episode 18

Cat's in the Bag

When Cat’s morale is low about ever becoming a knight, Henri tries to save her with a song and inadvertently sends her on a dangerous solo quest into the dark lands. But when Henri comes to save her, he gets captured by a giant.
Episode 19

Talent Show

When Henri offers to help Jimmy win the school talent show, he mentors his son in the “Zen of mandolin.” But when one of the judges of the show turns out to be the Witch in disguise, Jimmy, Cat and Henri must stop her wicked plan.
Episode 20

The Good Jack

When Jimmy makes a bargain with Bad Jack’s family-outcast brother Jeff, he gets Bad Jack banished from the kingdom. But when Jeff turns out to be even more dangerous than his brother, Jimmy must join forces with Bad Jack to oust Jeff.
Episode 21

Henri the Felon

When Jimmy unintentionally enables the Witch of the Cursed Forest to kidnap the Queen, Wilfried becomes the regent’s realm. Wilfried immediately decrees foolish new laws and arrests Henri.
Episode 22

Epically Small

After the queen eats a lollipop that makes her start to shrink, Jimmy and Henri must capture the Dark Forest Witch in order to get an antidote. However, first they must deal with a spell that makes their horse lovesick.
Episode 23

Ronny and the Rock Monster

When Jimmy inadvertently convinces Ronny Flash to do an interview with a rock monster, Jimmy, Henri and Cat end up escorting Ronny into the Dark Lands to meet face to face with the dangerous creature.
Episode 24

The Dragon Rider

To show off in front of Lance and the other squires, Jimmy arrives at the castle flying on Bjorn, and he pretends the dragon is his pet. But when Wilfried captures the “monster,” it’s up to Henri and Cat to help Jimmy save the day.
Episode 25

Cease Fire

When the Queen wishes she could give her knights a break during a particularly intense period of battles with the Villains, Jimmy suggests she call a truce and invite their enemies to enjoy a beloved minstrel concert together.
Episode 26

The Sorcerers

When Jimmy and Cat use science to help them win the school Sorcery Faire, their classmates think they're masters of the Dark Arts. But when Epic's evil Sorcerer hears about them he challenges Jimmy and Cat to a sorcerer showdown.
Episode 27

Parent / Children Day

As Jimmy tells Cat and Bjorn about yet another cool day he had with Henry, his two friends sigh their own parents aren’t as cool. Jimmy suggests they both spend a children-parent day to be proven wrong.
Episode 28

Lucky Tooth

Henri is convinced that he wins his fights because he’s got a (ridiculous) ritual with a lucky charm. Wilfried steals it, which makes Henri completely lose his confidence as a knight, putting him in danger. Cat and Jimmy must help him.
Episode 29

Back to School

When Colbert catches Jimmy and the knights trading their assignments to get the mission worth the most victory points, Colbert is outraged and assigns the knights to go back to Squire School to relearn the spirit of “true knighting.”
Episode 30

The Mean Team

When our trio lets success get to their heads, they boast about their unstoppable team and inadvertently inspire the Cursed Forest Witch and Bad Jack to create their own deadly duo. To save Epic, Jimmy, Henri and Cat must stand united.
Episode 31

My Dad and Me

When Jimmy complains that Henri treats him like a baby, Henri lets him do “grownup” things for himself. But when Jimmy insists on doing his first solo quest, he learns that to capture Gargantua the Giant he might need help from his dad and Cat.
Episode 32

Caught on Tape

Jimmy, Cat and Henri have to organize a fake kidnapping of Lance by Bjorn, in order to retrieve Lance’s smart-mirror, which contains films of Cat, Henri, and Jimmy in mission. But Bad Jack gatecrashes the kidnapping.
Episode 33

Red Dawn

When Jimmy squires for the Red Knight, his insistence on showing Red he’s a great squire, he causes Red to get captured by the Black Sorcerer. Jimmy, Cat and Henri go to rescue Red.
Episode 34

Not So Fast

When Jimmy loses Torpedo in a bet with Lance, Lance trades Henri’s beloved horse to the Black Rats. It’s not a good time, as Henri is supposed to deliver a peace agreement to enemies of Epic far away, before sunset.
Episode 35

Princess Jimmy

When Cat and Cynthia bicker in class, Lady Fontaine assigns them as partners who have to make a gown together for the upcoming fashion show. But when the girls enlist Jimmy to model their gown, Bad Jack mistakes him for a princess and kidnaps him!
Episode 36

Kurt the Shining Squire

Jimmy wants to make a squire out of the school’s doormat, Kurt, and teach him how to stand up for himself.
Episode 37

Old Red

When Jimmy accidentally spills the beans to the Red Knight’s visiting father that Red is a gym teacher and not First Knight, Grandpa Red expresses his disapproval. To impress his father, the Red Knight sets off on a dangerous quest to defeat Bad Jack.
Episode 38

Jimmy Works Out

Jimmy is afraid that being a “shrimp” will prevent him from getting knight missions when he grows up. He becomes a gym rat, and gets totally “ripped”. But Jimmy is so over-confident in his strength that he doesn’t think anymore.
Episode 39

Sleeping Jack

While Bad Jack gets some long awaited sleep, he leaves Bjorn to guard his treasure.
Episode 40

The Return of the Swan

When Cynthia takes advantage of a misunderstanding to make everybody believe she's the legendary Swan, Cat and Jimmy must find a way to make her confess the truth before she (and Epic) gets into real danger.
Episode 41

The Leak

To wheedle out of guard duty, Jimmy convinces Henri to instead repair a leak in Lady Fontaine's classroom. Henri ends up being appointed as the castle's Maintenance Official.
Episode 42

Who's That Squire

When Cat wants to enter a tournament to prove she’s as good as the squires, Jimmy lends her a helmet so she can compete anonymously. But because Cat’s so good, everybody wants to know who’s this enigmatic masked knight.
Episode 43

Angry Henri

When the first live-action Angry knights game is announced, Henri tells Jimmy games aren’t his thing. But when Jimmy says he picked the knight of Red, Henri becomes a jealous daddy and joins the game after all… with another squire.
Episode 44

Invisible Jimmy

When Lance beats Jimmy by cheating in a gym class competition, Jimmy vows to get revenge by using invisible ink to erase Lance’s name from the “Banner of the Brave.” Except Jimmy’s the one who ends up disappearing!
Episode 45

Henri the Rock Star

One of Henri's songs becomes such a hit that Henri turns rock star. Eager not to disappoint his fans he puts his career as a knight on hold.
Episode 46

Operation Apple Pie

When Cat insists the Queen let her babysit for her cousin Louis, she discovers the 5-year-old is more of a rascal than she ever imagined.
Episode 47

Mischief at Princess High

Lady Fontaine leaves Princess High, to dedicate herself to horse dance. The thing is, she’s a terrible horse rider and constantly risks her life. Henri, Jimmy and Cat have to convince her to go back to her position at Princess High.
Episode 48

Getting Cheesy

When Cat’s impulsiveness causes her, Jimmy and Henri to get captured by the Witch and the Black Rats, Cat is obliged to drive the Witch to Epic and pretend she’s Cat’s grandmother while Henri and Jimmy have to figure out a way to escape the Rats.
Episode 49

At Her Majesty's Service

When an old cousin visits the Queen, Cat, Jimmy and Henri are certain she’s a villain in disguise, and Jimmy and Henri dress up as footmen to spy on her. Little do they know Wilfried is at the castle too — and it’s him they should be worried about.
Episode 50

My Knight, My Dragon and Me

Jimmy, Cat and Bjorn set out to make Henri and Bad Jack become friends, so the kids can play Angry Knights without fear of being discovered by their enemy fathers.
Episode 51

The Swan's Biggest Fan

When Cat has a school essay “your favourite legendary warrior” she eagerly talks about the Swan. But Lady Fontaine instantly rejects it, claiming the Swan wasn’t a real person, but a children’s bedtime story.
Episode 52

Epic Dream

When Jimmy wakes up in his dream, and finds everyone else there, he discovers a couple has been made on Epic. Now, from the dream world they need to find out who’s behind it, and undo the spell casted upon them.

About this Show

My Knight and Me

Meet loyal, street-smart Jimmy the Squire; his best friend fun, daring Cat the Princess and his father Henri of Orange, a charmingly inept but passionately chivalrous knight who might not be the most efficient protector of the realm but he sure is the funniest! Together, this knightly trio set out to make the Dark Ages a little lighter…and a whole lot more fun!

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