MTP Daily

News, Political • TV Series • 2015

MTP Daily brings the insight and power of Meet the Press to MSNBC weekdays at 5 p.m. ET.

MTP Daily brings the insight and power of Meet the Press to MSNBC weekdays at 5 p.m. ET.

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DOJ pushes back on reports of Rosenstein talks of wearing a wire in Trump meeting

Early voting for midterm elections starts in four states

Since the last time the Cleveland Browns won a game...

Wittes: Reports on Rosenstein discussing 25th amendment shows ‘significant chaos’ after Comey firing

‘I alone can fix it’ mentality in Washington creates instant gratification, long-term problems

Full Whitehouse: FBI investigation on Kavanaugh allegation needed for credibility check

New poll shows opposition to Kavanaugh spikes

On anniversary of Hurricane Maria, White House sends Ben Carson to Puerto Rico

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, hates commas, reportedly

Whitehouse: GOP's plan on Ford hearing without investigation 'appallingly wrong'

Chang: 'U.N. must have a role' in North Korean missile site inspections

Meet the Midterms: Cruz goes after O'Rourke on immigration in new ad

Panel: Trump sees DOJ as ‘his personal defense’

Trump goes after DOJ, calls Russia probe a 'cancer'

Will Trump and Kim Jong Un have a second summit?

Kennedy: Ford, Kavanaugh hearing should be public so ‘American people can judge for themselves’

Kennedy: If Dr. Ford's allegation is credible, 'of course' it affects my vote

Panel: Kavanaugh confirmation will be 'played out in the court of public opinion'

What are the dangers of Trump declassifying certain Russia probe documents?

White House greatest hits: Crisis edition

BREAKING: President Trump to declassify documents related to Russia investigation

Duckworth: Kavanaugh accuser should 'be honored for her bravery but also be listened to'

Full Duckworth: Senate has to ‘set an example’ by taking Kavanaugh allegations seriously

The politics of confirming Brett Kavanaugh

‘Too much chaos’ to blame for Trump's slumping approval ratings?

Foer on Manafort: 'This is a guy who thought he could win'

Meet the Midterms: Lessons from this year's primaries

Panel: What should 2020 Dems take away from 2018 primaries?

Rocah: Manafort didn't get 'sweetheart deal' but 'he's definitely getting a break'

Rocah: Mueller made Manafort plea deal ‘as pardon-proof as possible’

Will Manafort flip on Trump?

Meet the Press Film Festival with AFI tackles key issues ahead of midterms

Puerto Rico Gov. calls on candidates to take a stance on statehood

Puerto Rico Gov. to Trump: ‘Victims should not have their pain questioned’

Coons: Dem strategy for Kavanaugh hearings was object, question aggressively

Coons: ‘Huge amounts of passion’ from constituents on Kavanaugh confirmation

Race for New Hampshire's first congressional district will make history

Trump takes on Florence with ‘I alone can fix it’ attitude

White House, U.S. agencies working on ‘bold program’ to rebuild Puerto Rico, Lt. Gov. says

3 days, 3 major state primaries

Americans mark 17 years since September 11 attacks

Russia suspected in mysterious attacks on US diplomats

GOP goes big for Cruz as polls show Beto only a few points behind

Wasserman: Record-breaking 100 women may be elected to the House

Bill Daley: White House chaos, power struggle starts with Trump

Charlie Cook: Races for House and Senate 'are happening in two different countries'

Cook: Trump's environment to blame for sub-par Republican candidates

Daley: If Kelly agrees with WH 'craziness' he should embrace it

Meet the Midterms: Carper keeps his winning streak in Delaware

Panel: 'Obama is and was a political force, but he is a singular sensation'


NBC Meet the Press
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