MTP Daily

News, Political • TV Series • 2015

MTP Daily brings the insight and power of Meet the Press to MSNBC weekdays at 5 p.m. ET.

MTP Daily brings the insight and power of Meet the Press to MSNBC weekdays at 5 p.m. ET.

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Blue wave or wave goodbye? Where Dems stand ahead of the election

Chapman University's survey of 'America's Top Fears' serves as a how-to guide for political ads

Federal prosecutors bust multi-million dollar Russian conspiracy interfering in 2018 elections

Ignatius: Khashoggi's death is 'changing' Saudi Arabia

Wasserman: 'Green wave of Democratic cash' and House map polarization responsible for tight races

Why are conservatives pushing anti-Khashoggi propaganda?

Congressional candidates say the darnedest things!

Panel: How do you expect Latinos to vote for you 'if you haven’t even contacted them?'

Sisolak: 'I really admire' what GOP governor has done for Nevada

Tarkanian: ‘I didn’t have a choice’ when Trump asked him not to run for Senate

Trump says ‘it certainly looks’ like Saudi journalist is dead

Garcia: 'Latinos have been asked to play defense' when voting

Merkley: Saudis should be subject to 'Global Magnitsky Act' if they had role in journalist's death

Merkley: U.S. needs to send message 'not just to Saudi Arabia, but to the rest of the world'

Panel: Will Arizona become a swing state?

Panel: With intense Senate race, 'Arizona now knows how Cleveland feels'

Who is Homie?

Full Sasse: 'You don't call women Horseface,' that's 'not the way men act'

Heitkamp admits political ad was 'major mistake', re-election now looks nearly impossible

Panel: Seems as if WH trying to give Saudis "some kind of cover" in journalist's disappearance

Kristof: Trump's response to missing Saudi journalist 'pathetic'

Panel: Warren releasing DNA test results proves she's 'not comfortable with Democratic electorate'

Trump says ‘rogue killers’ may be to blame in Saudi journalist disappearance

Engel: 'Trump wants an explanation' about missing journalist before reassessing Saudi relationship

O'Rourke raises record funds but does can he win in November?

What happened between Khashoggi and the Saudi Crown Prince?

While GOP ads focus on Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, Democrats focus on healthcare

At least five killed in damage as Hurricane Michael weakens to tropical storm

Climate change or adaptation: What should we focus on?

Democrats lead in major Wisconsin, Minnesota races in new NBC News/Marist poll

Hurricane Michael: How you can help

The climate science behind Hurricane Michael and the threat of future storms

Chuck: Hold Supreme Court justices to a higher standard

Hurricane Michael could be the deciding factor in Florida races

NBC News Election Confessions is back: Share yours now

Sabato: ‘Red wave ain’t gonna happen, it’s just a question of how big the blue wave is’

Search for a missing Saudi journalist continues

Campa-Najjar: 'I'm not a threat to national security, I'm a threat to Duncan Hunter's seat'

Democratic House candidates look to flip California seats blue

Full Lotter: GOP seeing ‘some unity’ after Kavanaugh fallout

Look what you made her do: Taylor Swift endorses Dems in Tennessee races

The second annual MTP Film Festival with AFI kicks off today!

Attack ads cause worry for Dems in Florida House race

Full Kennedy: No winners in Kavanaugh confirmation process

Has Kavanaugh saved the Senate for the GOP?

Kennedy: After Kavanaugh confirmation process, 'we’ve hit rock bottom and started to dig'

Trump's strange attacks on Al Franken

Does Kavanaugh owe an explanation for his partisan outburst?

For people on both sides of our political divide, listen to this thinking it does apply to you too

Full Rounds: Kavanaugh gets confirmed ‘because we’ve done our due diligence’

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