3 seasons available

Mountain MenMountain Men

TVPGRealityScience & Technology • Animals & NatureNewsTV Series • 2013

It's a race against winter for men who make their living off the land - hunting, fish...more

It's a race against winter for men who make their living off the ...More

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3 seasons available (51 episodes)

3 seasons available

(51 episodes)

Season3 4 5

Man vs. Winter

Season after season, the mountain men are locked in an endless battle against winter: the most dangerous predator of them all.
Episode 1

The Wasteland

Morgan's land fails to provide, leaving him locked in a life or death battle with hunger; Tom's bad luck streak continues into a new season; Rich takes a bruising fall.
Episode 2


Rich deals with the aftermath of his accident; Morgan's search for food intensifies; and Eustace gets a golden opportunity, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.
Episode 3

All Work and No Pay

Morgan makes an unexpected discovery that could finally put food on his table; Tom puts in the work but gets no payoff; and Marty chases the winter into the Revelations.
Episode 4

No Man is An Island

Tom calls in reinforcements to bail him out; Morgan fights for survival in the deep freeze and a father gambles everything for his family's future.
Episode 5

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Tom and Nancy divide and conquer to get ahead; Eustace makes a breakthrough with his lumber business, while Morgan's luck finally turns around.
Episode 6


A hard truth forces Tom to do the unthinkable; Morgan goes on a do or die hunt in the high peaks; Marty discovers competition on the line.
Episode 7

Freeze Out

A jackpot slips from Tom's grasp; Morgan's last ditch effort to find food takes him into the treacherous peaks; and Marty is driven off his line.
Episode 8

Killer Instinct

Rich hunts a known dog-killer on unfamiliar ground; Morgan goes to great heights to protect his food supply; Tom harnesses the power of a bird of prey.
Episode 9

Crash and Burn

Tom takes on the Snake; Marty's new opportunity goes up in smoke and Eustace takes a hard fall that puts him out of commission.
Episode 10


Eustace struggles to accept the reality of his injuries; Marty scrambles to recover from a costly blow and Tom finally makes a breakthrough.
Episode 11

The Bull & The Bear

Marty begins an epic overland journey into the Alaskan bush; Morgan clashes with a ravenous grizzly bear.
Episode 12

Rock Bottom

Tom hits the rocks with only weeks of winter left to go; Morgan seeks protection from the bears and Jason fires up the forge.
Episode 13


The river deals Tom's season a fatal blow; Marty fights the ice to make it home and Jason battles a deadline to deliver for his family.
Episode 14

The Sting of Defeat

Tom washes out in Idaho and retreats to the Yaak; Eustace races to stop a breakout and Morgan battles predators large and small.
Episode 15

I'll Go Down Fighting

Tom scrambles a last minute bear hunt to save his season; Morgan fights for his future with fire; Eustace has an unexpected showdown.
Episode 16


Tom pays the price for two consecutive failed winters; Morgan calls in reinforcements for his horses; Eustace and Preston harvest a hog and Rich makes a pick of the litter.

Kyle Herds Cattle

Marty Bear-Proofs His Cabin

Kyle Works Through a Shoulder Injury

Eustace Trains Dusty

Kyle Hopes Curiosity Will Kill the Cat

Rich Gets Rid of a Bobcat

Kyle Snares a Coyote

Marty Cuts Down Trees

Rich's Dog Training Exercise

Marty on the Hunt

Rich Takes On a Lone Wolf

Rich Sets a Wolf Trap

Kyle Takes On Two Rattlesnakes

Kyle Shoots at a Bear

Kyle Hunts Mule Deer Bucks

Scene Lift: Morgan Battles Rapids

Eustace's Improvised Horseshoe

Gathering on the Go

Hey Bear!

Let There Be Light

Marty Spoils a Storm

Moose Detour

Predator Flags

Rich Builds Portable Dog Boxes

Rich Preps His Traps

Shooting Competition

Teepee Takedown

Tom Oar on the Elk Hunt

Tom Traps Muskrat

Tom's Stuck Snow Machine

Trapline Tragedy

Fish For Breakfast

Stuck In The Mud

Hunting a Wild Hog

Snowmobile Problems

Rich Saves a Newborn Calf

Working On The Shed

Tom Sets a Beaver Trap

Eustace and Preston Restore Their Generator

Kyle and Ben Hunt

Charlie Needs to Finish His Shelter

Tom Brings Home a Badger

Kyle Helps Ben Break in a Colt

Tom Handmakes a Knife

Eustace and Preston Work on Their Wood-Burning Truck

Eustace and Preston Build a Lumber Shed

Marty Flies a Dangerous Path

Kyle Teaches Ben to Make a Fire

Rich Hunts Deer

Prepping Pelts

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