2 seasons available

Monster Rancher

TVY7 • Anime, Animation, Kids • TV Series • 1999

In the popular Monster Rancher competition, a young boy named Genki wins the final and becomes the champion.One day after school, Genki finds a Monste...more

In the popular Monster Rancher competition, a young boy named Genki wins the final and becomes the champion.One day after school, Genki finds a Monste...more

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2 seasons available (73 episodes)

2 seasons available

(73 episodes)

Episode 49

(Dub) Return to Monster Rancher

Holly and Mocchi come across a Mystery Disc that might contain Moo. Suddenly the Baddies appear and they get away with the disc. This emergency calls Genki back into the world of Monster Rancher!
Episode 50

(Dub) In Quest of the Legend Cup

Genki and the gang arrive at a city called Torble. Here, they join the top-tier "Legend Cup" challenge after learning that the prize for winning - the Magic Stone - might be able to bring Holly's father back.
Episode 51

(Dub) Battle for the Rookie Cup

Genki and Mocchi take part in the Rookie Cup, the first of six competitions that leads up to the Legend Cup. Winning this will give them the Mystery Disc containing Tiger!
Episode 52

(Dub) Saved by a Hare

At Tama's orchard, Genki and the gang run into Hare. Hare decides not to join the gang, however, and stay at the orchard. Then Hare notices a Baddie following Genki and without a second thought runs after them.
Episode 53

(Dub) The Powerful Wondar Brothers

While on their way to the Mandy Cup Genki and the gang meet the Wonder Brothers. They were getting along, until the elder Wonder finds out that they are rivals in the Mandy Cup challenge.
Episode 54

(Dub) Tiger and the Mandy Cup Challenge

Genki and the gang are winning the matches at the Mandy Cup, rising steadily to the top. Through it all Tiger is too proud to listen to Genki, but in the Finals Tiger struggles, and finally he
Episode 55

(Dub) The Disappearing Hare Line

Hare runs into Fairy Hare and then into Wild Hare. The three used to be pirate buddies before. Now, Fairy Hare is running an orphanage, but Wild Hare may be trouble for them.
Episode 56

(Dub) Lost at Sea: Disappearance of the Mystery Disk

The Baddies ambush Genki and the gang, and the Mystery Disc is dropped into the ocean. When they meet Professor Garnish, the gang helps him with his chores in hopes to use his submarine.
Episode 57

(Dub) Furred Suezo's M-1 Grand Prix Hero

Suezo rescues Gamba, who does not like to fight, from the bullies. Although he gets injured in this fight, Suezo still enters the competition to help his teammates and to show Gamba the spirit of fighting.
(Dub) All's Fare in Love and Taxis
Episode 58

(Dub) All's Fare in Love and Taxis

Coming to a huge marshland Genki and the gang get into Sandra's hover taxi. After going halfway Sandra stops the taxi to raise the fee. But Holly manages to move Sandra's heart by talking about her search for her father.
Episode 59

(Dub) Allan's Advice

Genki starts thinking that, to win more, everyone absolutely must follow his orders at all times.
Episode 60

(Dub) Winner's Cup: The Fickle Finger of Fate

Golem learns that the target of his affection, Michelle, can have her illness cured if she had a surgery. To raise the surgery money he decides he must win the Winner's Cup and get the prize money.
Episode 61

(Dub) Pink Jam to the Rescue

Pink Jam is not so sure about being one of the Baddies anymore and decides to go straight but finds that is not so easy as well.
Episode 62

(Dub) Ghost Encounters of the Pirate Kind

To get to the next battle stadium Genki and the gang must cross the ocean. At the desolate pier they run into Horn, and ask if they can ride on his ship but it seems someone has taken his ship!
Episode 63

(Dub) The World Monster Cup: Naga Returns

When Genki and the gang try to register for the World Monster Cup they find out that the only monster allowed to participate is Mocchi. Just then they spot Naga, and Genki recruits him, but others cannot hide their suspicions.
Episode 64

(Dub) Legend of the Great White Most

Genki and the gang have made it to the Legend Cup. If they win, they can finally get the magic stone "Gaia" that Holly's father is confined in!
Episode 65

(Dub) Shogun the Mighty

The mighty Shogun, a fierce fighter, is led by Mum Mew to fight Genki and the gang. He gets lost, however,runs into the gang and falls for Holly. Not knowing that these are his opponents he begins training them.
Episode 66

(Dub) Brothers, in the Greatest Four

When Genki and the gang arrive in the town of Toble to attend the Greatest Four Cup, they see Grey Wolf, Tiger's brother. The two brothers enjoy their reunion, but soon they will find out the unexpected truth...
Episode 67

(Dub) Golem's Cook-Off

Geki and the gang is able to defeat General Durham's assassin, Mew, but Golem's Twister hits a passerby, an old lady named Rosetta. The gang feels bad and decides to walk her home.
Episode 68

(Dub) Battling Granity

Genki and the gang runs into Granity. They enjoy the reunion and spend a night together. But then they are attacked by Metalluna, an assassin sent by General Durham, who shrinks itself and takes over Granity.
Episode 69

(Dub) Mum Mew Risks It All

Mum Mew leaves General Duraham a note saying because she has failed many times, she is going to go out and take the Mystery Disc from Genki and the gang on her own.
Episode 70

(Dub) The Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Poritoka

It is the Legend Cup! Mocchi is training in the forest when Poritoka, one of his next opponents, appears and claims they are no match for him. Suezo, unhappy, decides to sneak into Poritika's mansion.
Episode 71

(Dub) The Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Most

Mocchi continues his training. Then on the match day, Most comes into Mocchi's waiting room and asks if he would abandon the fight.
Episode 72

(Dub) Reunion

After losing to Most, Mocchi decides he will try again in the next Legend Cup. Meanwhile, Mum Mew and Gobi are ordered by General Durham to sneak into Iron Bird, where Most is staying, to steal Gaia.
Episode 73

(Dub) The Final Battle

After rescuing Holly's father, the gang waits for him to awaken. Then, the Mystery Disc gets stolen by General Durahan.


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