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At nightfall you can see stars in the sky and glitter falling over each child as they...more

At nightfall you can see stars in the sky and glitter falling ove...More

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Episode 1

Leaf Fever

The Monchhichi are preparing for their ceremony to revitalize the Dream Tree. But the evil magician, Aikor, freezes the Tree, and Sylvus gets sick too. The Trio must find the Stone Rose to heal them, and defeat Aikor!
Episode 2

Three of a Kind

Kauri takes off to the Grasslands to escape from his friends’ “skirmishing.” But he gets captured by the Nasties. Hanae and Willow try to rescue him separately, but realize they’ll only succeed if they work together!
Episode 3

Willow Against the World!

The Monchhichi set about harvesting new Farandolis leaves (Willow accidentally blew the old ones away). Only Willow stays back in the Tree. But the lizards, Blitz and Glitz, launch an attack while the Monchhichi are out!
Episode 4

The Secrecy Plant

The Trio accidentally jolts the Secrecy Plant while playing! Residents' most embarrassing secrets are spilled out right in the middle of the Friendship Celebration! But Sylvus has an idea to make everyone friends again.
Episode 5

Cute Little Monchhibug

Kauri decides to adopt a blue Wild Monchhibug. But the wild bug has trouble settling in to its new life in the Tree and causes a disruption. Kauri’s Chhichichums and the rest of the community want this new resident out!
Episode 6

Super Willow

The Monchhilympics have begun! Willow, is taking part, but is afraid he’s going to let his team down. So Kauri gives him a "special" drink to give him strength and courage. But what if it isn’t “special” at all?
Episode 7

A Monchhichi for a Day

Aikor kidnaps Hanae, takes on her appearance and sneaks into the Tree to steal a Glowing Fruit. But Kauri and Willow know their Chhichichum Hanae too well – there’s something suspicious about their friend’s strange behavior.
Episode 8

The Monchhi-Pastry of the Year

The Monchhichi are eager to taste Bess’ special “chubby chhinana cake!” The Trio gets impatient and decides to boost the growth of the chubby chhinanas! But there can be unexpected results when you fool around with nature…
Episode 9

The Joking Tsurus

There’s a joker in the Tree, and the Trio is determined to find out who it is! Little do they know that the guilty party is none other than a bunch of fun-loving Tsurus!
Episode 10

Save Bella!

Bella and Petunia go to the Grasslands to find Chhiplop seeds. But Aikor chases them away, and Bella disappears! The lost Monchhibug is trapped in a hole, and Aikor demands a ransom of Glowing Fruits for her release...
Episode 11

A Tea for Sylvus

The Dream Tree is sick! Blackened chhinanas are falling from it! Sylvus – who is symbiotic with the Tree – still hasn’t come back from his harvesting trip in the Grasslands! That terrible Aikor must be behind all this...
Episode 12

Hopping Hiccups

When Kauri goes too close to a flower, he gets hiccups that make him jump super high! The lizards are on the prowl around the Tree, ready to make the most of the subsequent confusion to steal some Glowing Fruits…
Episode 13

Looking for Lost Memories

Sylvus loses his memory after getting hit on the head on accident! The Trio and Leafy must find a remedy for him, fast, to get him back to his normal self – the children’s dreams depend on it!
Episode 14

The Muddled Monchhibugs

After being struck by one of Aikor’s spells, the Monchhibugs devour the Farandolis leaves! This jeopardizes the making of the Tsurus and the children’s dreams! The Trio must find a way to get the magician to cancel the spell…
Episode 15

Artus at All Costs

Artus hurts his hand. To replace him while he recovers, Willow invents a Tsuru-folding machine that is even more efficient than Artus! Feeling useless, Artus leaves. But the machine is less efficient than they thought…
Episode 16

Hanae Gets Dizzy

Hanae accidentally falls on Kauri and he sprains his ankle during rehearsal for the Glowing Fruits concert! Now she feels dizzy. While she is taking care of Kauri, Aikor attacks the Tree! Only Hanae can save them!
Episode 17

The Monchhisurprise Treasure Hunt

The Monchhisurprise Treasure Hunt is about to begin. But Willow accidentally knocks over the gifts, scattering them in the Grasslands! Kauri and Hanae help him retrieve them, but Glitz takes off with Willow’s Monchhisurprise!
Episode 18

There’s a Lizard in the Tree!

Aikor and Glitz tell the Monchhichi that Glitz has been banished from the Black Brambles! Glitz tries to trick them into letting him into the Tree so he can steal some Glowing Fruits! Kauri falls for it and invites him in…
Episode 19

Willow the Hero

Bess tells the others about a delicious cake made with a special honey. But harvesting this ingredient is very dangerous! Willow's friends say he’s scared, and he decides to get the honey himself to prove them wrong!
Episode 20

Pollinia Loses Her Hearing

Pollinia’s hearing is impeded after an accident and now she can't hear the melodies of the ripe Glowing Fruits. Therefore, the Monchhichi can't harvest the fruits! After a misunderstanding, Pollinia leaves the Tree in anger.
Episode 21

Where Did Willow Go?

Hanae and Kauri go to climb the Peak of Giddiness, but Willow must stay behind and prepare the Elixir. He invents an automated Elixir-making system and goes to join them. His machine goes haywire and endangers the whole Tree!
Episode 22

The Prank Contest

Hanae and Willow try to see who can pull off the biggest trick! The other Monchhichi grow annoyed. Kauri leads Hanae and Willow to believe all their friends have been enchanted by Aikor. Hanae and Willow run to Aikor’s lair.
Episode 23

The Drowsy Cake

Bess gets some roses to make jelly for a cake. But Aikor casts a spell on the roses so the Monchhichi fall asleep from the jelly! The Trio do not eat the cake, so it’s up to them to thwart Aikor’s plan to steal the Fruits…
Episode 24

The Bad Seed

Willow brings a Giant Monchhipear Seed back to the Tree from the Valley of the Giant Beetles. But the “seed” actually turns out to be a giant beetle’s egg! Now there’s a huge, hungry baby beetle going for the Glowing Fruits!
Episode 25

Stop Thief!

The Monchhichi are troubled when a number of objects go missing. Willow and Capix's investigation leads them to Hanae! She insists she’s innocent, but her Chhichichums must clear her name. The thief is none other than Aikor!
Episode 26

Sylvus Sees Red

When a thorn gets stuck in the back of Sylvus’ head, he gets angry and becomes intent on destroying the Tsurus! The Trio must remove the thorn before nightfall - the Tsurus and the children’s dreams depend on it!
Episode 27

A Magic Act

The Monchhichi prepare for the Big Monchhishow of the Year! Willow and Hanae have been planning to do a magic stunt together, but have a fight. Willow looks for the perfect magic trick, but endangers the whole community…
Episode 28

Kauri, the Monchhibug

Aikor invents a new spell to turn the monchhibugs to stone! Kauri gets enchanted instead and begins to turn into a big monchhibug! His Chhichichums must quickly acquire the drool of Aikor’s pet beetle for the antidote...
Episode 29

The Monchhibug Stone

The Glowing Fruits are losing their glow and Sylvus is going blind! The Fruits MUST be rekindled using the Monchhibug Stone! But the Stone is taken by the lizards and robbed of its energy. The Trio must find a solution.
Episode 30

A New Capix

Capix, the Tree's police officer, becomes “chilled out” after breathing in pollen from a strange flower! Willow replaces him while the others look for a remedy, but he takes his new role too seriously and endangers the Tree!
Episode 31

The Invisible Thieves

Using an “invisibility potion” provided by Aikor, the lizards sneak into Sylvus' lab and steal two Glowing Fruits! When Hanae sees the two Fruits floating, the Trio realizes the lizards must have something to do with it.
Episode 32

The Long Journey – Part 1

The monchhibugs have laid their eggs and the mothers are preparing for the Long Journey to the Valley of the Lotus. Just before they leave, Fieldo gets hurt: the Trio must join them. Aikor sends his lizards to get the eggs!
Episode 33

The Long Journey – Part 2

After a cliff-hanger, our friends have escaped the lizards, but they manage to catch up just as they’re entering the Jumping Cabbage Field. Our friends have no choice but to cross it, despite Fieldo’s warnings against it.
Episode 34

The Great Monchhichi

A statue has been erected in honor of the Great Monchhichi celebration. Aikor convinces Twig that the statue is talking to her and she's been appointed “Great Ceremony Organizer." In return, she must give him a Glowing Fruit…
Episode 35

An Endangered Dream – Part 1

Aikor turns a Tsuru stolen by Glitz into a giant Tsuru and rides it to the Tree to steal Glowing Fruits… Our Trio recovers the Tsuru, but its dream has been modified! Sylvus gets scary sleepitis and the Tree begins to shake!
Episode 36

An Endangered Dream – Part 2

In order to cure Sylvus’ scary sleepitis, and stop the Tree from shaking in the process, our friends have to cross the dreaded Valley of the Snakes to find a Floralys plant. Glowing Fruits are starting to fall from the Tree…
Episode 37

Hands Off My Monchhicar!

After rescuing Bella from a beetle nest in a prickly monchhipeartree, Hanae gets trapped inside a bucket seat attached to the monchhicar. The car goes haywire and speeds out of control toward the Abyss of Eternal Mist!
Episode 38

My Best Friend aïkor

Irritated by Willow’s ingenuity, Aikor casts a “friend-catching spell” on him to make him his best friend. The magician makes him invent a Glowing Fruit-stealing machine… But Hanae and Kauri come and break the spell!
Episode 39

Aïkor’s Bubble

The Monchhichi wake up to find out that the whole Tree is trapped inside a giant bubble! This is Aikor’s doing, of course. If they want him to remove his spell, they must bring a Glowing Fruit to him before nightfall…
Episode 40

The Night of the Sparkling Monchhibugs

Willow is near the Forbidden Maze in the Grasslands, when he spots the first monchhibug he’s ever seen! But the species is not venturing out of its home inside the Forbidden Maze. The Trio must find out what’s going on!
Episode 41

Starry Nights

The Monchhichi’s Birth Stars come down from the sky and everyone makes a wish. Hanae’s Star heads towards her, but then loses its energy. Then Hanae starts moving in slow mo! Willow and Kauri must figure out the cause.
Episode 42

The Petrifix Painting

Artus paints a picture of the Monchhichi. But Spybeedoo put “petrifix” in the paint, so everyone but Hanae, Kauri and Artus is frozen in the same position as in the picture! The Nasties try to steal Glowing Fruits.
Episode 43

Monchhicar Gone Wild

Aikor cast a Control Spell on the monchhicar. But the magician was accidentally knocked out inside the lair and his lizard sidekicks are controlling the monchhicar for fun and taking Willow on a wild ride…
Episode 44

The Secret Letter

Stampy receives a letter from a child saying that he’s moving and asking the Tsurus to continue delivering happy dreams. The letter accidentally gets torn up! The Chhichi have to piece the shreds back together like a puzzle!
Episode 45

The Magic Passageway

Kauri accidentally slips and falls inside a plant, gets swallowed up and ends up in Aikor’s lair. The Chhichi realizes that the magician has made a magic passage to the Tree. Blitz goes through it to steal Glowing Fruits.
Episode 46

Irresistible Twig

Twig accidentally gets sprayed with pollen from some Adorable flowers and becomes too appealing to the other Monchhichi, who do everything to please her! She comes up with humorous ideas for how to make Children’s Dreams.
Episode 47

King Willow

After the Trio wins a battle, Willow takes Aikor’s scepter. Sylvus asks him to dispose of it, but Willow is fascinated by it and cannot bring himself to do so. Tensions rise within the community, possibly because of Willow.
Episode 48

The Dream Tree’s Son

A small sucker has appeared on one of the Tree’s roots. But this young shoot cannot be influenced by the Monchhibug Stone – there can only be one Dream Tree at a time! Aikor learns of the ceremony for the Tree's son!
Episode 49

The Invasion of the Stingaroos

After picking a new flower and bringing it to the Tree, the Monchhichi are invaded by scratchamites – little parasites that really get under their skin! They become such a problem that the community has to leave the Tree!
Episode 50

The Wise Lizard

Willow tries to absorb all of the knowledge in the Big Monchhibook using Dream Elixir. But the book goes flying to Aikor’s lair and all of the knowledge is transferred to Glitz! Willow and his friends must get the book back.
Episode 51

Cactus Mission

Several Monchhichi are turned into cacti by Aikor! The only way to get them back to normal is to perform a memory ritual. Glitz has taken a cactus back to the lair thinking it's his brother, but realizes it's actually Artus!
Episode 52

Spybeedoo’s Favorite Color

Willow conducts an experiment and ends up with purple hair! Spybeedoo finds this new look irresistible! Aikor thinks this is an attempt to take his beetle away and is determined to get him back and get revenge on the Chhichi!

About this Show


At nightfall you can see stars in the sky and glitter falling over each child as they fall asleep. It all comes from the dream tree factory, a magical place where the sweetest dreams are made. Follow the brave and cute Monchhichi, the sleep custodians as they embark on their magical adventures. And remember, creating sweet dreams is a lot more work than one might think!

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