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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Remaster

TVMAAdventureActionAnimation • AnimeDramaInternationalTV Series2002

In Cosmic Era (C.E.) 70... The tensions mounted between the Earth Alliance and the ZA...more

In Cosmic Era (C.E.) 70... The tensions mounted between the Earth...More

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Episode 1

(Sub) False Peace

The satellite Heliopolis is attacked by ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty). A student named Kira Yamato gets involved in a Gundam extortion plan in the process, encountering his childhood best friend, Athrun Zala, who is one of the attackers.
Episode 2

(Sub) Its Name is Gundam

Athrun steals the last Gundam, MS Aegis, and escapes. Kira and Murrue also get onto Strike Gundam and barely escape. Kira takes the controls and modifies the Gundam’s OS to defeat the enemy who was attacking him.
Episode 3

(Sub) Collapsing Land

Kira has no choice but to pilot the Strike Gundam when an enemy attacks. Things are complicated when he has to face Athrun, who is piloting the Aegis Gundam. The fighting intensifies and Heliopolis crumbles as it sustains too much damage.
Episode 4

(Sub) Silent Run

Archangel decides to head for the allied military satellite Artemis to seek help. Rau figures out their course to launch an attack. Kira is still reluctant to pilot the Strike Gundam, but changes his mind when he sees his friends fighting.
Episode 5

(Sub) Phase Shift Down

The four stolen Gundams loom in front of the Strike Gundam. Kira and Athrun face each other again. Duel Gundam comes between them, then Buster Gundam and Blitz Gundam join in, and the fight descends into utter chaos.
Episode 6

(Sub) The Vanishing Gundam

Barely fleeing its pursuing ZAFT forces, Archangel takes refuge in the military satellite Artemis. However, the crew is held captive by the commander of Artemis, Gerard Garcia.
Episode 7

(Sub) The Scar of Space

Using ZAFT’s attack, Archangel was able to escape Artemis. But the lack of supplies has become an increasingly urgent problem. Mu directs the ship to the Debris Belt to forage supplies from wrecked ships. Kira finds an escape pod.
Episode 8

(Sub) The Songstress of the Enemy Forces

In the escape pod was a girl and a small robot, Lacus Clyne and Haro. There is a dispute within the crew as to what to do with Lacus when they receive a signal from the Alliance’s 8th Fleet and that it’s not too far away.
Episode 9

(Sub) The Fading Light

The escorting ships leading Archangel to safety are attacked by ZAFT. Kira launches on Strike Gundam, but Athrun blocks his way. The attackers withdraw when they find out that Lacus is on Archangel, but it is too late.
Episode 10

(Sub) Crossroads

Lacus tries to comfort a depressed Kira, revealing that she knows of Athrun as he is her fiancé. Kira decides to return Lacus to Athrun.
Episode 11

(Sub) The Awakening Sword

Kira returns to the Archangel. A hearing is held but the issue handing over Lacus to ZAFT without permission is disregarded. Flay finds out the truth about who was responsible for her father’s death.
Episode 12

(Sub) Flay’s Decision

Admiral Halberton, the biggest supporter of the Archangel and the “G” (Gundam) Projects, comes on board the Archangel. However, he is against letting Kira pilot the Strike Gundam. Rau attacks with his upgraded fleet, seeking a total war.
Episode 13

(Sub) Stars Falling in Space

A fierce battle has started between the Alliance’s 8th Fleet and the ZAFT forces. With renewed determination to protect the ship, Kira launches. But Yzak’s Duel Gundam Assault Shroud, who is desperate for revenge, stands before him.
Episode 14

(Sub) The Respective Solitudes

The battle took its toll on Kira and he collapses with a high fever. Surprisingly, Flay nurses him back to health. But Flay has an ulterior motive.
Episode 15

(Sub) Burning Clouds of Sand

The Archangel landed on the desert in North Africa. Without any time to relax, they are attacked by the ZAFT forces at night. They are the elite ground squad led by Andrew Waltfeld, also known as the “Desert Tiger.”
Episode 16

(Sub) Cagalli Returns

With help from Desert Dawn, Strike Gundam was able to fend off the BuCUEs led by Waltfeld. After daybreak, other members of Desert Dawn guerillas join the Archangel. Kira is surprised to see the girl from Heliopolis, Cagalli Yula Athha.
Episode 17

(Sub) Payback

Waltfeld, the “Desert Tiger,” attacks Tassil, the town where the rebels reside. Missiles fired from the BuCUEs engulf the town in flames. A few rebels, thirsty for revenge, chase after the BuCUEs recklessly. Easily overpowered, they are slaughtered.
Episode 18

(Sub) Fangs of the Enemy

Kira and Cagalli go to the city of Banadiya, where the ZAFT base is located, to buy food and supplies for the camp. There, they accidently meet Andrew Waltfeld and are baffled by his overly friendly manner.
Episode 19

(Sub) On a Calm Day

Athrun has a day off and visits Lacus. The PLANT Supreme Council discuss whether to continue the war or to coexist with the Naturals. The Archangel crew is also discussing their battle plan with the rebels against “Desert Tiger.”
Episode 20

(Sub) Beyond the Clouds of Sand

Yzak and Dearka, who were in the Gibraltar Base, join forces with the Lesseps. Waltfeld accepts reinforcement. The Archangel and the resistance also begin their move towards the decisive battle against the Lesseps.
Episode 21

(Sub) The Sea Dyed Red

Strike Gundam and the Archangel take course toward Alaska after defeating Waltfeld. Cagalli insists that she is needed on the ship and invites herself to come aboard the Archangel. The rivalry between Cagalli and Flay for Kira’s affection unfolds.
Episode 22

(Sub) Fateful Encounter

Morassim’s submarine attacks the Archangel. Cagalli launches in a Sky Grasper to fight, but is shot down. Athrun’s transport plane crashes and he is thrown out. Both are stranded on a deserted island.
Episode 23

(Sub) War for Two

Cagalli encounters Athrun on the beach. She fights him, but is overpowered and captured. While waiting for rescue, they have a long discussion about each other and the war.
Episode 24

(Sub) The Land of Peace

The Archangel and the Zala Team engage in a fierce battle near Orb’s territorial boundaries. The Archangel takes heavy damage. That is when they are contacted by the Orb forces.
Episode 25

(Sub) Endless Rondo

Erica of Morgenroete analyzes the data of the Archangel. When she sees the combat data of the Strike Gundam, she is impressed with Kira’s abilities. She shows Kira the mobile suits that Orb is developing and asks him to help develop an OS for them.
Episode 26

(Sub) Kira

The crew are given the chance to visit their parents at Orb. Kira refuses to see his, which angers Flay, who has no one to visit. Kira’s parents instead meet with Uzumi and make a mysterious promise to never reveal the truth to Kira.
Episode 27

(Sub) The Turning Point

The repairs and replenishments for the Archangel are completed and it prepares to leave Orb. Meanwhile, Athrun’s Zala Team is outside the Orb territorial waters, waiting for the Archangel to come out. Cagalli decides to stay back.
Episode 28

(Sub) Flashing Blades

Kira strikes down the Blitz Gundam. Athrun blames himself for the loss and vows to kill Kira the next time they meet.
Episode 29

(Sub) Grieving Skies

The Archangel is in chaos when they lose contact with the Strike Gundam and 2nd unit Sky Grasper. With the ZAFT closing in on them, they send a distress signal to Orb. The Orb rescue team finds Athrun unconscious in the water.
Episode 30

(Sub) In the Promised Land

The Archangel finally arrives at the Earth Alliance headquarters in Alaska (JOSH-A). But the crew is not allowed to disembark and is ordered to remain on standby. The cold treatment by the headquarters causes the crew to feel uneasy.
Episode 31

(Sub) The Gathering Darkness

The assault by Miriaria and Flay towards the prisoner Dearka became a big problem in the Archangel. Murrue is questioned on letting Kira, a Coordinator, to pilot the Strike Gundam.
Episode 32

(Sub) Seen and Unseen

Flay, Mu, and Natarle are ordered to be transferred off the Archangel. Meanwhile, PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Patrick Zala finally gives the official signal to commence “Operation Spit Break” to end the war swiftly. Kira obtains a new Gundam.
Episode 33

(Sub) The Descending Sword

Mu figures out that the high-ranking officers of the Alliance plans to lure in ZAFT and decimate everyone, including their own men. The Archangel tries to escape but is surrounded by the ZAFT forces. Kira arrives in the Freedom Gundam to save them.
Episode 34

(Sub) In the Name of Justice

Athrun learns that Lacus helped steal the Freedom Gundam. Lacus confronts Athrun and asks him what he is fighting for. In addition, Athrun finds out that Kira is alive. He takes Justice Gundam and heads to Earth to face his enemy once again.
Episode 35

(Sub) Divine Thunder

The Archangel barely escapes Alaska and heads for Orb. Cagalli and Kira are reunited. In the final phase of war, both sides deploy new weapons.
Episode 36

(Sub) Decisive Fire

The Earth Alliance sends an ultimatum to Orb, stating to help the Alliance or be attacked as a ZAFT supporter. Murrue gives the crew a choice to stay and fight or leave the ship. The battle is about to begin.
Episode 37

(Sub) Athrun

Kira and the Freedom Gundam engage with the Earth Alliance’s Gundam units. Justice Gundam, piloted by Athrun, emerges to assist Kira. After the Earth Alliance retreats, the two friends are reunited.
Episode 38

(Sub) Into the Dawn Skies

Kira and Athrun talk and come to an understanding. The Alliance attacks again with the Forbidden, Calamity, and Raider Gundams leading the MS forces. Uzumi says his final farewell to Cagalli, revealing a startling truth in the process.
Episode 39

(Sub) Trembling World

At the PLANTs, Lacus uses pirate radio transmissions to speak out against ZAFT and the war. The broadcast has great impact on the public and Chairman Zala is unable to control the situation. Athrun decides to return to confront his father.
Episode 40

(Sub) Lacus Strikes

Athrun returns to the PLANT but is arrested for treason. Lacus commences her plan and steals the new mobile suit support ship Eternal. She rescues Athrun and a new alliance is formed.
Episode 41

(Sub) What Stands in the Way

The Archangel, Kusanagi, and Eternal arrive and dock inside the abandoned colony Mendel. Meanwhile, the battleship Dominion of the Alliance is captained by Natarle, who is shocked that she must pull a gun on her former comrades.
Episode 42

(Sub) Spiral of Encounters

The Dominion attacks to destroy the Archangel, but the Alliance Gundams are overwhelmed by the teamwork of Kira and Athrun. Natarle decides to retreat. Mu and Dearka fight Rau on his new MS GuAIZ.
Episode 43

(Sub) The Opening Door

Kira and Mu chase after Rau inside an abandoned building. The building was the Mendel colony’s generic research laboratory. Rau, Mu, and Kira engage in a gunfight. As if to break the tension, Rau begins to reveal a shocking truth.
Episode 44

(Sub) A Place for the Soul

The battle resumes between the Archangel and the Dominion. Rau launches Vesalius and weave its way through the two battleships. Suddenly he releases an escape pod into the combat airspace. Inside the pod is Flay, who has no idea what is going on.
Episode 45

(Sub) The Nightmare Reborn

The Earth Alliance acquired the technology of the N-Jammer Canceller. Cunningly manipulated by Azrael, nuclear missiles are shipped up into space. And the battle begins.
Episode 46

(Sub) Day of Wrath

The gamma-ray of GENESIS destroys the front line of the Alliance fleet in the blink of an eye. But the shambled Alliance forces manage to regroup and make a tragic but brave resolution to destroy GENESIS.
Episode 47

(Sub) The Final Light

The second ray of GENESIS destroys the Earth Alliance lunar base. The next target might be Earth. The Alliance launches the Peacemaker divisions once again. Their objective is to directly attack the PLANTs with nuclear missiles.
Episode 48

(Sub) To An Endless Future

Even with all the casualties, the fighting continues. Zala sets Earth as the next target of GENESIS. Athrun tries to stop his father’s madness but witnesses something horrifying in the process. The final battle between Kira and Rau ends.

About this Show

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Remaster

In Cosmic Era (C.E.) 70... The tensions mounted between the Earth Alliance and the ZAFT Forces caused by the 'Bloody Valentine' tragedy have erupted into an all-out war. The Earth Alliance's mobile armor forces and tanks launch...mobile suits are destroyed one after another... It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Earth Alliance, with its superior numbers, would be victorious. But this initial assessment proved to be false. Almost 11 months have passed since the conflict began, with no end in sight.

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