1 season available

Mission Force One

TVY • Adventure, Action, Kids • TV Series • 2017

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority has created an elite team made up of five incredible kids – experts in the fields of science, technology, engineeri...more

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority has created an elite team made up of five incredible kids – experts in the fields of science, technology, engineeri...more

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1 season available (21 episodes)

1 season available

(21 episodes)

Episode 1

The Great Space Train Robbery / Mission Pets One

When the Solar Express is stolen, Miles and Loretta must sneak aboard to get it back on track; Miles works with five unprepared robot pets to stop Nemesystems.
Episode 2

Villain After Villain / The Discover-Bot Takeover

When Nemesystems takes over the Discover-Bots on Planet Lankersall, Miles must stop them; Gadfly Garnett offers to reveal a secret Nemesystems factory's location if Mission Force One can protect him.
Episode 3

Invaders From Tomorrowland / Rise of the Mountain Crushers

The inhabitants of a mysterious planet capture Miles and Blodger when the two attempt to retrieve a crashed TTA probe; Miles discovers a factory building massive robots and must stop them before they destroy the Tomorrowland Mission Centre.
Episode 4

Battle for the Zenith / Mission Force Plus One

During the TTA Open House, an alien kid stows away on the starship; when a Nemesystems' expert thief steals the Zenith, Mission Force One must catch their starship and retake it.
Episode 5

The Magsteeds of Infurnia

Mission Force One investigates suspicious Nemesystems activity on an overheated planet hoping to save its native creatures.
Episode 6

Stranded in Space / Plant Transplant

After receiving a distress call, Miles and Haruna must rescue a crew member before their ship gets pulled into a star; the team brings a much-needed fruit tree to a new TTA territory.
Episode 7

How to Build a Better Villain / The Goopopolis Swindle

Video game villain comes to life. A statue is stolen!
Episode 8

Bots of Fury / The Accidental Captives

Watson and Crick are trapped! Martial arts robots.
Episode 9

The Junk Monster of Planet Crunkle / The Lost Empire

Chunks of tech self-assemble into a junk robot and take over the recycling center! Mission Force One and Queen Gemma join forces to save her people from Nemesystems.
Episode 10

Face-Off / The Big Escape

After Zeno's A.I. drive is stolen, Blodger poses as the entire team to get it back. The team discovers their ship has become a gift to an alien kid and must find a way to escape.
Episode 11

Grendel's Moving Castle / The Great Gadfly

After Grendel takes over Planet Alarbus, it's up to Mission Force One to win her game and take it back; Miles and Mirandos become suspicious when Gadfly becomes a beloved superhero for the People of the Peaks.
Episode 12

Shoom Balla Boom / Friend or FoeBot

Miles teams up with space trader Dashiell Scamp to steal back his teleporting jump-coat; Mission Force One comes to the aid of a planet whose inhabitants are afraid of robots.
Episode 13

Deep Trouble / Double Trouble

When Commander Nemex tries to steal a cloaking device, Mission Force One must rush to save it; Nemex uses robotic body doubles of Miles and Loretta to steal a powerful device.
Episode 14

Malison to the Rescue / The Last Guardian

Robo-monkey in enemy territory. Android rescue.
Episode 15

Sidekicks For Hire / The Illumin-Aliens

S'Leet's stolen sidekicks. An alien rescue.
Episode 16

Villain Force One / Villain Force Two

Miles teams with galactic villains to rescue his crew.
Episode 17

The Suit Pursuit / Operation Groovestar

Mission suits are stolen! Bootjet Groovestar returns.
Episode 18

The Space Station Situation

Mission Force One teams up with NASA on a mission.
Episode 19

Aggro's Jam / Sea Change

Singing planet mission. Water planet in danger!
Episode 20

Saving Silas / Attack of the Arachno-Bots

Over-confident TTA cadet Silas sees the power of teamwork when Mission Force One joins him for a rescue mission. Nemesystems sends an invasion of robot spiders to an alien planet!
Episode 21

The Nemesystems Takeover

Mission Force One must take back the TTA!

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