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Mighty Magiswords

TVY7ComedyAnimation • AdventureKidsCartoons • TV Series2015

Prohyas and Vambre, the brother and sister team of Warriors for Hire, are always up f...more

Prohyas and Vambre, the brother and sister team of Warriors for H...More

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Season1 2
Episode 1

Collection Infection

Having pared down their Magisword collection, the Warriors are forced into unconventional battle choices on a dangerous mission into the Deepest Darkest Woods.
Episode 2

To Balderly Go

Prohyas is crushed when his good hair day becomes a no hair day and Vambre has to battle a furry monster alone while her bro is in shock without his locks!
Episode 3

For the Love of Narwhal

Vambre rejects Darlin' Narwhal Magisword as being unfit for battle, but when Prohyas trains and brings out its full potential, Vambre resorts to improper extremes to get it back.
Episode 4

Winning at Whining

Vambre's challenge to Prohyas: Don't whine for the entirety of the next mission and you can have the Magisword we get at the end.
Episode 5

Suitable Armor

A veteran warrior insists that Vambre is under dressed for battle and takes it upon herself to garb Vambre in armor as Prohyas fights the beast solo without armor.
Episode 6

Changeable Terraingable

Personality conflicts between Vambre and Prohyas come to a head as the Warriors miraculously manage to ace a mission at an ever changing labyrinth.
Episode 7

Fixing a Flonk

Wanting to stop Flonk from being an evildoer for good, Prohyas tries to find Flonk a permanent venue for his nasty comedy. Vambre, however, wants to deliver him to the cops as usual.
Episode 8

What's My Name? Starring Vambre and Prohyas Warrior!

The Warriors go to extreme measures so folks remember their names.
Episode 9

Ain't That a Kick in the Side?

After Witch Way teases Prohyas by calling him, "Vambre's sidekick," Prohyas intensifies his efforts to prove them wrong.
Episode 10

Vambre's Guilty Pleasure

Vambre tries her best to keep her tough Warrior reputation intact and still go to the cutesy wootsy Piggiepie Jones stage show.
Episode 11

The Status of Cattus

The Warriors want someone to enjoy collecting Magiswords as much as they do, so they go crazy trying to interest Cattus the Oneblade into obtaining more.
Episode 12


Prohyas becomes obsessed with riding an uncooperative goat to get over a mountain.
Episode 13

Team of Broccoli

The Warrior Family's broccoli crop is stolen and the Warriors and Danelda team up to track it down underground.
Episode 14

Mall of Shame

Vambre gets locked inside Mount Ma'all so Prohyas tries to get her out while Vambre does her best to escape from the inside.
Episode 15

Agent of Destruction

DeBizz helps the Warriors become more famous as their agent, but Vambre returns to adventuring while Prohyas gets caught up in the DeBizz fame trap.
Episode 16

Straining Day

The Warriors teach Witchy Simone and her Slugburger crew how to use Magiswords. Prohyas teaches the basics while impatient Vambre tries to teach "the good stuff" too fast.
Episode 17


After suffering trauma from being the dunk-ee in a dunking booth, Prohyas has trouble getting through the dunk based traps in Man Fish's lair.
Episode 18

The Incredible Tiny Warriors

The Warriors must use a Legendary Magisword to defeat a giant king who wants to eat celebrities. This proves difficult when being eaten by the King makes Vambre feel very small.
Episode 19

Helping Cattus Help

The search for a mythical creature gets rather metaphysical when the equally elusive Cattus' assists the mission.
Episode 20

Warts and All

Witchy Simone accidentally turns Vambre into a frog and Prohyas and Witchy try to change her back.
Episode 21

Too Commercial

The Warriors go advertising crazy; Grup tries to stop them for their own good!
Episode 22

Like Water for Bimm

Vambre helps to get Bimm over her mission crippling fear of water.
Episode 23

The Pecking Order

Professor Cyrus hires the Warriors to take Frank-Paul through a treacherous mountain pass so he can molt at the top of Mt. Chickicken.
Episode 24

Manlier Fish the Fishlier Man

With the help of a conch shell genie, Man Fish upgrades himself in various ways to defeat the Warriors.
Episode 25

The Lanolion Sleeps Tonight

Bimm and Familiar shadow the Warriors on a mission in the Sheepy Jungle, but put under such close scrutiny, the Warriors find that they're unable to be themselves!
Episode 26

The Ballad of Sailor Sidney

The Warriors go on a mission to find missing Sailor Sidney for the Keelhaul Cove Pirates.
Episode 27

Extreme Dreams

Phibby Croax hires the Warriors for the MOST EXTREME EXPERIENCE EVER!
Episode 28

Forever a Fishstick

After a misfire with Fishstick Magisword, Prohyas copes with completing Warrior missions as a fish stick.
Episode 29

Sorry for Party OCHing

The Warriors struggle to keep poise at Princess Zange's exclusive party, but all bets are off when a feud with Witch Way escalates into a Magic vs. Magiswords war!
Episode 30

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing

The Warriors easily thwart Phil's latest plan with Legendary Knowledge Magisword so Phil repeatedly tries to steal it from them.
Episode 31

Bewitched, Bothered and Bothered Some More!

Flonk hires the Warriors to make Witch Way change his brother Helmut from a frog back to human.
Episode 32

Train on a Snake

Lady Hiss hires the Warriors to train her to be super tough.
Episode 33

King of the Zombeez

Frostferatu hires the Warriors to rid his castle of Zombeez when Neddy and a power mad zombie-bee queen take over.
Episode 34

Hiccup the Volume

Monkey Chunks has hiccups and Biblia Tick hires the Warriors to get rid of them.
Episode 35


Vambre becomes enamored of a poltergeist within Ghost Magisword and Prohyas must save her before his sister becomes a ghost herself!
Episode 36

Hangry Hangry Hoppus

The Warriors battle a monster version of Hoppus, the rabbit transformed by the Cursed Garlic Magisword.
Episode 37

Pachydermus Packard and the Camp of Fantasy

A doctor orders Mr. Pachydermus to have an adventure, so he attends the Warriors' super-annoying Fantasy Camp.
Episode 38

Let's Team Up Because We Aren't Bad Friends

The Warriors fear that they've been ignoring their pals, so they team up with Witchy Simone and Noville for a BIG MISSION, only to discover that their friends aren't into it anymore.

About this Show

Mighty Magiswords

Prohyas and Vambre, the brother and sister team of Warriors for Hire, are always up for a quest. But they never know what quest will drop in their laps! Giant pigs, giant spiders, or giant ancient dinosaurs, they can handle whatever giant quest you want; but not without their trusted collection of Magiswords.

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