1 season available

Mighty Magiswords

TVY7 • Comedy, Animation, Cartoons, Kids, Adventure • TV Series • 2015

Prohyas and Vambre, the brother and sister team of Warriors for Hire, are always up for a quest. But they never know what quest will drop in their lap...more

Prohyas and Vambre, the brother and sister team of Warriors for Hire, are always up for a quest. But they never know what quest will drop in their lap...more

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1 season available (50 episodes)

1 season available

(50 episodes)

Episode 1

The Mystery of Loch-Mess

The Warriors are sent on a mission to Loch Mess to locate missing deliverymen only to find themselves captured as pets for the giant piggy Queen Porcina.
Episode 2

Squirreled Domination

A rare food enthusiast sends the warriors to gather five golden acorns, but Vambre is terrified of the squirrels in the forest.
Episode 4

Case Clothed

Princess Zange hires the Warriors to be her secret service for the afternoon to go shopping, but the looting pirates of Keelhaul Cove make fashion makeovers nearly impossible to manage.
Episode 4

Surely You Jest-O

House sitting for Omnibus is boring work for the Warriors, but their decision to allow Jest-O and his Taunting Jester Magisword come in from the rain to entertain them turns out to be their worst idea yet!
Episode 5

Cleanliness Is Next to Grupliness

Because Grup is stinking up the whole town, the Warriors try to coax the reluctant dragon into taking a bath.
Episode 6

Mushroom Menace

The Mysterious Hooded Woman wants the Warriors For Hire to defend her giant pumpkin home from the dreaded Smashroom Mushroom, but Vambre and Prohyas can't complete their mission without help from Zombie Pumpkin Magisword!
Episode 7

Flirty Phantom

While lost in Transylberia, the Warriors meet a young ghost lady at a haunted house.
Episode 8

The Wrath of Neddy

After sailing through obstacles in the Cave of Stuff, Neddy decides to stay as King Neddy, displacing the cave weirdos.
Episode 9

Working for Scales

Princess Zange needs a dinosaur scale for a tea remedy, but King Rexxtopher does not want the warriors in his kingdom.
Episode 10

Felonious Prose

The warriors' search for a contact lens is compromised by Vambre's obsession with a Veronica Victorious novel.
Episode 11

Potion in the Ocean

Witchy Simone searches the Fickle Sea for an eye of newt with the warriors, but Man Fish the Fish Man is against the quest.
Episode 12

Bad Bad Cop

Vambre and Prohyas pretend to be cops in order to shakedown dangerous pirates to locate a broccoli smuggler.
Episode 13

Gotta Get Grup to Get Down

Grup wants the warriors to help him become the biggest music star in Rhyboflaven, but it proves to be a difficult task.
Episode 14

Thick as Thieves

After Phil the Pilferer steals their best Magiswords, the warriors discover that no Magisword is lame.
Episode 15

Biggest Fan

An obsessed super-fan goes to dangerous lengths to be rescued by her favorite warrior heroes, Vambre and Prohyas.
Episode 16

Dungeons and Dayjobs

A botched mission leaves the Warriors in debt, so they take day jobs at Slugburger and sling Slugburgers for Witchy Simone!
Episode 17

Little Sword of Horrors

Prohyas grows a new Magisword from a seed, not knowing that his Carnivorous Plant Magisword is a menace to society.
Episode 18

Champions of Breakfast

A battle between Vambre's Waffle Magisword and Prohyas' Pancake Magisword escalates to a war that can only be ended with Grup's help.
Episode 19

Gut Feelings

The warriors try to learn who stole all of the vegetable Magiswords that belong to Hoppus, the angry bunny.
Episode 20

The Tome of Morrow

Noville's training with Vambre pays off, and he is invited on a mission to an ancient cave to face the Tome of Morrow.
Episode 21

Share and Share Dislike

Vambre and Prohyas cannot share the Super Shooting Star Magisword, and even a quest cannot stop their obsession.
Episode 22

Grup Jam

Grup invents basketball, but the stakes become too high when the winner will rule the Kingdom of Rhyboflaven.
Episode 23

Bad Man Oldman

When the Warriors re-thatch Old Man Oldman's roof and absentmindedly make it look like Prohyas' hair, Oldman dons a giant evil toupee exacts his revenge.
Episode 24

Witchy Simone Ruins Everything!

Gateaux hires the Warriors to split up Witchy Simone and Morbidia.
Episode 25

Strange Nedfellows

Omnibus hires the Warriors to get a one-of-a-kind salmon for his fancy aquarium, but Neddy joins them on their quest and wants the "Queen Sal," yet Man Fish the Fish Man wants the salmon to stay in the Fickle Sea!
Episode 26

Action Comedy

Rhyboflaven's local fictional superhero, Broccoli Punch, has an all-new, spectacular action stage show, but when Flonk masquerades as the star, the Warriors disguise themselves as broccoli bad guys to teach the imposter a lesson!
Episode 27

Random Acts of Memory

The Warriors learn that Nohyas has been using a Selective Memory Magisword to erase select interactions with Prohyas' bizarre doppelganger their entire lives, so their new mission: take back that sword!
Episode 28

Elect to Decline

Noville wants to impress Vambre with a new Magisword from the Cave of Stuff, but the Cave Weirdos are in election mode and horrible smear campaigning is making Noville's simple task impossible!
Episode 29

They See Me Trollblin

The tiny Kotassians hire the Warriors to exterminate two humongous Trollblins that have invaded their village, but it turns out that the Trollblins are actually nice guys and the Warriors switch sides to protect them in a Kotassiam/Trollblin War!
Episode 30

Hideous Hound

Prohyas pets an unsightly stray dog, and from that moment on the poor pooch appears on a variety of Warrior missions, driving Vambre and Vambre's brain insane!
Episode 31

Getting Ahead

When the headless body of Omnibus knocks at their door, the Warriors use Magiswords to try to make a head they can talk to with mixed results!
Episode 32

The Cave of Gelatinous Doom!

The Warriors don't have a worthy adventure to use their impressive new skull-and-crossbones-emblazoned Bonehead Magisword until they are sent on a quest to battle a mighty slime beast in the Dungeon of Gelatinous Doom!
Episode 33

Pachydermus Interruptus

A battle with Man Fish the Fish Man leaves Warriors For Hire HQ in shambles, so landlord, Mr. Pachydermus, has the Warriors repair the damage-- but without Magiswords!
Episode 34

Squideo Games

When Vambre and Prohyas are hired for separate gigs, they end up having to battle each other to claim a rare Squideo from Lake Sprite in Galacton.
Episode 35

Sibling Sorcery

When Phil the Pilferer steals the Golden Broomstick Magisword Award intended for Witchy Simone's famous younger sister, Witchy Sparkles, the Warriors lead the search in getting it back.
Episode 36

Don't Read the Comments

An obsession with comments and criticisms about him on the Board of Opinions drives Prohyas nuts, affecting Warrior missions for the worse and raising Vambre's ire. I mean. concerns.
Episode 37

Hoppus the Hunted

The bunny sorceress, Danelda, has been on the search for Hoppus so she can take him back to their rabbit village, but Hoppus is too enamored by Kablammica and her broccoli soup to ever go back!
Episode 38


A mission to babysit Snowmanpire babies in Transylbiria leads Vambre and Prohyas to attack the local monster townsfolk in misguided attempts to keep the Snowbabies safe.
Episode 39


Teri Gargantuan is in trouble and her spider kids hire the Warriors to save their mom from a mad mercenary spider hunter.
Episode 40


The Mysterious Hooded Woman hires the Warriors to retrieve the Orb of Sphericity from a temple in Galacton. The odd thing is, this temple has save points! When the Warriors are defeated, they respawn, but Vambre remembers what happened.
Episode 41

Hunting for Scavengers

When an impish weather gnome sends the Warriors and friends on a competitive quest, the drive to win threatens the group's fight against a conjured monster.
Episode 42

Get That BORFL!

A restful chill day for the Warriors and Princess Zange in the Royal Spa gets upended when a cute little Borfl runs amok throughout Castle Rhyboflaven, with the Warriors resorting to Magiswords to thwart the critter.
Episode 43

Unconventional Dolphinism

Since Prohyas is taking Dolphin Magisword to the Dolphin Convention, Vambre asks Witchy Simone to join her on a search for the Narwhal Magisword, angering a deadly Sealdebeast guard that lures dolphins away from the convention in the process.
Episode 44

Letter Wronging Campaign

When Prohyas sends Vambre for a much needed spa day, he drafts Noville to help on a mission to discover why all the books in the Library of Shhhhh are blank.
Episode 45

The Saga of Robopiggeh!

A botched rescue attempt damages their robot pal, RoboPiggeh, and Vambre and Prohyas must battle the evil cyborg, Tera-Bite, in Galacton, who is determined to dismantle their broken pal for being obsolete.
Episode 46

Bad Heir Day

Princess Zange's Autostyle Magisword is stolen and it's up to the Warriors to retrieve it so their royal leader can face her subjects without bad hair.
Episode 47

Docky & Buford's Decidedly Pathetic Adventure

Docky Boardman and Buford want to beef up business for the Rhyboflaven Boardwalk, but in their hunt for a new attraction, they get eaten by a mammoth-sized Ramblyboo and it's up to the Warriors to get them out!
Episode 48

School's In, Oh Bummer

It turns out that Vambre and Prohyas didn't graduate the Adventure Academy after all and need to go back to school earn their diplomas!
Episode 49

Taming of the Swords

The Warriors attempt to tame two of their most problematic Magiswords, Taunting Jester and Carnivorous Plant, with the help of their expert Magiswordsmith mother, Kablammica.
Episode 50

Quest for Knowledge

After a flashback where we learn the origins of the Warriors passion for Magiswords, they return to Adventure Academy where Professor Cyrus sets V and P and their former classmates on a quest to find the Legendary Knowledge Magisword.

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