1 season available

Martian Successor Nadesico

TVPG • Action, Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy, Animation, Anime, Adventure • TV Series • 1996

Only one ship stands between earth and total annihilation! The High Mobile Battleship Nadesico is the most formidable fighting machine ever conceived,...more

Only one ship stands between earth and total annihilation! The High Mobile Battleship Nadesico is the most formidable fighting machine ever conceived,...more

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

To Go Like a Man

It's the late 22nd century, and the Jovian lizards are attacking Earth. Nergal Heavy Industries decides to build its own battleship, the Nadesico, to take on the invaders.
Episode 2

Leave the Blue Earth to Me

Uneasy about the idea of a powerful battleship being in the hands of civilians, the United Earth military sends Admiral Misumaru's fleet to take control of the Nadesico.
Episode 3

A Goodbye That Came Too Soon

The Nadesico heads to Mars, but in order to get there, it has to pass through the Earth's various lines of defense, including the Big Barrier. Can the Nadesico convince the United Earth forces to take down the barrier?
Episode 4

Charmed by Aqua Space

The Nadesico heads out to the Satsuki Midori space colony to pick up some new zero-G Aestivalis frames and pilots. After an explosion rocks the colony and disables it, their mission becomes one of rescue and retrieval.
Episode 5

Ruri's Navigation Logs

On the long and boring trip to Mars, Prospector insists that Yurika take the time to perform funerals for all those who have been killed.
Episode 6

Sort of Like a Fateful Decision

The Nadesico finally arrives at Mars only to have to fend off an enemy attack. Several members of the crew, including Akito, head out to explore the ruins.
Episode 7

The Song That You Will Sing One Day

Yurika and Inez put together a "Get to Know the Nadesico" broadcast to explain the crew's recent expedition on Mars. Meanwhile the crew's thoughts turn towards attempting to repair their badly damaged ship.
Episode 8

The Luke Warm "Cold Equation"

The Nadesico successfully returns to Earth only to find themselves right in the middle of a major battle. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Akito's paralyzing fear has returned, making him a vulnerable target for the Jovians.
Episode 9

The Miracle Operator of the Kiss

Admiral Munetake sends the Nadesico to rescue a goodwill ambassador stranded on an inhospitable island. Meanwhile, Megumi decides to use her free time to get closer to Akito in a virtual reality simulation.
Episode 10

The Dangers of Femininity

Admiral Munetake announces that the crew's next mission is to the Tenician Island to investigate anew type of chulip. But the tropical island with its shining beaches may prove more of a distraction for the crew.
Episode 11

Finding Yourself in a Routine Plot

The Nadesico finds itself in trouble when they are given a mission to take out a new Jovian weapon called a "Walking Stick".
Episode 12

Those Unforgettable Days

When the Nadesico's defense system malfunctions and starts attacking United Earth forces vessels, Admiral Munetake decides that the ship's memory banks should be completely wiped.
Episode 13

There is No Single Truth

Christmas may be near at hand, but it's not going to be a happy holiday for the crew of the Nadesico. The UEAF doesn't want such a powerful warship under the command of civilians.
Episode 14

Let's Go with "Hot-Blooded Anime"

In a reversal of perspective, the Gekigangar crew settle down to watch the latest adventures of their favorite show: Martian Successor Nadesico!
Episode 15

The Significant Other from a Star Far Away

Whilst Akito is trapped on the moon, back on the Nadesico Admiral Munetake suspects that the pilot of the Jovian robot they recovered may be hiding somewhere on the ship.
Episode 16

The Beginning of Nadesico's War

The revelation of the true nature of the Jovians has shaken some of the Nergal employees. Could spies in their midst already know about their secret plans?
Episode 17

A Reunion That Came Too Late

Nergal discovers that Uribatake has been embezzling funds and spending a lot of time with Hikaru. Yurika drags Akito along on a special investigation to find out just exactly what the chief engineer has been up to.
Episode 18

Echoes of Self, Echoes of Water

Ruri discovers that she's the biological daughter of the King and Queen of a kingdom called Peaceland. With Akito acting as her "knight", Ruri sets off to Peaceland in the hope of filling in the gaps in her memory.
Episode 19

You're the Next Captain of the Nadesico

Nergal decides that to keep the Nadesico crew happy, they're going to give them a new captain! And what better way to pick one than to hold a talent contest?
Episode 20

Run Silent, Run Deep

The Jovian's have a new weapon - the "leap cannon". Capable of teleporting warheads inside of ships, it's potential is devastating. Can Yurika save the Nadesico and prove that she's more than just a ditz?
Episode 21

The Meadows We Once Ran Across

The Nadesico's new mission is defending the moon using its new phase transition cannon, but when something goes wrong with the Y Unit, the weapon becomes inoperable.
Episode 22

Protect the "Visitor"?

The Jovians send a peace emissary to the Nadesico - Yukina Shiratori, Tsukumo's younger sister. However, peace is the last thing on her mind - she plans to assassinate Minato, the woman who "corrupted" her brother!
Episode 23

A Place We Call Home

Back on Earth, the Nadesico crew attempts to settle back into their old lives, despite the fact that Nergal is keeping a close eye on them.
Episode 24

Ubiquitous Righteousness

When Tsukumo arrives on board to act as an ambassador, Yurika organizes a ship wide "Geki-Fest". She hopes that the themes of the show will serve as a guide for both the Earthlings and Jovians on how to achieve peace.
Episode 25

Being Myself, Being Yourself

As the Jovians gear up for a final offensive, the Nadesico crew find themselves working alongside their sister ship, the Kakitsubata, to maintain control over Mars.
Episode 26

For the Lady We Will Meet Someday

With the Jovian fleet closing in, it's up to the Nadesico to keep the ancient Martian ruins out of enemy hands. Unfortunately, it's looks like the only way they're going to be able to do that is to destroy them.

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