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Malcolm in the Middle

TVPGFamilyComedySitcomTV Series2000

The Cleavers they ain't. Mom is a screaming control freak, Dad is a goofy human hairb...more

The Cleavers they ain't. Mom is a screaming control freak, Dad is...More

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Episode 1

Reese Comes Home

While guilt-ridden Malcolm and Dewey try to do penance for driving Reese into the Army, Lois goes on a mission to find Reese and bring him home… and Reese himself goes AWOL.
Episode 2

Buseys Run Away

Reclassified as “normal” at school, Dewey basks in Lois’ approval but is sorely missed by his former special-needs classmates; and Hal becomes a genius hero to a group of dimwitted bodybuilders.
Episode 3


Malcolm and Lois clash over an offensive advertising standee at the drug store; and Hal battles a garbage man who refuses to pick up a large item from the family’s trash.
Episode 4

Pearl Harbor

Neighbor Jessica convinces Malcolm that Reese is gay and Reese that Malcolm is gay; Dewey writes an essay on Hal as his hero; and Hal competes with another neighbor for the best holiday yard display.
Episode 5

Kitty's Back

When Stevie’s wayward mother Kitty returns, everyone except Lois forgives her; after an intense sunburn, Reese attempts to peel a whole, intact coat of skin from his body; and Francis “initiates” Dewey into “full brotherhood.”
Episode 6

Hal's Christmas Gift

With money too tight for Christmas gifts, Lois declares a “handmade” Christmas; Hal panics when his gifts don’t measure up to those made by his sons; and Malcolm learns he’s no longer popular among his brothers.
Episode 7

Hal Sleepwalks

When Hal gets stressed out over buying Lois an anniversary gift, he starts sleepwalking, which Reese discovers is a highly suggestible state; Malcolm tries to learn to play the guitar.
Episode 8

Lois Battles Jaime

Trying to win a battle of wills with young Jamie, Lois brings Francis home to help her remember how she conquered him when he was a baby; and Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey struggle to dream up a fun use for an old diving board.
Episode 9

Malcolm's Car

Malcolm uses his illegal gambling profits to buy a junk car, which quickly takes over his life; Hal discovers a talent for hair styling; and Lois discovers Craig is having an affair with the boss’ wife.
Episode 10


After Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey get caught defacing a billboard advertising a strip club, they try to escape Lois’ wrath by staging an impromptu protest for women’s rights and vowing to remain on the billboard platform forever.
Episode 11


When his parents fight over a new bed, Dewey writes an opera based on their arguments; Malcolm gets into “street luging” and becomes obsessed with beating a cocky rival, unaware the talented competitor is Stevie.
Episode 12

Living Will

Indecisive Hal is chosen to make a life-or-death decision for a neighbor he hardly knows; and Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey coach Craig on fighting his arch-enemy: his macho, athlete father.
Episode 13

Tiki Lounge

When Hal and Lois carve out some time for deep personal discussions, Hal is upset to learn Lois doesn’t believe in an afterlife; Malcolm is roped into emceeing a silly charity auction at school, but can’t help taking his responsibility seriously.
Episode 14

Ida Loses a Leg

After Ida loses a leg saving Dewey from being hit by a truck, Francis is forced to stay with her, Dewey holds a funeral for the severed limb.
Episode 15

Chad's Sleepover

Dewey defies his father and invites an oddball school chum for a sleepover; Malcolm and Reese discover just how unpopular they are with their peers; and Lois searches for an old blender warranty.
Episode 16

No Motorcycles

On Francis’ 21st birthday, Hal fulfills an old promise to take Francis on a motorcycle trip; and Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey hide from a bully who wants to give one of them a beating.
Episode 17


While working the night shift at the Lucky Aide, Malcolm finds a man living in the store; and Reese befriends a crop of caterpillars he acquired during his spring break job with a shady exterminator.
Episode 18

Ida's Dance

Ida forces Lois to bake a special tart for an old-world saint’s holiday; Malcolm meets his match with music appreciation; and Hal tries to bond with Reese by watching gory horror movies with him.
Episode 19

Motivational Speaker

Hal takes over for a motivational speaker at a seminar and discovers a talent for the job; Reese joins a dog pack; and Lois catches Dewey “seeing another mom.”
Episode 20


Malcolm gets promoted to a position promoting the Lucky Aide from atop a pair of stilts; Hal tries to make up for accidentally blowing the household budget on a phone-sex line.
Episode 21

Buseys Take a Hostage

While Dewey helps Francis research games for a job interview, the Buseys take their teacher hostage; Malcolm talks Hal into becoming head of the local homeowners’ association; and Reese studies for final exams.
Episode 22

Mrs. Tri-County

When the boys enter Lois in a beauty pageant as a joke, she takes it seriously and competes to win; Malcolm becomes a slave to Mr. Herkabe; and Reese discovers he’s beautiful.

About this Show

Malcolm in the Middle

The Cleavers they ain't. Mom is a screaming control freak, Dad is a goofy human hairball, oldest son Francis escaped the family at a young age, Reese is just criminal, Dewey is a space cadet and young Jamie is the scapegoat. The middle kid, Malcolm (who delivers the narrative for the capers of this whacked-out clan) is a brainiac who doesn't want to be burdened by his genius.

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