3 seasons available

Lou Grant

TVPG • Drama • TV Series • 1977

The city editor of a large Los Angeles newspaper cracks the city's toughest stories.

The city editor of a large Los Angeles newspaper cracks the city's toughest stories.

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3 seasons available (67 episodes)

3 seasons available

(67 episodes)

Episode 1


When a neighbor of his is murdered, Lou meets a young cop who has to hide his homosexuality from everyone else at the police force.
Episode 2


A tabloid journalist interviews the city room staff for a feature on the Tribune. The resulting article paints a pretty negative picture, undermining the Tribune’s trustworthiness just when it has a scoop about a politician’s personal problems.
Episode 3


Lou and Rossi work with prison inmates who are creating their own newspaper, but find that over-enthusiasm can lead to a dangerous situation. Meanwhile Charlie has to take on Mrs. Pynchon's tasks when she is called for jury duty.
Episode 4


The Trib's religion writer is critical of Rossi and Billie's article about an evangelist's financial irregularities. Lou wants to defend the right of a pornographer to print the names and addresses of undercover law enforcement officers in his magazine.
Episode 5


Billie and the Tribune receive much criticism after her article describing a company as a big polluter causes it to cancel a planned move to L.A. Later Billie learns it was all just a ploy for the company to negotiate for more incentives and tax breaks.
Episode 6


Rossi and Billie research a story about new medicine development at the L.A. University Medical Center, which provides critical funding for its continuation. The pressure causes a young researcher to falsify his results for a new arthritis medicine.
Episode 7


A proposed ballot initiative raises the issue of illegal gambling. Lou is forced to fire the paper's business reporter when he violates conflict-of-interest rules in an attempt to pay off his gambling debts.
Episode 8


After a thug confesses to Billie about being hired to intimidate a lawyer in an investigation, the thug is murdered and Billie is threatened. She gets police protection, but has a hard time getting along with the officer assigned to guard her.
Episode 9


When Lou sends both Billie and Rossi to cover the kidnapping of a small town's high school basketball teams, they clash about who will beat the other to the scoop. Meanwhile, Mrs. Pynchon mulls over an offer to sell the Tribune to a large newspaper chain.
Episode 12


The reporters of the Tribune get interested in the murder of a boxer thirty years ago. It leads them into the world of Hollywood's Golden Age.
Episode 13


Billie researches an article about the suicide of two teenagers and the effects on their families, while Rossi does a story about the personal and professional pressures on child star Carly Mitchell. Meanwhile, Lou tries to help a troubled youngster.
Episode 14


Rossi and Billie cover a devastating local brush fire, and Animal's photos serve to lead police to the arrest of an arsonist. Meanwhile, struggling to save their home from the conflagration, Charlie Hume and his wife Marion reconcile their differences.
Episode 15


While covering an Indian marathon organized to protest the treatment of Indians in South America, the reporters of the Tribune meet several Native Americans.
Episode 16


When a teacher in a private school is accused of sexual misconduct with a student, Mrs. Pynchon tries to stop the board from making a hasty decision about the future of a promising teacher. Meanwhile, Billie tries to uncover corruption in a film studio.
Episode 17


While researching the cancer-causing effects that the artificial hormone DES has among young women, Billie discovers that she is a "DES daughter." Meanwhile, Rossi covers the legal struggle of a young woman who has been disowned by her family.
Episode 18


A story on the banning and burning of books strikes close to home when Charlie Hume refuses to publish a controversial political cartoon, and an old friend of Lou's turns out to be behind a new book-burning crusade.
Episode 19


Several members of the Tribune's staff clash with Lou, who is having a really bad day.
Episode 20


A power outage cripples most of the city, including the offices of the L.A. Tribune. If the staff can't find a way to get the next paper out, it will be the first time in 64 years that the Trib misses a day.
Episode 21


After the theft of Mrs. Pynchon's dog Barney, the Tribune looks into the underreported problem of dogfighting. Rossi goes undercover to catch an interstate dogfighting ring.
Episode 22


Lou has to decide how to handle a co-worker's drinking problem. Mrs. Pynchon gets courted by a group of prominent businessmen, who have a secret agenda.
Episode 23


Francie Fitzgerald, whom Lou thinks is an Irish colleague, turns out to be a gunrunner for the IRA. The reporters of the Tribune learn more about the "Troubles" and Art gets annoyed when people think his Irish ancestry makes him an expert on the matter.
Episode 24


Investigating allegations that a motorcycle being marketed to young people is unsafe, Rossi is offered proof by a whistle blower at the company, but Mrs. Pynchon refuses on principle to pay the $4000 he wants for the documents.

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