2 seasons available

Los Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas

TV14 • Comedy, Drama, Romance, Latino • TV Series • 2010

A drama / comedy that deals with modern relationships between contemporary Latin American men and women. It is a look that makes you think of worldly ...more

A drama / comedy that deals with modern relationships between contemporary Latin American men and women. It is a look that makes you think of worldly ...more

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2 seasons available (62 episodes)

2 seasons available

(62 episodes)

Episode 1

God Created Them and They are Frustrated

Six months have gone by, Cris realizes she missed Alejandro a lot and looks for a way to get close to him, but discovers its not going to be that easy.
Episode 2

First Dead than Humble

Cristina must stoically put up with Alejandro's fame as well as his fans right in front of her office, since the Jupiter Group is now across the hallway.
Episode 3

In Life What Is Important Is Not Being, But Opinion

Cris finds out about Alejo's declaration to a magazine that Cris was "like napalm in bed" and she is seething with anger.
Episode 4

From Disgrace to Grace

Cris meets Adrián Lopera, a famous comedian whos book is edited by the Jupiter Group. Unfortunatly, Alejo and Adrián hate each other.
Episode 5

Recipe for a Sopita in Low

Alejo finally invites Cris out for a drink, but Francy, one of his psychofans, interferes by locking him up and subjecting him to sexual harrassment.
Episode 6

To Eat to the Letter

Cris decides to try some casual sex to prove to Alejo that she isn't a prude. Her attempts are less than successful.
Episode 7

To be Bella Is to See the Stars

As part of his contract with Ester, Alejo has to go out with Rosaura, making Cris jealous. Alma decides to boost Gracia's self esteem with a boob job.
Episode 8

Envy, Better to Cause it, Then Feel It

Cristina and Ester both want to rent the upstairs floor. They submit their application papers but Ester cheats and rips up Cristina's contract.
Episode 9

The Route to Maturity

Jupiter approves the remodeling of Alejo's office. He thinks the right person to do it is Cristina, and when he presents the idea to her, she accepts.
Episode 10

We Are What We Are and We Are Not What We Are Not

Cristina Oviedo Designs wins a design award in Milan, but the carpentry workshop burns down, and with it, all of the prototypes of the winning furniture.
Episode 11

Marking the Ground

Cris goes out with a telepathist who believes theres an international conspiracy against him. As it turns out, he's crazy and potentially dangerous.
Episode 12

Believe or Not Believe? That is the Question

Cris has a string of bad luck but refuses to believe that the predictions of Estrella, an astrologer, have anything to do with her misfortunes.
Episode 13

With License to Stab

Cristina gets burgled; the thieves clean out not only her apartment but her office as well. Alejo and Pamela may be able to help catch the criminal.
Episode 14

Not to Embark It's Better to be Silent

Alejo's financial situation is critical, and yet nothing inspires him to advance with his second novel. Miguel is addicted to his new 3D television.
Episode 15

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Convinced that Daniel, her therapist is using her private life to write a book, Cris goes on the offensive, with help from Rodrigo.
Episode 16

The Best Council Is the One Who Do Not Give You

Cristina has become so obsessed with her therapy with Daniel that she doesn't do anything without consulting with her psychologist first.
Episode 17

No Controls

No matter how hard she tries to control it, Cris can't avoid kissing Daniel. Alejandro learns Ester is going to make a movie based on his novel.
Episode 18

Friends of My Friends are My Friends

All Cristina can talk about is how perfect Daniel is. Everyone is dying to meet him but he isn't interested the least bit interested in meeting her friends.
Episode 19

Rivals by Accident

Cristina crashes into Nina's motorcycle, which is badly parked, because she is talking on her cell phone. Nina belatedly realizes the damage is serious.
Episode 20

The Whims of Destiny

Daniel invites Cris for a camping weekend to watch a meteorite shower. Due to a misunderstanding, everyone thinks Daniel is going to propose to her.
Episode 21

Collective & Selective Amnesia

Little by little, the events of the campsite become clearer. Meanwhile Gracia has to face her second day at her new job, with Guillo as her boss.
Episode 22

The Impresentables

Alma meets Daniel under the worst of circumstances. Ester is so absorbed in her work that she unwittingly goes to work on Sunday.
Episode 23

Open Minds?

Cristina thinks Nina is cheating on Alejandro and decides to intervene. Rodrigo falls in love with a famous Colombian football player.
Episode 24

The Law of Attraction

Alejo and Chris have such bad luck that Nina and Daniel meet and get along very well. Now they want to go out as a foursome.
Episode 25

Heavier than a Burden of Conscience

Cristina and Alejandro wake up together in bed and don't know what to say or how to react. Rodrigo continues his clandestine relationship with Yonier.
Episode 26

Secrets in Meeting are Bad Education

Cristina and Alejandro, acting as lovers, wait for everyone to leave the office so they can be alone. Pamela returns and walks in on them having sex.
Episode 27

Sweet Nightmare

Daniel has a nightmare in which he is in bed with Pamela. Nina comes back from her work in the field and finds Alejo strange and evasive.
Episode 28

With a Tendency to Get Worse

Cristina's company is being audited for tax evasion. Nina resigns from the movie and takes her investors with her, causing issues between Alejandro and Ester at the Jupiter Group.
Episode 29

The Luck of the Gross the Intelligent Desire

Cris starts exploroing the real recovery possibilities for the company. Roberta has found out about the situation and has offerred to buy the company.
Episode 30

In Family

Cris's finances are in trouble. The best thing would be to sell the apartment and go live in Alma's house with Gracia, as her father suggested.
Episode 31

Counseling Without Dementia

Living-together problems start appearing. Gracia has to put up with Miguel walking around naked, and she now has to wait to use the bathroom.
Episode 32

Only Alone

Roberta's new proposal for sharing an office with Cris with electronic background music doesn't work out. Cris can't concentrate and needs privacy.
Episode 33

The Queen of the Pack

Cris, Alejo, Migue, Gracia, and Guillo live together under the same roof in perfect harmony, but the arrival of Martina threatens their peaceful existence.
Episode 34

Unequal Couples

Just as Gracia and Miguel start getting along, Guillermo gets an offer from his company to transfer to Mexico, a trip Gracia always dreamed about.
Episode 35

Parent School

Alejo's father reappears but is unaware that his son does not want to see him. Hannah still doesn't know who the father of her child is.
Episode 36

Just Know, I Do Not Know

Cris goes back to her old apartment but misses being close to Alejo. Roberta designs a bottle for a client but Cris discovers she plagerized it.
Episode 37

Dirty Partners

Cristina and Alejandro arrive at the office looking for a design of a logo for their "S Club". A competition starts between them.
Episode 38

Recipes to Tie a Man

Aejandro and Cristina have become very close. When Cris thinks he'll finally declare his love for her, Alejo tells her he has to leave for Germany for some time.
Episode 39

Plan B

Cris and Alejandro's wedding is only 15 days away, and they're more in love now than ever. But one small detail is holding things up: Alejandro is still married.
Episode 40

Until Life Separates Us

Cristina and Alejandro are troubled by nightmares that foretell a dim future as a couple, so they attend a premarital course to see if their fears dissipate.

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