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Little Charmers

TVGAdventureFantasyAnimation • KidsTV Series2015

In the magical land of Charmville, charmers have special powers. With a little patien...more

In the magical land of Charmville, charmers have special powers. ...More

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Episode 1

Prince Not So Charming / A Charming Outfit

The charmers turn a frog prince into a real prince, but the prince prefers being a frog. Hazel must unlock the magic of the special dress given to her by her mom.
Episode 2

Double Trouble Spell / Charming Pets

Hazel duplicates herself in order to get her room cleaned up quickly. Hazel casts a spell switching the girls' bodies with their pets.
Episode 3

A Charming Do Over / A Charming Fad

The girls cast a 'do over' spell so they can enjoy their day at the Carnival over again. Posie puts on magic dancing socks to learn the Goblin Gallop dance.
Episode 4

Lucky Seven / Moon Madness

Feeling neglected by Hazel, Seven runs away and the girls must track him down. The girls' sleepover turns into a party with the moon.
Episode 5

Switcheroo / Garden Pests

Hazel learns the job of Enchantress is a lot harder than she thought. When a hairweed appears, Hazel has to find a way to stop it growing without magic.
Episode 6

Charming Chatterbox / Cluck Stars

Hazel discovers an old toy of her moms and charms it to see what will happen. The Charmers put together a band to enter the Charmville talent show.
Episode 7

Freeze Dance / The Gingerbread Boy

The girls mistakenly freeze Charmville when they try to stop their snow girl from melting. The girls disguise gingerbread boy so no one eats him, but then he starts pranking everyone!
Episode 8

Fashion No Show / Locket or Lose It

The Charmers participate in the Charmville fashion show with unexpected results. Hazel mistakenly spells Lavender into a locket, and then loses the locket to an ogre.
Episode 9

Charmy Hearts Day

Hazel and her dad have a special gift for the Enchantress to celebrate Charmy Hearts Day. The Charmers spell their hair into crazy do's.
Episode 10

Uncharmed Life / Pest Friends Forever

Hazel charms her wand to make it more powerful but breaks it instead. The harmony potion meant for the frogs, accidentally splashes on Hazel.
Episode 11

A Charming Trio / Add a Little Parsley

When Hazel uses magic to clean up her room, the result has the charmers stuck together. The girls accidentally turn Parsley into a baby just before his big broom race.
Episode 12

Hairy Ways / Calling All Cauldrons

The Charmers spell their hair into crazy do's. The girls think that cauldron is broken, so they replace it with a brand new model.
Episode 13

Wish Upon A Jar / Upside Down Friends

Hazel catches a wishing star all for herself. On Flare's birthday, a harmony spell causes Flare to try to be friends with a bat.
Episode 14

Zip Zoom Broom / Sheepover Party

On a day off from school Hazel discovers a strange broom at the back of dads broom shop. The Charmers have a sleepover at the Charmhouse, but can't fall asleep.
Episode 15

Sparkle Bunny

When Hazel spells the Sparkle Bunny Day eggs, she gets in a hippity-hoppin'-heap of trouble.
Episode 16

Frankenflare / Charming Cheers

Flare accidentally gets upsized and the Charmers need to return her to normal size. Things take a magical turn when Hazel spells herself up a cheerleading shortcut.
Episode 17

Bean There, Done That / Charmville Unchained

When the Charmers mess with nature, nature messes with them! Hazel sends charm letters to all of Charmville and receives a snowstorm of letters in return.
Episode 18

My Charmhouse Is Your Charmhouse / Frog for a Day

Nelson The Gnome moves into the Charmhouse when the Charmers accidently break his home. Instead of becoming butterflies, the Charmers accidentally become frogs for a day.
Episode 19

Charm Your Mom Day / A Charming Campout

A Mother's Day themed episode. Mr. Charming teaches wilderness navigation.
Episode 20

Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night

On spooky pumpkin moon night, Hazel ignores the no magic rule to win the pumpkin contest.
Episode 21

A Charming Wedding / Snug Little Rug

Plans for an Ogre wedding go wrong when Hazel tries to improve the decorations. The Charmers befriend a baby magic carpet separated from its flock.
Episode 22

Somewhere Over the Rainbow / Circus Surprise

Hazel becomes a unicorn to teach a baby unicorn named Lulu how to jump rainbows. She also makes weird-shaped rainbows.
Episode 25

Sing Song Pox / Tooth on the Loose

Hazel gets the sing-song pox from her father and accidentally spreads it around Charmville; Hazel has a loose tooth and really wants to meet the Tooth Fairy.
Episode 27

Hurry Up Hazel / No Charm in the House

Hazel speeds herself up to rush through enchantress lessons so she can play with friends.
Episode 28

Charming Nightlights / Charming Babies

The girls make the sun vanish, and moths and frogs become attracted to them when they spill neon green goo all over their bodies. The girls babysit Thistle, the infant younger brother of Posie (and Parsley presumably).
Episode 29

Unicorn Without a Horn / All Stirred Up

A unicorn has a problem with its horn, so Hazel tries to help and winds up giving the unicorn a foghorn instead of a flashing horn.
Episode 30

A Charming Mistake / A Charming Surprise Birthday

Hazel accidentally shrinks her parents while they are out camping; Hazel accidentally traps the Charmers inside her birthday present.
Episode 31

Dad's Hat Magic / Charming Ogres

When Hazel spells Dad's old magic hat, things get a bit tricky. A game of Brooms and Ogres gets a little too real for Hazel and her friends.
Episode 32

Wandering Wand / Good Knight, Good Day

The Charmers want Parsely to portray the knight in their princess roleplaying game. He does not agree, so they cast a mind control spell on him.
Episode 34

Band on the Run / Picture Perfect Posie

The Charmers form a band and put on a performance. Posie is trapped in a photograph by magic.
Episode 35

Forget Me Not / Nelson in Charge

The Charmers are being babysat by Nelson.
Episode 36

Glass Slipper / Hazel, You Shrunk the Charmers!

The Charmers have to survive in the yard outside when they are accidentally shrunk and unable to use their wands to return to normal. Eventually they catch the attention of the Enchantress who fixes the problem.
Episode 37

Santa Sparkle

When Hazel accidentally ruins Sparkle Night for all of Charmville, the Charmers hope that Santa Sparkle's magic will set things right.
Episode 38

Hazel-Nuts / Charming Cookies

Hazel makes magical bracelets and enchants them so people will love them, but she Hazels the spell and the magic enchants the wearer to become infatuated with Hazel herself.
Episode 39

A Charming Story / Magic Mishap

The sparkle needed to work magic is lost.
Episode 40

Bigger, Better, Broomier! / Night Owls

The Charmers want flashier new brooms for an air show; when the Charmers go night camping, Posie's little night owl tags along for the fun.
Episode 41

A Charmazing Race / Dragon Daycare

Team Little Charmers compete against Team Parsley in the Charmville Broom Races; when Flare needs a playmate, Hazel accidentally makes baby dragons that go wild in Charmville.
Episode 42

A Charmazing Mermaid Tale

In the magical land of Charmville, three adorable little charmers can be seen parking their training brooms against a tree and flying up to their magical clubhouse.
Episode 43

Sparkleberry Pies / Wishing Fish

Hazel accidentally creates a scarecrow with a fear of birds; Hazel makes her wishing fish larger so that she can make bigger wishes come true.
Episode 44

Posie's Pesky Potion / Sparkle Storm Adventure

Posie tries her hand at potions (Lavender's specialty) for a Charm School assignment but fails and instead of brewing a happiness potion, makes Charmville residents depressed instead.

About this Show

Little Charmers

In the magical land of Charmville, charmers have special powers. With a little patience, determination and a flick of their magic wands, anything is possible.

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