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Liberty's Kids

TVYCartoons • KidsHistory • Animation • TV Series • 2002

'Liberty's Kids' tells the true story of the American Revolution, as seen through the eyes of young people who are friends with Benjamin Franklin. Thi...more

'Liberty's Kids' tells the true story of the American Revolution, as seen through the eyes of young people who are friends with Benjamin Franklin. Thi...more

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1 season available (40 episodes)

1 season available

(40 episodes)

Episode 1

The Boston Tea Party, Part I

Ben Franklin, Moses and James discover disguised colonists raiding the tea-laden ship that Sarah is aboard.
Episode 2

The Intolerable Acts, Part 2

While in hiding, Sarah hears the stories of poet Phyllis Wheatley and learns about slavery.
Episode 3

United We Stand

Sarah goes to Boston to help supply the resistance movement, while James covers the First Continental Congress.
Episode 4

Liberty or Death

Moses tries to stop his brother from being sold into slavery while he is in Virginia to buy a new press. Meanwhile, the kids hear Patrick Henry is attempting to rally the southern patriots.
Episode 5

The Midnight Rule

With a message from the Mechanics, Sarah and James go to Boston, and join Paul Revere on his midnight ride.
Episode 6

The Shot Heard 'Round the World

Sarah's cousin is killed during the Battles of Lexington and Concord, which James and Sarah witness.
Episode 7

Green Mountain Boys

James and Sarah go to Vermont and meet up with the Green Mountain Boys, then stow away with Benedict Arnold when they capture Fort Ticonderoga.
Episode 8

The Second Continental Congress

James and Henri are urged into finding out what is going on in the closed sessions of the Second Continental Congress. Meanwhile, Sarah and Moses talk to George Washington.
Episode 9

Bunker Hill

From the American camp, James witnesses the Battle of Bunker Hill. Sarah is in the British camp searching for a soldier who knew her father.
Episode 10

Postmaster General Franklin

While Franklin is appointed Postmaster General, James and Sarah attempts to deliver mail between Philidalphia and New York.
Episode 11

Washington Takes Command

George Washington talkes command in Boston and lifts the British occupation.
Episode 12

Common Sense

James and Henri are inspired by Ben's friend, Thomas Paine's book, which argues for the breaking away from Britain, but Sarah is repulsed and wont even read it.
Episode 13

The Turtle

The kids investigate a rumor of a sea monster in the New York Harbor, which leads them to David Bushnell and his submarine prototype.
Episode 14

The First Fourth of July

James rounds up delegates from New Jersey and Delaware in an attempt to find out more about the declaration debate.
Episode 15

New York, New York

Sarah visits a New York Loyalist named Mrs. Radcliffe, while James witness the British win NYC.
Episode 16

One Life to Lose

The kids witness the execution of Nathan Hale, after discovering he is a spy.
Episode 17

Captain Molly

James witnesses Forts Tyron and Washington lose to the British, while Sarah is in Tryon with Margaret Corbin,
Episode 18

American Crisis

Sarah and James return to Philidelphia to help Thomas Paine publish his book, after seeing the terrible conditions of the Continental Army.
Episode 19

Across the Delaware

Before enlistments run out, James hears of a plan to attack the British and then crosses the Delaware with Washington.
Episode 20

An American in Paris

James meets up with Alexander Hamilton, Sarah contracts smallpox, and Franklin is now an ambassador to France and attempts to get military aid from the French.
Episode 21

Sybil Ludington

Sarah is with Benedict Arnold witnessing the fall of Danbury, while James goes to Connecticut and learns of the "female Paul Revere."
Episode 22

Lafayette Arrives

Lafayette meets the kids in Philadelphia before joining the Continental Congress.
Episode 23

The Hessians are Coming

Sarah and James witness the Battle of Saratoga.
Episode 24

Vally Forge

The foot soldiers face many hardships, which James and Sarah finally see.
Episode 25

Allies at Last

King Louis XVI and Franklin negotiate a treaty of alliance, James and Moses travel to Newport to meet with Moses Hays, and Sarah and Henri start to hate staying in Philadelphia.
Episode 26

Honor and Compromise

Richard Henry Lee and Samuel Chase lead the two factions of the Continental Congress in York. Charles Lee opposes the battle strategy in Washington.
Episode 27

The New Frontier

James encounters mob violence against James Wilson in Philadelphia. Sarah finally finds her father in the Ohio frontier.
Episode 28

Not Yet Begun to Fight

Sarah is rescued by the Bonhomme Richard after being shipwrecked.
Episode 29

The Great Galves

Sarah no longer feels at home in England, while James meets Bernando de Galves and George Rodgers Clark.
Episode 30

In Praise of Ben

Sarah , Moses and James explain to a young boy and his father all about Ben Franklin's accomplishments.
Episode 31


John drafts the Massachusetts Constitution while Sarah visits the Adams family. Meanwhile, Chief Joseph Brant tells James about the horrorible ways Native Americans are being treated in the war.
Episode 32

Benedict Arnold

Skinners capture a British spy while James is interveiwing them. General Arnold is unmasked as a traitor and Sarah is devastated.
Episode 33

Deborah Samson, Soldier of the Revolution

Deborah Samson is a female soldier who enlisted under a false identity, whom Sarah has the pleasure of meeting. Meanwhile, Washington organizes and offensive.
Episode 34

Conflict in the South

James joins Nathanael Greene on a campaign in the South. Sarah is appauled when she discovers Thonams Jefferson owns slaves.
Episode 35

James Armistead

Henri enlists as a drummer boy in Virginia and Sarah meets a slave, who happens to be a double agent. Meanwhile, Washington prepares for his offensive.
Episode 36


Since the British lost, Moses' brother may not get his freedom. Meanwhile, James and Sarah see the battle of Yorktown.
Episode 37

The Man who Wouldn't be King

James discovers that officers in the Continental Army want to overthrow the government while interviewing Washington.
Episode 38

Going Home

Sarah visits her friend Mrs. Radcliffe, who moves to Canada with Cato, James visits Daniel Shays and considers buying a newspaper, Henri decides to go to France, and Franklin comes back to America.
Episode 39

Born Free and Equal

King George III is unwilling to admit the England has lost the war. Sarah hears about Mum Bett, who is a slave that sues, and wins, her freedom, and travels to the Berkshires.
Episode 40

We the People

Moses is upset the constitution doesn't abolish slavery, which Ben Franklin says will take another war. Sarah and James try to find out what is happening at the constituational convention.

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