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Lethal Weapon

TV14 • Drama, Adventure, Black Stories, Cops & Detectives, Comedy, Crime, Action • TV Series • 2016

Rebooting the hit movie franchise, "Lethal Weapon" is set in modern-day Los Angeles, where Detective Roger Murtaugh works a crime-ridden beat. Murtaug...more

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Rebooting the hit movie franchise, "Lethal Weapon" is set in modern-day Los Angeles, where Detective Roger Murtaugh works a crime-ridden beat. Murtaug...more

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3 seasons available (55 episodes)

3 seasons available

(55 episodes)

Episode 1

In the Same Boat

A former CIA operative comes back home and becomes a member of the Los Angeles police force as Murtaugh's new partner.
Episode 2

Need to Know

Cole and Murtaugh try to get used to working with each other as they investigate a finance executive's murder.
Episode 3

A Whole Lotto Trouble

Cole tries to find a balance between the responsibilities as a parent and cop while he and Murtaugh investigate a gang's lottery scam.
Episode 4

Leo Getz Justice

Cole thinks about his service at the CIA when he gets an unexpected visit from a past figure; Murtaugh has difficulties with his own mistakes after a new murder puts doubts on a suspect he imprisoned in the past; Leo Getz comes back as an attorney.
Episode 5

Get the Picture

Cole and Murtaugh investigate a truck that was full of fine art until robbers attacked it; Cole struggles with continued feelings for Natalie after a new development in her life; Riana deceptively convinces Murtaugh to let her attend a concert.
Episode 6


Cole deals with unpleasant memories of his past as his former mentor gives disturbing news; Cole and Murtaugh look into a safety deposit box robbery; Murtaugh butts head with Trish's new client and asks for Bailey's help to investigate her.
Episode 7


Murtaugh seeks assistance from Cole's former mentor during a high-risk cartel case; Trish and Murtaugh first meet Natalie and Maya; tensions escalate between "The Gute" and Bailey as the newly introduced partners start working together.
Episode 8

What the Puck

Cole hopes to meet with Natalie in order to talk about their relationship, but is interrupted by an encounter with a new assistant district attorney; Murtaugh makes an unexpected friend after he is kicked out of the house for a girls' night.
Episode 9

Bad Santas

Cole embraces the holiday spirit for his first Christmas with Maya; Murtaugh attempts to talk RJ into returning home to celebrate the holidays; Cole and Murtaugh are given a complex burglary and home invasion case; Avery's holidays go awry.
Episode 10

There Will Be Bud

Cole gets back into a romantic groove after Natalie's engagement and learns about a link between A.D.A Erica and his new romantic interest; Murtaugh is concerned about the connection between a murder investigation and an opportunity for Trish.
Episode 11

Dial M for Murtaugh

Murtaugh is recalled from his family vacation after he witnesses a possible abduction; Cole goes solo for a murder investigation that links with Murtaugh's case; Erica's mother, a senator, visits town and causes troubles for Erica, Cole and the case.
Episode 12

The Roger and Me

Murtaugh realizes how age is slowing him down as he and Cole investigate the murder of an underground MMA fighter; Trish contemplates running for public office; Cole and Erica try to keep it light after Maya negatively reacts to family changes.
Episode 13

Coyote Ugly

Cole and Murtaugh discover a considerable problem with California Border Patrol as they investigate a father and daughter who crossed the Mexican border; Trish gets her campaign for District Attorney ready as she confronts pieces of her past.
Episode 14

A Game of Chicken

Cole ignores Murtaugh's advice and makes contact with Tom Barnes for assistance with a case that he takes personally, which puts pressure on their partnership; Trish gets ready to reveal her campaign to become District Attorney.
Episode 15

The Spy Who Loved Me

Murtaugh finds himself questing his loyalty to his partner after the FBI opens an investigation into Cole; Cole makes progress on a case that inadvertently places Natalie's fiancé in harm's way shortly before they are supposed to get married.

Nat Tells Cole They're Moving

Roger Gives Cole A Chance To Be Honest

Roger Investigates What Cole Might Be Doing

Roger Doesn't Know Where Cole Is from "Coyote Ugly"

Roger Is Worried His Past Will Come Back To Haunt Him from "Coyote Ugly"

Sonya Confronts Roger About How He Treats Her from "Coyote Ugly"

Trish's Campaign Manager Looks Into The Family from "Coyote Ugly"

Roger & Scorsese Investigate A Dead Body

Roger Gives A Guest Lecture

Roger Interrogates A Suspect

Roger Is Convinced He Is In His Prime

Cole & Bailey Investigate a Crashed Car & Dead Body

Cole Mistakes the Senator for a Call Girl

Cole Reminisces About His Late Mother

Roger, Trish & The Kids Are on Vacation

50th Episode Shoutout

Cole In Your Stocking: Down The Chimney

Cole In Your Stocking: Naked Mishaps

Cole In Your Stocking: Tackle 'Em

Cole In Your Stocking: The Best Christmas

Cole In Your Stocking: Big Fish

Bailey And Gutierrez Bring Scorsese A Bag Of Body Parts

Cole Promises His Daughter A Special Christmas

Roger Wants Cole To Come To His Christmas Party

Roger Wants To Throw RJ A Homecoming Party

Captain Avery Calls The New Deputy DA

Cole Calls Natalie To Talk About Their Relationship

Roger Suggest Him & Cole Have A Boys Night

Neat Facts About Seann William Scott

Roger Confronts Barnes About Cole's Whereabouts

Roger Offers Up His Daughter's Babysitting Services

The Team Realizes Cole Has Been Kidnapped

Trish Gets Bad News From Roge

Cole Analyzes The Crime Scene

Cole Confronts An Old Colleague

Roger Doesn't Like Criminals In His Home

Scorsese Gives Sonya Info From The Autopsy

Captain Avery Demands Roger & Bailey Finish the Case

Cole & Lena Find Common Ground

Rianne Blackmails Her Father

Roger Says Cole Has No Game

Cole Arrives With A Beat Up Truck

Cole Meets Leo Getz For The First Time

Leo Asks Trish For Help from "Leo Getz Justice"

Lethal Moments: Leo Getz Is Back

Cole Gets Impatient With The Feds

Cole Has An Interesting Way Of Interrogating

The Art Of Busey Part Four: Never Accept Defeat

Avery Practices His Speech With Trish

Cole & Nat Talk About Cole's Parenting Skills

Roger & Cole Fight For Their Lives

The Murtaugh Kids Talk About Roger Getting Back To Work

Trish Talks To Roger About Going To Work

Gary Busey Reacts

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Meet Wesley Cole

In Production: Season 3

Lethal Weapon Is The Shiz

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