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Last Man StandingLast Man Standing

TVPGFamilyComedySitcomTV Series2011

Mike Baxter is a happily married father of three daughters who finds himself the odd ...more

Mike Baxter is a happily married father of three daughters who fi...More

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Episode 1

Back to School

Mike learns that Kyle's new-found interest in philosophy is distracting.
Episode 2

Driving Lessons

Mike thinks Vanessa should take over teaching Eve how to drive.
Episode 3


Vanessa encourages Mandy to enjoy college life and join a sorority.
Episode 4

Ryan vs. John Baker

Kristin finds herself comparing her boyfriend to John Baker.
Episode 5

Haunted House

Boyd finds Vanessa's ideas for the Halloween haunted house too scary.
Episode 6

Larabee for School Board

When Mike is reluctant to support a neighbor in her bid for the school board, he comes under suspicion when campaign signs start disappearing; Eve gets mixed messages when Kristin and Many give her advice on romance.
Episode 7

Shoveling Snow

When Eve's neighbor beats her to starting her annual snow shoveling business, Mike gives her a lesson on capitalism and the free market.
Episode 8

Vanessa Fixes Kyle

Vanessa feels guilty after encouraging Mandy to end things with Kyle, so she decides to try to make things right.
Episode 9


On Thanksgiving, Mike's dad announces plans.
Episode 10


Bud is surprised that Mike agrees with Kristen and Ryan about spanking.
Episode 11


Mandy arranges a holiday surprise for the family's housekeeper; Vanessa gives Boyd an elf doll and tells him it's magical.
Episode 12

All About Eve

Vanessa worries Eve will become an outcast after she posts one of Mike's vlogs on her Facebook page; the Baxters have a run-in with the law.
Episode 13

Breaking Boyd

Mike and Ryan vehemently disagree when a school counselor suggests that Boyd start ADHD medication; Mandy tries to get good grades.
Episode 14

Renaming Boyd's School

Boyd's school needs a new name.
Episode 15


A large bouquet of roses is delivered anonymously to the Baxter's house.
Episode 16

Stud Muffin

The Baxter's neighbor Chuck Larabee stops by with his German Shepard, Lady.
Episode 17

Eve's Boyfriend

Eve has a new boyfriend but refuses to talk about him.
Episode 18

Project Mandy

Mandy's first fashion show results in her making a life-changing decision.
Episode 19

Hard-Ass Teacher

Eve has decided she wants to go to college at West Point.
Episode 20

Parenting Bud

After Mike notices a bump on Bud's head, Bud must confess he was jumped.
Episode 21

April, Come She Will

When Vanessa's sister visits, Mike suspects it's because she needs money.
Episode 22

Mutton Busting

Ryan convinces Kristin to let Boyd participate in the mutton competition.

So The Monkey Says?

Everyday I Work An Extra Hour.

How to Camp in the Backyard

You Can Start The Morning With Wine

Preview: There's Only Three Episodes Left from "Yoga and Boo-Boo"

One Final Goodbye From The Cast

Bacon Is My Gateway Meat from "Love & Negotiation"

Think Like A Shark from "Love & Negotiation"

Just Like The Worm In The Movie from "Parent-normal Activity"

All Signs Point To Strangulation In A Comfortable Chair from "Butterfly Effect"

The Periodic Table Brings the Family Together

Eve Reflects On Spending Time With Her Nieces from "Grill in the Mist"

The Chicken On A Ladder from "Grill in the Mist"

She Owes Me 234 Hugs and Four "I Love Yous" from "Grill in the Mist"

What If They Want A Tea Party? from "Grill in the Mist"

You Stole My Whole Act? from "Grill in the Mist"

Kristin Is Kicking Butt At The New Job from "Your Move"

Vanessa Wants To Upgrade The Play Area from "Your Move"

Evelyn Reminds Mandy Of Kristin from "Midwife Crisis"

Mandy Wants To Have A Home Birth from "Midwife Crisis"

Mike Goes Meatless from "Meatless Mike"

A Shout Out From Jeff Dunham from "Meatless Mike"

Mike Thinks The Store Is Running Inefficiently from "Grill in the Mist"

Vanessa Wants To Go To Peru from "Grill in the Mist"

Chuck Tells The Guys About Being Arrested from "Lost and Found"

Ed Pits Mike & Joe Against Each Other from "Lost and Found"

Joe & Mike Make A Deal from "Lost and Found"

Kyle Can't Go Hunting from "Preschool Confidential"

Mike Thinks Kyle Is Being Used from "Preschool Confidential"

The Guys Lose Out on the Restoration

Mike Tells Vanessa About the Jeep

Mike Wants Joe to Buy the Jeep

Opportunity Knocks For Ryan from "Outdoor Toddler"

Sisterly Rivalry from "Outdoor Toddler"

Kyle Can't Keep A Secret from "Jen Again"

Vanessa Finds Out Jen Is Visiting from "Jen Again"

Mike Doesn't Want To Be Ryan's Mentor from "Dual Time"

Mike Gets Interest in Bud's Buds. from "Dual Time"

Preview: A Season Full of Surprises from "Dual Time"

First Look: The Last Season

Mike Avoids Small Talk With Ryan

Mike Comes Face To Face With Tim Taylor

Mike Meets Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor

Mike Struggles to Write His 10th Anniversary Vlog

Mike Wants Vanessa to Get Along With Mandy

Vanessa Vents to Mike About Mandy

Preview: An Ageless Wonder

Preview: That Doesn't Count As A Mask

Preview: The Snack Master General Is Here

Celebrate Father's Day With Last Man Standing

Mandy Talks About Her & Kyle's Chore Chart

First Look: What's Coming In Season 8

About this Show

Last Man Standing

Mike Baxter is a happily married father of three daughters who finds himself the odd man out as he tries to maintain his manliness in a home surrounded by women. Mike tries to escape all the female drama at home in the warm, manly embrace of his job at the Outdoor Man store, a sporting goods emporium where he is marketing director. He also revels in his Outdoor Man vlog, which he uses as a pulpit for his opinions -- which often have nothing to do with the store's merchandise. When he's supposed to be selling mountain bikes or kayaks, he somehow ends up spouting off about the environment, health care, international politics or any other topic occupying his mind.

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