1 season available

Last Exile

TVPGAdventureActionAnimation • AnimeInternationalScience FictionTV Series • 2003

Claus Valca and Lavie are obsessed with becoming the first sky couriers to cross the ...more

Claus Valca and Lavie are obsessed with becoming the first sky co...More

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

(Sub) First Move

Claus and Lavie are courier Vanship Pilots. During a routine delivery for Duke Madossein, they discover that an unusual danger awaits.
Episode 2

(Sub) Luft Vanship

Claus and Lavie arrive to deliver the message to Duke Madossein, when the Guild attacks!
Episode 3

(Sub) Transpose

A renegade Vanship crashes into Claus and Lavie. The pilot charges the two with the completion of his mission; the delivery of a hunted little girl!
Episode 4

(Sub) Zugzwang

The messengers Lavie accept the mission of delivering the little girl, but the dangers are many. Will the trio survive?
Episode 5

(Sub) Positional Play

Alex Rowe overtakes the Vanship and takes Al aboard the Sylvana. Claus and Lavie are determined to get her back, but will they prevail?
Episode 6

(Sub) Arbiter Attack

Aboard the Sylvana, Claus is on his way to talk to Alex Rowe when the enemy Guild attacks!
Episode 7

(Sub) Interesting Claus

Claus and Lavie decide to assist in defending the Sylvana from the Guild, but do they stand a chance in this fierce battle in the sky?
Episode 8

(Sub) Takeback

The Sylvana lands for refueling and supplies, when they are faced with potential brawl with the crew of the Goliath!
Episode 9

(Sub) Calculate Alex

Claus and Lavie decide to enter an 8-Hour Endurance Race and quickly discover that they will be competing against old enemies.
Episode 10

(Sub) Swindle

The Race is on, with dangers at every corner, it is far from decided who will be the winner!
Episode 11

(Sub) Develop

The Emperor has issued a royal decree for Alex to hand over his "cargo" but he refuses to comply!
Episode 12

(Sub) Discovered Attack

With Alex's refusal of the Emperor's decree, the Sylvana is forced into a dangerous battle!
Episode 13

(Sub) Isolated Pawn

Claus and Tatiana crash land on a planet during the battle, and are desperate to know the fate of the Sylvana.
Episode 14

(Sub) Etude Lavie

Hamilcal Valca and George Head were great vanship pilots who attempted to fly into the Grand Stream. They were never seen again after that day.
Episode 15

(Sub) Fairy Chess

Everyone is finally regrouped aboard the Sylvana, but uncertainty and mysteries envelop the crew.
Episode 16

(Sub) Breakthrough

Sophia arrives at the Imperial City and is arrested by the Emperor!
Episode 17

(Sub) Making Material

After Alex receives a mysterious letter the Sylvana heads to the Horizon Cave.
Episode 18

(Sub) Promotion Sophia

Sophia begins her reign as Empress, but difficulties arise when Alex shows up!
Episode 19

(Sub) Sicilian Defence

The Guild declares war on the new alliance during Sophia coronation ceremony, while the Sylvana heads towards an ambush.
Episode 20

(Sub) Grand Stream

The Sylvana located the EXILE during its search in the Grand Stream, but can they capture it?
Episode 21

(Sub) Rook Dio

Claus and Dio arrive back at the Sylvana, but something is wrong with the crew!
Episode 22

(Sub) Queen Delphine

Delphine has captured Alex, Claus, and Al, and has taken back Dio. She uses a truth forum to forces Alex to tell her the name of each of the Mysterium.
Episode 23

(Sub) Castling Lucciola

Claus and Al escape with Luciola's help, but Dio fate is yet to be decided.
Episode 24

(Sub) Sealed Move

Dio manages to escape, and half of Delphine's Guild Palace is destroyed. Delphine plots revenge!
Episode 25

(Sub) Quiet Move

Claus and Al meet up with Alister, Tatiana, and Lavie! They set off to find the Sylvana in the Grand Stream, with Dio still in tow.
Episode 26

(Sub) Resign

Delphine, the Sylvana, and the Urbanus battle it out in the Grand Stream along with EXILE. The final battle begins, and only one will be left standing in the end.

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