8 seasons available

Larry King Now

TV14 • Talk & Interview • TV Series • 2012

Legendary broadcaster Larry King brings his unique brand of talk online, interviewing the day's most fascinating newsmakers, celebrities, world leader...more

Legendary broadcaster Larry King brings his unique brand of talk online, interviewing the day's most fascinating newsmakers, celebrities, world leader...more

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8 seasons available (999 episodes)

8 seasons available

(999 episodes)

Episode 1

Mira Sorvino on ‘Stuber’, Human Trafficking, & Religion

Mira Sorvino sits down with Dennis Miller for an honest conversation about her role fighting human trafficking and what the thinks should happen to Jeffrey Epstein. Plus, why religion is so important to her.
Episode 2

Colin Cowherd on NBA Draft, Megan Rapinoe, & Politics in Sports

Sports broadcaster Colin Cowherd sits down with guest host Dennis Miller to talk about the latest sports stories, including the shocking NBA free agency and what that means for parity in the league. Plus, the rise of outspoken athletes.
Episode 3

Chris Parnell on ‘Archer’, Voice Acting, & ‘SNL’

Chris Parnell sits down with his ‘Archer’ co-star Aisha Tyler for a conversation about their popular show, including the genius creator Adam Reed. Plus, Chris explains why he doesn’t do social media and why he chose to speak out about
Episode 4

Justin Long on his Podcast, Being the ‘Apple’ guy, & Pranking Bruce Willis

Justin Long sits down with guest host Tom Green for an amusing conversation about his new podcast ‘Life is Short’ and why he likes long-form interviews. Plus, he recalls the time he pranked Bruce Willis while filming ‘Live Free or Die
Episode 5

RuPaul on ‘Drag Race’, Self-acceptance, & Trump

RuPau sits down with ‘Drag Race’ co-star Michelle Visage to give exclusive details on his new talk show, his childhood, and the importance of his show `RuPaul's Drag Race’.
Episode 6

Adam Savage Talks ‘Savage Builds’, Conspiracy Theories, & ‘Mythbusters’

‘Mythbusters’ Adam Savage sits down with guest host Tom Green to discuss his new show ‘Savage Builds’, creating a titanium Iron Man suit, going to Mars, and wacky conspiracy theories.
Episode 7

Comedian Julia Sweeney on ‘SNL,’ Her Popular Monologues, & Trump

Julia Sweeney sits down with former ‘Saturday Night Live’ co-star Dennis Miller to discuss her career and some how she found solace through comedy. Plus, Julia and Dennis disagree on the state of the country.
Episode 8

Simon Pagenaud on the Indy 500, His Winning Strategy, & His Dog Norman

Simon Pagenaud joins guest host Adam Rippon for a conversation about how he got his start in Indy racing, what being a champion of the Indy 500 is like, and his lovable dog Norman. Plus, what to do if you need to pee during a race.
Episode 9

‘Euphoria’ Star Barbie Ferreira on Her Breakout Role, Body Positivity, & Curve Modeling

Barbie Ferreira, break out star of the HBO hit show ‘Euphoria’, sits down with guest host Melissa Rivers to talk about her first leading role. Plus, what it’s like to work opposite Zendaya and being a role model.
Episode 10

Leah Remini on Scientology, Social Media, & Raising Girls in Hollywood

Leah Remini sits down with guest host Michelle Visage to discuss Scientology and why she continues to fight against the church. Plus, the women talk about parenting in Hollywood.
Episode 11

Skateboarding Legend Rodney Mullen on Street Skating, Inventing Tricks, & Working With MIT

Skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen sits down with guest host Tom Green to discuss his career, the origins of freestyle skateboarding, and his upcoming work with MIT.
Episode 12

Metta World Peace on His Film ‘Quiet Storm’, Coaching, & Breaking Michael Jordan’s Ribs

Metta World Peace sits down with guest host Dennis Miller to chat about his incredible basketball career, coaching aspiring players, and his new documentary ‘Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story’.
Episode 13

Manny ‘MUA’ Gutierrez on His New Makeup Line, Blurring Gender Lines, & Makeup Trends

Youtube star and makeup artist Manny Gutierrez sits down with guest host Shawn King to discuss his new makeup line Lunar Beauty. Plus, how he’s trying to change the perception associated with men wearing makeup.
Episode 14

KCRW’s Jason Bentley Talks Moving on, Discovering New Artists, & Streaming Music

Jason Bentley, KCRW’s music director, sits down with guest host Tom Green to discuss what he plans to do after leaving his post at the end of August. Plus, how KCRW supports new and emerging artists.
Episode 15

Marlon Wayans on ‘Sextuplets’, Fatherhood, & ‘White Chicks’ Sequel

Comedian and actor Marlon Wayans sits down with guest host Dennis Miller to discuss his new film ‘Sextuplets’ and why he deserves an Oscar nomination. Plus, he reveals the funniest person in his large family.
Episode 16

Jim Gaffigan on Stand-up Special ‘Quality Time’, Politics in Comedy, & Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian Jim Gaffigan joins Larry to discuss his new Amazon Prime stand-up special ‘Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time’ and why he’s particularly proud of his special. Plus, why he doesn’t consider himself a political comedian.
Episode 17

Jay Leno on Cars, Late-Night Comedy, & ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’

Jay Leno sits down with Dennis Miller for a trip down memory lane to discuss his love of cars and how he’s transitioned that to a successful show on CNBC. Plus, what he thinks of his late-night successor Jimmy Fallon.
Episode 18

Paula Pell on ‘Wine Country’, Female Comedians, & ‘SNL’

Paula Pell sits down with guest host Adam Rippon to discuss her time on ‘SNL’ and reuniting with her former co-stars for ‘Wine Country’. Plus, why she dislikes the term “female comedian”.
Episode 19

‘Veep’ Showrunner David Mandel on Ending the Series, Relatable Comedy, & ‘Seinfeld’

David Mandel, writer and showrunner for ‘Veep’, sits down with Larry for a postmortem of the show and explains why Julia Louis-Dreyfus is more than just a comedic actor. Plus, why ‘Seinfeld’ is still so relatable.
Episode 20

Margaret Cho on Her New Podcast, Representation in Hollywood, & LGBTQ Rights

Margaret Cho sits down with guest host Tom Green to discuss her new podcast ‘The Margaret Cho’ and her range of diverse guests. Plus, why she thinks representation for Asian-Americans in Hollywood is getting better.
Episode 21

Author David Epstein on ‘Range’, College Admissions Scandal, & the Benefits of Quitting

David Epstein sits down with guest host Dennis Miller to explain the premise of his new book ‘Range’ and why research shows being a generalist in life can lead to more success. Also, he explains the surprising benefits and success that can come
Episode 22

Yvette Nicole Brown on Faith, Racism in America, & ‘Lady and the Tramp’

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown chats with Dennis Miller about her early beginnings in television, as well as the importance of 'Dear White People’. Plus, she reveals details about the upcoming live-action 'Lady and the Tramp'.
Episode 23

Jennifer Tilly on Her Cult Following, Poker, & ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise

Actress Jennifer Tilly sits down with guest host Dennis Miller to discuss her acting roles and why the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise still gets her the most recognition. Plus, they discuss her impressive poker career.
Episode 24

Carrot Top On His Vegas Show, Favorite Props, & His On-Stage Persona

Longtime Vegas comedian Carrot Top sits down with guest host Tom Green to talks about his Vegas show and how the city has evolved over the years since he first started over 22 years ago. Plus, he shows off all his inventive props.
Episode 25

Choreographer Jenna Johnson On ‘DWTS’, Bad Dance Partners, & Overcoming Fear

Former ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ star Jenna Johnson chats with guest host Adam Rippon about ‘Dancing With The Stars’, dealing with terrible dance partners, and how her love for the artform came to be.
Episode 26

Tony Hale on 'Archibald’s Next Big Thing’', Anxiety, & Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Tony Hale sits down with guest host Dennis Miller to discuss his new show 'Archibald’s Next Big Thing’ and how he should take some advice from the character he created. Plus, the “sad” final days filming 'Veep'.
Episode 27

Jo Koy On His Netflix Special, ‘Just Kidding’ World Tour, & His Mother’s Influence

Comedian Jo Koy chats with guest host Dennis Miller about paying for his first Netflix special himself, and how his stage name came to be. Plus, a heartwarming story about how Jo’s mom supported him early on in his career.
Episode 28

Illeana Douglas on ‘Goliath’, Female Filmmakers, & Why She Blames Dennis Hopper

Actress and film connoisseur Illeana Douglas sits down with guest host Dennis Miller to chat about her new podcast, season 3 of ‘Goliath’, and the importance of female filmmakers.
Episode 29

Jon Lovitz On Stand up, ‘SNL’, & His Dog Jerry Bruckheimer

Comedy legend Jon Lovitz sits down with his good friend and guest host Dennis Miller to explain why he got into stand-up comedy later in life. Plus, the friends reminisce about their time together on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Jon Lovitz Fondly Recalls Working With the Late Phil Hartman

Actress Illeana Douglas Discusses Her Unique Upbringing On a Hippie Compound

Comedian Jo Koy Reveals the Hilarious Mixup That Lead to His Stage Name

“We Should Speak Kinder to Ourselves”: Tony Hale Opens up About His Anxiety

"They Don't Give You a Handbook": Jenna Johnson on Training Bad Dancers on ‘DWTS’

Carrot Top Reminisces How Far He’s Come Since His First Vegas Shows

Jennifer Tilly created her own Oscar buzz around ‘Bullets Over Broadway’ performance

Yvette Nicole Brown talks 'Dear White People' and handling racism in America

‘Range’ author David Epstein explains why generalists can be more successful than specialists

Margaret Cho on how cancel culture is making positive changes to representation

“She’s Something Special”: ‘Veep’ Showrunner David Mandel on Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Paula Pell remembers her first meeting with ‘SNL’ creator Lorne Michaels

“I still have it”: Jay Leno remembers the first car he bought in LA

‘There are people who are really good at it”: Jim Gaffigan on why he stays away from politics

Marlon Wayans reveals the funniest person in his family

“I’ve always loved radio”: KCRW’s Jason Bentley on embracing his “dream job”

“I practiced every single night”: Manny Gutierrez explains how he learned to do makeup

Metta World Peace on his friendship with Lamar Odom

How Rodney Mullen became “The Godfather” of street skating

Leah Remini on why she was always a bit of an outsider in Scientology

“It has a purpose”: Barbie Ferreira talks nudity in ‘Euphoria’

'Without the whole team, there's no win': Simon Pagenaud on how racing is a team sport

“Very dramatic and traumatic”: Julia Sweeney on her time at ‘SNL’

How Adam Savage Built the Titanium Iron Man Suit Using a 3D Printer

“Feels so right for right now”: RuPaul on his new daytime talk show

“There’s an arrogance to them”: Justin Long remembers being the ‘Mac’ guy

‘Archer’ star Chris Parnell on his prolific voice acting career

Colin Cowherd on why some athletes become outspoken advocates

“Most powerful things in my life”: Mira Sorvino on meeting human trafficking survivors

'Love your brain, love your life': Dr. Daniel Amen talks brain health

"I wanted air conditioning": Adam Carolla on deciding to start stand up

“It’s very unlikely we work together”: Jacques Torres on ‘Nailed It!’ co-host Nicole Byer

"I'm excited about it": Sherri Shepherd on her new show ‘Mr. Iglesias’

"It’s the best job in the world": Bobby Moynihan remembers his time on ‘SNL’

“Something for everybody”: Cat Cora on why ‘Family Food Fight’ is so inclusive

Jared Harris Reveals He Was Surprised at Russia’s Negative Response to ‘Chernobyl’

“She’s hipper than we think”: Sheryl Underwood on new co-host Marie Osmond

Scarier than playing in the NFL”: Akbar Gbajabiamila on trying out ‘American Ninja Warrior’ course

Lamar Odom hopes to help “heal” people with new book ‘Darkness to Light’

How Bryan Callen came up with the name ‘Complicated Apes’ for his stand-up special

Seth Green on finding balance directing and starring in his new film ‘Changeland’

Mark Manson on the subtle tweaks in his new book 'Everything is F*cked'

Kevin Nealon praises “accomplished” ‘Man With a Plan’ co-star Matt LeBlanc

Clem Burke on what to expect in his new documentary ‘My View’

"I had a voice that could affect change": Tony Hawk on his skateboarding foundation

“I had no more lyrics”: Henry Rollins on why quit music

“The best of the best”: Dane Cook explains how he’s grown by embracing his haters

Dr. Drew explains why anti-vaccinators are a threat to healthy Americans

Guinevere Turner on Why She Has Sympathy for the Women in ‘Charlie Says’

David Koechner reflects on his year-long stint on ‘SNL’

"Don't want to do 'The Hangover'": Ana Gasteyer on the importance of a female perspective

“My Dad Was a Clown”: Nate Bargatze on Getting His Comedy Chops From His Dad

“She’s so grounded”: Andrew Dice Clay on his relationship with Lady Gaga

Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb on Why She Started Going to Therapy Herself

Craig Ferguson Explains the Meaning Behind the Title of His Memoir ‘Riding the Elephant’

Jack Osbourne reveals most intense haunting on ‘Portals to Hell’

Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan reveal the inspiration behind ‘Super Troopers’

Raja Kumari’s Reflects on Her Days As a Child Dance Prodigy

Jeremiah Brent explains that 'Nate & Jeremiah By Design' is all about love

Oscar De La Hoya recounts his devastating loss against Manny Pacquiao

Dr. Dean Ornish on Why he Thinks Major Diseases can be Treated with a Healthy Lifestyle

Anna Chlumsky on How Julia Louis-Dreyfus Made ‘Veep’ Popular to a Wider Audience

“It’s Getting Better": The Current State of Diverse Representation in Hollywood

“Something fans will enjoy”: Elizabeth McGovern teases ‘Downton Abbey’ film

Lydia Hearst recalls “normal” childhood with famous mom Patty Hearst

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on New Streaming Platforms and What It Means for Creativity

Adam Rippon Reveals How He Was “Tricked” Into Figure Skating As a Child

Michelle Visage on Why She Doesn't Think Drag Will Ever Be Mainstream

Danny DeVito on How ‘Dumbo’ Highlights Xenophobia in Our Society

“Without Michael Jackson there would be no Ne-Yo”: Ne-Yo talks Michael Jackson scandal

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