2 seasons available

L.A. Dragnet

TV14 • Legal, Crime, Mystery, Drama, Cops & Detectives • TV Series • 2003

Detective Friday, and his partner Detective Smith, investigate crimes in Los Angeles.

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Detective Friday, and his partner Detective Smith, investigate crimes in Los Angeles.

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2 seasons available (22 episodes)

2 seasons available

(22 episodes)

Episode 1

Daddy's Girl

A teenager is brutally tortured and murdered, and her very disturbed friends are suspects.
Episode 2


"The body of a Latina woman is found mutilated near the L.A. River. There’s no identification and although it appears to be a sex crime, Lt. Friday (Ed O’Neill) is not so sure. He sends his team out to find the victim’s identity, and a check written to Maria Ramos leads them to her employer. The photo matches the homeowner’s maid, but the green card is traced to the real Maria Ramos (Lillian Hurst), who tells the cops that hers was stolen. Detectives McCarron (Desmond Harrington) and Cooper (Evan Dexter Parke) go to INS and try to investigate the phony green cards. They discover that a “coyote” (someone who herds illegal aliens from Mexico across the border for money) most likely supplied it. They are able to locate a warehouse where there is illegal activity, including a prostitution ring."
Episode 3

Seventeen in Six

Friday (Ed O’Neill) and Cooper (Evan Dexter Parke) are pitching in to help investigate a drive by shooting in the notorious 77th precinct – serving South Central. An innocent woman is killed coming out of church. Cooper, who used to work in the 77th, knows this is going to be tough. No one wants to talk so they must get someone on the inside who can help. There’s a drug dealer named B-Mo (Victor Togunde) whose next strike means he’s out. So they set up a phony drug buy and nab him. He has no choice but to cooperate, especially when they know his little brother, Lil’ Mo (Shawn H. Smith), is his accomplice. He explains that there is a serious turf war going on between the O.G.’s (the veterans) and the young G’s, and his intelligence points to a shooter named Keith Elliott (D. Reynolds), whose nickname is Ghost Dog.
Episode 4

The Magic Bullet

A groupie is found dead after a wild after hours party in downtown L.A., and an eccentric music mogul, who she was dating, is the prime suspect.
Episode 5

Slice of Life

The decomposed, headless body of a woman is found by fishermen. She’s been mauled by sharks and with the time in the water, identification is very difficult. Despite the fact that it’s a difficult case, the medical examiner can tell that she was recently pregnant from evidence of a C-section, and they are able to get her prints. Fortunately, she’s in the system, and the victim is Kathleen Anderson (Kathryn Gordon). She had been arrested five years ago for check fraud. Kathleen is originally from Manassas, Virginia, and Cooper (Evan Dexter Parke) and the other Detective have to go back there to expedite the investigation.
Episode 6


A Malibu teenager is abducted and killed, and his parents' alternative lifestyle is questioned.
Episode 7

Frame of Mind

A visiting appliance salesman, attending a convention downtown, is shot to death and falls over the balcony of his hotel. Initially thinking a suicide, cops realize he was dead before he fell. The victim, Todd Barnes, was from Iowa. His grieving wife Elaine (Alex S. Alexander) has no idea who would hurt him. After an exhausting investigation, Friday (Ed O’Neill) puts the case in the cold case file; pretty sure it will not be solved. But a casual conversation with another officer, talking about a man killed in the same manner gets Friday thinking. It turns out bullets from each crime match and there’s another coincidence – both victims had called a woman named Nicole Harrison (Sarah Joy Brown), and Nicole works for, an online porn type service.
Episode 8


A priest is decapitated and what seems like a senseless killing is actually related to the priest's secret past in Bosnia.
Episode 9


Lt. Friday (Ed O’Neill) and Detectives Macias (Roselyn Sanchez) and McCarron (Desmond Harrington) are called to a gruesome crime scene in Venice. A woman’s face has been ripped off. The prime suspect is her boyfriend, an artist, and he turns up dead with unusually bloodshot eyes – the sign of a drug overdose. The victim has been using a form of heroin with fentanyl that is toxic. And the coroner tells the cops that he’s not the first person to come in with these same markings – there are two others. They fear that there is a very poisonous batch of narcotics in circulation and they want to get to the other victims.
Episode 10

Killing Field

A routine arrest leads to a horrible discovery of a serial killer who tortured and cremated his victims.


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