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Kaleido Star

TV14DramaComedyAnimation • AnimeInternationalTV Series2004

The director of Sailor Moon brings fans the story of Sora, an amazingly-talented acro...more

The director of Sailor Moon brings fans the story of Sora, an ama...More

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Season1 2
Episode 1

(Sub) My Amazing Stage Debut!

Sora dreams of becoming a star of the Kaleido Stage, but when a scumbag steals her luggage and makes her miss the only audition of the year, it will take a miracle - or an accident - for her dream to come true!
Episode 2

(Sub) My Amazing and Lonely Challenge!

Sora is given one week to learn the death-defying Golden Phoenix: the signature move of the Kaleido Stage's leading lady. If she fails, she'll be forced to pack up and return home forever!
Episode 3

(Sub) The Amazing Distant Stage

The Kaleido Stage is putting on a fabulous production of Cinderella, but instead of performing on stage, Sora is forced to dress up like a clown and hand out toys during intermission. Can she contain her disappointment?
Episode 4

(Sub) Try Hard and You'll Get an Amazing Chance

Sora gets a second chance to appear in the upcoming production of Cinderella, but she'll need to master a daring, three-person technique known as the Triple Illusion to earn a spot on stage.
Episode 5

(Sub) My Amazingly Distant Family

Sora and her friends are stung by their failures on stage and a nasty review in the local paper. As if things couldn't get any worse, Sora's dad is about to pay her a visit, and he's no fan of her Kaleido Stage shenanigans.
Episode 6

(Sub) The Amazing Seal

Pets may be forbidden in her dorm, but when Sora stumbles upon an abandoned seal, she can't resist the urge to bring the little guy home with her! Does her new pet have what it takes to be a new breed of Kaleido Star?
Episode 7

(Sub) The Amazing Girl Who Doesn't Smile

When a Diablo prodigy blows her big shot at becoming a Kaleido Stage regular, Sora is given the task of helping the young girl rediscover her love of performing!
Episode 8

(Sub) An Amazing Star Even in Tough Times

Layla appears to have everything a girl could want. She's rich, she's gorgeous, and she's the biggest star in the Kaleido Stage universe! But when her dad misses her birthday, it'll take Sora to cheer her up!
Episode 9

(Sub) My Amazing Challenge for the Lead Role

When Sora suffers a devastating fall during an audition for the new, mermaid-themed production, she'll need the help of a close friend and a martial arts expert to regain her competitive edge!
Episode 10

(Sub) Facing an Amazing Wall

Sora finally landed the part that could make her wildest dreams come true, but if she can't figure out a way to breathe new life into the role of a brokenhearted mermaid, her days as a leading lady will be numbered!
Episode 11

(Sub) Anna's Not So Amazing Father

Painful memories from Anna's childhood resurface when her dad - a struggling standup comedian - performs at a local comedy club. Can this father-daughter duo find a way to laugh at the past?
Episode 12

(Sub) An Amazingly Hot New Production

Sora has always idolized Layla, and now, she's got a chance to star alongside her hero in the newest Kaleido Stage production. There's just one thing standing in her way: a flaming tightrope of doom!
Episode 13

(Sub) The Amazing Competition Calls up a Storm

Layla moves in with Sora so the two leading ladies can learn to perform as one. When conventional training proves useless, the girls take their routine to the high seas and put on a show in the middle of a storm!
Episode 14

(Sub) Mysterious Amazing Circus

When Sora is sent on a special assignment to perform with a travelling circus, she learns a valuable lesson about making the audience happy - no matter what role you have to play.
Episode 15

(Sub) The Diva's Amazing Love

Sarah is courted by a music producer who wants to make her a star, but Sora can't understand why she'd want to leave Kaleido Stage - or how Kalos could let her go.
Episode 16

(Sub) An Amazing Sinister Rumor

A bossy friend from Japan makes Sora nervous when she pays the Kaleido Star a surprise visit. Meanwhile, rumors about a possible Kaleido closing put the cast on edge.
Episode 17

(Sub) Fire It up! Amazing Mia

Mia is given one week to write the show that will save Kaleido Stage, and Yuri finally tells Sora the painful motive behind his attempt to sabotage the man who made him a star.
Episode 18

(Sub) Yuri's Amazing Trap

Mia's new show is a hit with the audience, but Kaleido Stage isn't out of the woods, yet. Now that Yuri's in charge, Sora and her friends must prepare for what could be their last performance ever.
Episode 19

(Sub) Amazing Family Ties

Sora's search for a new place to live is interrupted by big news from Japan: her parents are going to have a baby! Will this new addition to her family put an end to the leading lady's performing career?
Episode 20

(Sub) An Amazing Change from Zero to Hero

Miss Sarah lands the girls a gig at an amusement park, and Sora reassembles the old gang for one more shot at stardom! When the show finally starts, a masked performer swoops in and steals the spotlight!
Episode 21

(Sub) The Amazing Mystery Star

Thanks to the masked acrobat, Sora and her friends are offered a contract at the amusement park. There's just one problem: the park owner wants the mysterious performer center stage, but no one knows who she is!
Episode 22

(Sub) The Amazing Resolve Beneath the Mask

Yuri sabotages the Freedom Lights performance company, forcing them to travel to Canada for a fresh start. Layla wants to be there for her friends, but will she risk disappointing her father?
Episode 23

(Sub) The Legendary Amazing Maneuver

With a little help from The Fool, Layla and Sora hatch a plan to beat Yuri at his own game. If they can learn the Legendary Great Maneuver in one month, Kalos will regain control of Kaledio Stage!
Episode 24

(Sub) The Amazing Intensive Training Continues

Layla and Sora continue their super-intensive training as they prepare to attempt the death-defying Legendary Great Maneuver, but when Sora's confidence is shaken, it could spell the end for them both!
Episode 25

(Sub) An Amazing Bond

The girls return to Kaledio Stage to continue rehearsing for the Legendary Great Maneuver, but after a heated argument with Yuri, Layla is no longer able to hide her devastating injury!
Episode 26

(Sub) An Amazing Comeback

Despite her very serious injury, Layla is determined to give the greatest performance of her life! All she needs is Sora by her side - and a little help from the mischievous Fool!

About this Show

Kaleido Star

The director of Sailor Moon brings fans the story of Sora, an amazingly-talented acrobat who'd do anything for a starring role in Kaleido Stage: a troop of performers known for their death-defying stunts and spectacularly sparkling costumes!

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