2 seasons available

Kaleido Star

TV14DramaComedyAnimation • AnimeInternationalTV Series • 2004

The director of Sailor Moon brings fans the story of Sora, an amazingly-talented acrobat who'd do anything for a starring role in Kaleido Stage: a tro...more

The director of Sailor Moon brings fans the story of Sora, an amazingly-talented acrobat who'd do anything for a starring role in Kaleido Stage: a tro...more

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2 seasons available (52 episodes)

2 seasons available

(52 episodes)

Season1 2
Episode 27

(Sub) Amazing Prologue to Stardom, Part 1

Fool, the mysterious spirit of the theater, narrates this stirring recap of Sora's initiation into the high-flying world of Kaleido Stage!
Episode 28

(Sub) Amazing Prologue to Stardom, Part 2

Fool continues the recap of Sora's early days with Kaleido Stage, including her partnership with Layla and her daring performance of the Legendary Great Maneuver.
Episode 29

(Sub) An Amazing New Rival

After Layla retires, Sora feels added pressure to perform under the spotlight, and it doesn't help that Kaleido Stage's newest leading man is giving her the cold shoulder!
Episode 30

(Sub) The Amazing Newcomer

Layla's plans to win over Leon - and her fiery new rival - by throwing a welcome party are interrupted by a surprise visit from the young diablo champion, Rosetta!
Episode 31

(Sub) The Amazing Passionate Rival

Sora and May both want to star alongside Leon in the new vampire-themed production, but there's only room for one leading lady. Whoever can master the deadly screw spin first will win the role of a lifetime!
Episode 32

(Sub) Amazing Match On Ice

The fierce competition between Sora and May shifts from the high wire to the skating rink as the determined performers vie for the right to play Leon's love interest in the new show!
Episode 33

(Sub) Amazing Rosetta of Sweat and Tears

Rosetta has three days to become a high-flying trapeze artist, or she'll have to quit Kaleido Stage. Lucky for her, she's got Sora for a teacher!
Episode 34

(Sub) The Ever Amazing Miss Layla

Sora's all set for an off-Broadway reunion with the great Layla Hamilton, but May bursts onto the scene with intentions to steal the show. Can Sora recover her competitive edge in time to shine on stage?
Episode 35

(Sub) Marion's Amazing Debut

Sora and her friends are determined to build an amazing stage just for kids, but first they must convince Marion to return to the high-flying life of a trampoline artist!
Episode 36

(Sub) Amazing Training With Leon

May and Sora compete for the honor of performing alongside Leon at the International Circus Festival, but the surly trapeze artist's special training could destroy them both!
Episode 37

(Sub) The Two Amazing Demons

A moment's hesitation threatens to ruin Sora's chances of performing at the International Circus Festival, and May tries to get back in the game by inventing a devilish new maneuver!
Episode 38

(Sub) Amazing Angelic Counterattack

Sora is crushed when Leon chooses May as his partner, but her dreams of competing in the International Circus Festival may not be dead yet. A handsome face from her past has the power to fix everything!
Episode 39

(Sub) Cruel Amazing Festival

Yuri and Sora are working hard to get ready for the performance of a lifetime, but will Sora's lack of fundamentals - and a pair of cutthroat competitors - spoil their chances at victory?
Episode 40

(Sub) Amazing and Sad Homecoming

After her embarrassing performance at the International Circus Festival, Sora runs away from Kaleido Stage and moves back in with her parents. Can a heart-to-heart chat with an old friend convince her not to give up on her dreams?
Episode 41

(Sub) My Amazing Fresh Start

Sora returns to Kaleido Stage with a new dream: creating a competition-free show that everyone can enjoy! Unfortunately, May and Leon have other plans for the former leading lady.
Episode 42

(Sub) An Amazingly Humiliating Performance

Leon's strange behavior continues as he mistakes Sora for a mysterious woman from his past. When he drags her into the spotlight mid-performance, a tragic accident shocks the audience!
Episode 43

(Sub) Mr. Policeman's Amazing Proposal

Ken finally finds the courage to ask Sora out on a date, but his plan to win her heart is interrupted by a lovesick police man and the world's most unlucky bank robber!
Episode 44

(Sub) Launching an Amazing Smile!

A performance at a car dealership gets Sora back on stage, May learns the importance of a smile, and Rosetta makes her long-awaited trapeze debut!
Episode 45

(Sub) Leon's Amazing Past

The Kaleido Stage crew travels to Paris, and Rosetta begins working with a mysterious trapeze teacher. When the aging master reveals the truth about Leon's past, Sora becomes determined to perfect the Angel's Manuever!
Episode 46

(Sub) The Amazing Fated Duel

Sora lands the starring role in Kaleido Stage's new production of Swan Lake, but her leading man has yet to be determined. Yuri and Leon draw swords and take to the air as they battle for the right to fly alongside her!
Episode 47

(Sub) Flight of the Amazing Angel

Sora's doubts about her ability to perfect the Angel's Maneuver are put to rest by a chance meeting with a special seeing-eye dog and a former Kaleido Star!
Episode 48

(Sub) The Amazing Injured Swan

A lack of balance threatens to derail Sora's attempt to perfect the Angel's Maneuver, and Leon is ready to throw in the towel. Will the leading lady give up on her dream - or push her body to the breaking point?
Episode 49

(Sub) Our Amazing Futures

While Sora and Leon continue their special training, May and Rosetta form an unlikely partnership. Meanwhile, a face from the past emerges from the shadows to steal Sora's spotlight.
Episode 50

(Sub) A Most Amazing and Inescapable Showdown

The great Layla Hamilton returns to the stage to challenge Sora for the privilege of performing the Angel's Maneuver in the upcoming production of Swan Lake!
Episode 51

(Sub) To the Amazing Promised Place

Opening night has arrived, and Sora takes the stage on a mission to make her wildest dreams come true. If she successfully performs the Angel's Maneuver, she'll finally be a true Kaleido Star!
Episode 52

(Sub) The Amazing Princess Without a Smile

Fast forward to the future! Rosetta is on the verge of becoming a Kaleido Star, but when she loses the ability to see Fool, she fears that her dreams of sharing the spotlight with Sora may never come true!

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