1 season available

Justice League Action

TVPG • Superheroes, Animation, Kids, Cartoons • TV Series • 2017

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will lead the DC Super Heroes against their most infamous foes.

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will lead the DC Super Heroes against their most infamous foes.

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

Classic Rock / Power Outage

Batman's back in action for the series premiere. / A ghoul drains the Justice League of their powers.
Episode 2

Night of the Bat / Abate and Switch

Batman gets possessed by an evil Djinn. / The JLA must disguise themselves as each other.
Episode 3

Follow that Space Cab! / Nuclear Family Values

Superman seeks Space Cabbie's help against Lobo. / Firestorm encounters a deadly group of atomic robots.
Episode 4

Zombie King / Galaxy Jest

Grundy raises a zombie army of the dead. / The JLA must rescue the Joker from Mongul.
Episode 5

Time Share / Under a Red Sun

Batman and Blue Beetle go back in time to stop Chronos. / Steppenwolf teleports Superman to a red sun planet.
Episode 6

Play Date / Repulse!

Toyman turns the JLA into video game avatars. / Luthor infects Superman with a reverse magnetic charge.
Episode 7

Trick or Threat / Speed Demon

A special Halloween episode of Justice League Action. / Batman enlists the help of the Demon with the Batmobile.
Episode 8

Hat Trick / Luthor in Paradise

The JLA must retrieve Zatanna's stolen magical hat. / Lex Luthor travels to the Amazon Paradise Island.
Episode 10

Rage of the Red Lanterns / Freezer Burn

Lobo seeks safety with the JLA from the Red Lanterns. / Batman and Firestorm face Mr. Freeze and Killer Frost.
Episode 11

The Trouble with Truth / All Aboard the Space Train

Wonder Woman is given an offer she can't refuse. / The JLA tries to stop an intergalactic space train hijacking.
Episode 12

Double Cross / Battle for the Bottled City

Plastic Man disguises himself as Two-Face. / Brainiac and Atom fight over the city of Kandor.
Episode 13

Garden of Evil / Inside Job

Poison Ivy takes control of Swamp Thing. / Batman and Wonder Woman enter Superman's bloodstream.
Episode 14

Time Out / The Fatal Fare

Batman and Booster Gold stop an alien who's eating time. / Space Cabbie learns of a threat from his passenger…Darkseid!
Episode 15

Mxy's Mix-Up / Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting

Mxyzptlk switches the brains of the Super Hero team. / Stargirl enlists Constantine in babysitting a Witch Boy.
Episode 16

Booster's Gold / Booray for Bizarro

Booster Gold tries to make money off of dinosaurs. / Bizarro is the League's last hope from Amazo's attacks.
Episode 17

Plastic Man Saves the World / Field Trip

Plastic Man faces Brainiac alone. / Teenage superheroes cause trouble in Superman's Fortress.
Episode 18

Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp / Superman Red vs. Superman Blue

Reporter Sid Sharp creates his own Super Hero for a story. / Luthor splits each Justice Leaguer into two – good and mean.
Episode 19

Forget Me Not / The Brain Buster

League members lose their memory of who they are. / A mysterious creature abducts Batman, Terrific and Luthor.
Episode 20

E. Nigma, Consulting Detective / System Error

The Riddler helps the Justice League against the Joker. / Batman discovers that the Justice League are robots.
Episode 21

Harley Goes Ape! / It'll Take A Miracle!

Only Harley Quinn can help stop Gorilla Grodd. / Batman must track down the elusive Mr. Miracle.
Episode 22

Phased and Confused / The Ringer

The Justice League are affected by the Phantom Zone Ray. / Sinestro's ring becomes more powerful than usual.
Episode 23

Race Against Crime / Unleashed

Racing for charity, Superman and Flash are trapped by Luthor. / Plastic Man takes care of Superman's dog, Krypto.
Episode 24

Watchtower Tours / Barehanded

Booster Gold makes some extra cash giving Watchtower tours. / Green Lantern loses his ring in an intergalactic restroom.
Episode 25

Captain Bamboozle / Keeping Up with the Kryptonians

Mxyzptlik endows Shazam's uncle with superpowers. / Mxyzptlik takes Superman and Supergirl to a parallel world.
Episode 26

She Wore Red Velvet / Party Animal

Booster Gold meets villainess Red Velvet. / Green Arrow tries to throw a Justice League holiday party.
Episode 33

Best Day Ever / The Cube Root

Joker frees Luthor to spend the day together. / An alien tests the intelligence of Batman and Luthor.

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