10 seasons available


TV14 • Health & Wellness, Documentaries, Reality • TV Series • 2005

Intervention is a powerful and gripping television series in which people confront their darkest demons and seek a route to redemption. The show profi...more

Intervention is a powerful and gripping television series in which people confront their darkest demons and seek a route to redemption. The show profi...more

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10 seasons available (103 episodes)

10 seasons available

(103 episodes)

The Heroin Triangle Catch Up

Catch up on what's been happening this season on Intervention.
Episode 1

The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

In a collection of affluent suburban communities north of Atlanta called "The Heroin Triangle" the rise of the nation's opioid crisis, from prescription pills to full-blown heroin epidemic.
Episode 3

The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 3

23-year-old heroin addict Toni finds herself in danger when her pimp sends her out on a call that goes wrong. The Heroin Triangle expands its reach, putting first responders at risk, and increasing police presence in the area.
Episode 4

The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 4

Toni reveals intimate details from her past relationship with Micah, and the months they spent living together in the woods.
Episode 5

The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 5

Interventionist Michael Gonzales attempts to get Toni’s mother, father, and sister on the same page to intervene on Toni, but Carla’s belligerent behavior threatens to derail the process before it even begins.
Episode 6

The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 6

Ken Seeley and Allen's family try to convince him that treatment is the best option, but police are called to the scene when the situation escalates. 24-year old Taylor dances at a local strip club to finance her heroin habit.
Episode 7

The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 7

Taylor's mother searches Taylor's bedroom and makes a disturbing discovery. Angela's frustration with her ex-husband severely challenges her ability to stay clean.
Episode 8

The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 8

Angela comes face-to-face with a deadly relapse trigger, forcing Interventionist Ken Seeley to enlist the help of Police Sergeant Josh Liedke so they can quickly intervene.
Episode 9

The Heroin Triangle: Chapter 9

David and Kiersten's intervention hits a roadblock when David changes his mind about getting help, and Interventionist Donna Chavous struggles to get him back on board for treatment.

Joshua Drinks Hand Sanitizer

Tanisha's Intervention

Bonus: Alex at Options Treatment Centre

Bonus: Alex Calls His Ex-Girlfriend

Bonus: Austin Jams With a Friend

Bonus: Austin Makes Some Quick Cash

Bonus: Melissa Gets High With a Friend

Bonus: Melissa Gets Treatment

Bonus: Clint Struggles in Treatment

Bonus: Clint Suffers With Meth Mites

Joshua's Intervention

Legacy Update: Robert, 2015

Legacy Update: Erin, 2015

Tanisha's Mom's Intervention

Katherine's Intervention

Katherine's Mom Gives Her a Ride to a Deal

Todd Gets Meth

Todd's Intervention

Diana Is Stopped from Buying More Booze

Diana's Intervention

Sturgill Takes On His Family

Sturgill's Intervention

Kristie Fights Going to the Hospital

Kristie's Intervention

Legacy Update: Tiffany, 2009

Tiffany Looks for Her Dealer

Tiffany's Intervention

Katie's Custody Battle

Katie's Intervention

Daniel is a Paranoid Addict and Alcoholic

Ginjer is a Sugar Baby

Daniel and Robert Are Heroin Addicts

Daniel Won't Leave Without Seeing His Daughter

Robert Easily Agrees to Treatment

Digger's Mother Reads Her Letter

Digger and Anne Are Heroin Addicts

Kacy Accepts Treatment

Kacy is an Alcoholic

Sierra's Crystal Meth Psychosis

Sierra Agrees to Treatment

Kaeleen is Addicted to Opiates and Alcohol

Bryceton Is a Spice-Addicted Alcoholic

Bryceton Refuses Treatment

Bryceton's Pawning Philosophy

Legacy Update: Hubert, 2007

An Empty Bank Account

Katherine Is a Meth Addict

Where Is Katherine's Husband?

Legacy Update: Sylvia, 2006

Samantha D. Is a Heroin Addict

Samantha's Overdrawn Bank Account

Samantha's Lost Relationships

Daniel and Sarrah's Bizarre Argument

Daniel Is an Alcoholic

Daniel's Mom Pleads With His Girlfriend

Legacy Update: John, 2006

Sneak Peek: Daniel

Zach Fights With His Grandfather

Zach Got His Girlfriend Addicted to Heroin

Zach's Tear-Filled Intervention

Kendra Drives Samantha to a Drug Deal

Legacy Update: Sara, 2005

Samantha C. Is a Heroin-Addicted Prostitute

Samantha C. Is Dope Sick

Lauren Doesn't Want to Leave Without Chad

Lauren Loses Her Family

Lauren Needs Money

Andre Finds Drugs for Katie

Legacy Update: Alison, 2008

Leslie's Kids Get Involved

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