2 seasons available

Hopalong Cassidy

TVPGDramaCrimeWestern • AdventureActionClassics • TV Series • 1952

A loner travels with his horse companion chasing villians across the frontier.

A loner travels with his horse companion chasing villians across the frontier.

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2 seasons available (51 episodes)

2 seasons available

(51 episodes)

Season1 2
Episode 1

The Devil's Idol

Hoppy and Reverend Adams hope to reform young Johnny Bolton from his criminal ways but his propensity for meanness and his admiration for an outlaw of thirty years ago work against them.
Episode 2

The Sole Survivor

Hoppy and Red in Clarksville to visit Hoppy's friend Titus Clark the sole town resident find him shot to death and discover papers that suggest a connection with railroad's plan for the land to which the attorney niece...
Episode 3

The Valley Raiders

A sheriff summons Hoppy to Stone Valley where a cattlemen's association which has padded interest and fees is about to foreclose on ranchers who can not pay because bandits rob supply shipments before they reach the...
Episode 4

Twisted Trails

Frank Walton hopes to break the bank in drought stricken Little Rock Basin before the drought breaks to acquire its assets and interferes with Hoppy's moving the cattle to Twin Rivers and getting funds to stop a run on...
Episode 5

The Last Laugh

Hoppy pretends to be John Smith in a town in which Red has been made sheriff to investigate the uncannily efficient robbery of gold shipped from the area smelter while all must endure comedy records played in the Mayor's..
Episode 6

The Jinx Wagon

Clemons traveling to see his son buys a wagon said by the locals to bring harm to its owners in which bank robbers have hidden their take while it was in the livery but, when they trail, the robbers find the stash missing.
Episode 7

Illegal Entry

Hoppy and Red investigate the disappearances of Chinese mine workers
Episode 8

Gypsy Destiny

A Gypsy woman seeks Hoppy's help to clear her husband of a Wells Fargo robbery shortly after which the husband was murdered.
Episode 9

Arizona Troubleshooters

The Army sends Hoppy to Arizona Territory to investigate raids on a telegraphic construction project and, after the project leader is killed, uncovers a conspiracy led by the holder of the area trading post enterprise...
Episode 10

Death by Proxy

Jim Adams convicted convincingly of Ben Samuels' murder has escaped from prison and, while Hoppy protects Adams from vigilantism, Hoppy is troubled by an Adams' trial physical description and huge doctor fees paid by...
Episode 11

Frontier Law

Hoppy's mission from a law & order committee to prevent a town boss from blocking a territorial charter vote is imperiled when Hoppy's recently arrived lawyer nephew agrees to defend a boss' henchman and a victim...
Episode 12

Don't Believe in Ghosts

An exhausted boy arrives at the Bar 20 with a tale of his father's disappearance and, although Hoppy presumes the father is dead, goes to the boy's home where evidence of the father's presence unnerves a stepmother and...
Episode 14

Double Trouble

Hoppy and Red try to prove that a Mexican laborer did not knife a banker to death.
Episode 15

Copper Hills

Drunk Picture Pete has photographed a reservation hill rich in copper ore of which speculator Rush has learned the Apache and Maricopa are at war made clear by images of death and destruction.
Episode 16

New Mexico Manhunt

Hoppy must clear an old prospector who was found in possession of gold from a train robbery.
Episode 17

The Outlaws Reward

An outlaw using an adopted surname forces his doctor brother to issue a fake death certificate so his gang can collect the substantial reward but Hoppy is suspicious of the burial details.
Episode 18


As Twin Rivers becomes no longer a quiet cattle town due to a gold strike, two partners of Bummer Lowe, who Red and others have grub-staked to look for gold, have been killed and then Bummer continues to ail unresponsive to medication.
Episode 19

Steel Trails West

Bricker, Jim Taggart's rep, reports that Taggart's nephew has been killed by robbers that stole a railroad survey but actually Bricker has killed the nephew to deliver the plans for a fee to Taggart' s rival so Taggart...
Episode 20

Silent Testimony

Jason Rand who acquires area homesteads by shady means marries Trixie Brown who blackmails him about proof she has on murder so she can not testify against him but Trixie has written down facts and secreted the document.
Episode 21


Soon after Hoppy & Red arrive where the murderous outlaws operate with impunity and precision in lawless Canyon City to help sheriff Barnett the mark of the vigilante, 3-7-77, starts to appear at the locations of those...
Episode 22

Masquerade for Matilda

Outlaws telegram Samuel Harron's sister Matilda that he is ill and needs her so the outlaws can kidnap her to ransom Harron's testimony and when the sheriff will not help after Hoppy rescues Matilda, Red masquerades as...
Episode 23

Frame up for Murder

An indebted lawyer fakes a stage holdup with the murder of the driver and a client to gain the client's fortune and blame the cavalry nephew in a clothing switch with an accomplice and nephew who left for dead survives....
Episode 24

Black Sombrero

Hoppy is assigned to perform the extradition of Marco Rodriquez who appears framed for murder while on the way to investigate the smuggling of cattle from a diseased border area of Mexico and discovers the tasks are...
Episode 25

The Emerald Saint

Hoppy and Red manage to get themselves locked in a shrine during a Mexican festival while pursuing a killer.
Episode 26

Tricky Fingers

Hoppy is obsessed with finding bank robbers working in nearby counties who killed a sheriff friend and begins to suspect a kind young area woman when he receive a wanted poster despite that the jobs involve an elderly...

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