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Hetalia: Axis Powers

TVMAComedyAnimation • AnimeInternationalTV Series2009

Forget what you learned in history class, and imagine all the nations of the world as...more

Forget what you learned in history class, and imagine all the nat...More

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Season1 2
Episode 27

(Sub) Episode 27

The Allies get their hands on a valuable source of information that could reveal the inner-workings of the Axis gang: Germany's diary! And it's all about Italy. Seriously, like every page.
Episode 28

(Sub) Episode 28

The Axis falls under Allied attack once again! But then something strange happens - a jolly visitor arrives bearing gifts, allowing enemies to put aside their differences if only for one night.
Episode 29

(Sub) Episode 29

Russia knows no fear, as evidenced by his willingness to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. The Baltics, however, seem to be more than a little uneasy around Russia.
Episode 30

(Sub) Episode 30

During a sleepover at Japan's place, U.K. makes a new pal while soaking in the bath. This new pal is green and might actually be a hallucination. Or, he might actually exist. We may never know.
Episode 31

(Sub) Episode 31

In this very informative episode of Hetalia Axis Powers, the gang shares stories of how the Christmas season is celebrated - or not - in their homelands. Note to self: Avoid Russia during the holidays.
Episode 32

(Sub) Episode 32

Germany stirs from his slumber to find the Roman Empire on his bed. It turns out Germany is a big fan of his visitor's work - and misses him very much. How sweet.
Episode 33

(Sub) Episode 33

Germany and Italy spend a beautiful night by the campfire, and when a shooting star flashes through the sky, Germany makes a wish. Actually he makes a lot of wishes, and they're all about Italy.
Episode 34

(Sub) Episode 34

Germany goes sightseeing in sunny Italy, a lively land where music and laughter drift on the breeze. Surprisingly, he doesn't hate it. Later, the Allied boys explore their artistic sides.
Episode 35

(Sub) Episode 35

It's time for the G8 summit, but Canada is missing. When he finally shows up, the rest of the... Wait. Who the crap is this Canada guy? Later, France catches Olympic fever - and loses his pants.
Episode 36

(Sub) Episode 36

With spring still many months away, U.S.A. and Japan make preparations to survive the harsh winter. And by preparations, I mean that Japan buys manga and ice cream while U.S.A. almost freezes to death.
Episode 37

(Sub) Episode 37

Russia's heading over to Germany's place for a sleepover, and he's worried about what to wear. Italy's got some concerns, too. If his friends make new friends, will he be pushed aside?
Episode 38

(Sub) Episode 38

Germany addresses Italy's abandonment issues and offers his little friend a treaty to put him at ease. Okay, it's not really a treaty at all. It's actually a pinky swear.
Episode 39

(Sub) Episode 39

In the New World, adorable baby America is caught in the middle of a very intense custody battle between France, Finland, and a few other blonde guys!
Episode 40

(Sub) Episode 40

Everybody still wants little baby America all to themselves! It's France and his buddies versus England and his gang. Who will earn the right to be called big brother by the New World's cutest newborn?
Episode 41

(Sub) Episode 41

It's an episode psychological combat! While America tries to come up with ways to mess with his opponents' heads, France takes it upon himself to spread scandalous rumors about Germany.
Episode 42

(Sub) Episode 42

Russia introduces the world to his sisters, the busty, bouncy Ukraine and the very intense Belarus. It's an unusual family, to say the least.
Episode 43

(Sub) Episode 43

The saga of Russia's sisters continues! Things haven't been the same since the collapse of the Soviet Union. As a result, Ukraine is jiggling her away across Europe in search of new friends.
Episode 44

(Sub) Episode 44

Liechtenstein's a little too laid back about her borders, so Switzerland decides to teach her about the peril of strangers. Later, Japan and America work on becoming better friends. And there's cake! Cake's awesome!
Episode 45

(Sub) Episode 45

During a tender moment of reflection, Liechtenstein recalls the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding her first meeting with Switzerland: a boy who would become like a brother to her.
Episode 46

(Sub) Episode 46

England develops a serious case of hair envy - and an aversion to scissors - in the wake of another humiliating encounter with France and his gorgeous, golden locks.
Episode 47

(Sub) Episode 47

England and France pay a visit to Poland and his pretty new pony; America's astonishing rate of growth comes as quite a shock to jolly old England.
Episode 48

(Sub) Episode 48

A self-inflicted rocket wound leaves England hovering on the verge of death, but America wants to be paid back before the old chap kicks the bucket.
Episode 49

(Sub) Episode 49

France drops by to visit Japan, who's as isolated as ever, and there's nothing in the world that's going to make the guy come out of his room to greet his charming visitor. Well, except maybe a cute kitty.
Episode 50

(Sub) Episode 50

America swings by to show Japan a fortune telling game. Later, when the rest of the guys want to celebrate the fact that he's coming out of his shell, Japan chooses a quiet night at home instead. Big shock, right?
Episode 51

(Sub) Episode 51

America's totally freaked out by scary movies, but due to his heroic inclinations, he refuses to stop watching them! Japan thinks loaning him some horror video games might toughen him up.
Episode 52

(Sub) Episode 52

It's an episode of mistaken identities in more ways than one when Holy Roman Empire and Italy go skinny-dipping. Later, everybody thinks Canada is everybody but Canada!

About this Show

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Forget what you learned in history class, and imagine all the nations of the world as guys on an inappropriate reality show. Pledge allegiance to your favorite superpower in Hetalia Axis Powers!

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