10 seasons available

Hell's KitchenHell's Kitchen

TV14RealityLifestyle & CultureFamilyCooking & FoodTV Series • 2005

An unscripted culinary boot camp that features the drama of aspiring restaurateurs co...more

An unscripted culinary boot camp that features the drama of aspir...More

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10 seasons available (168 episodes)

10 seasons available

(168 episodes)

Episode 1

Rookies vs. Veterans

Eight former "Hell's Kitchen" contestants face against eight ambitious new cooks for a life-changing prize to work as an Executive Chef.
Episode 2

A Fond Farewell

The contestants must prepare one risotto dish that will be worthy of replacing the one that used to be on the Hell's Kitchen menu.
Episode 3

Hell's Riders

The chefs are split into teams before they prepare lunches that include chicken parmesan and New York Strip for a room full of hungry Marines.
Episode 4

Hell Freezes Over

The chefs are given winter jackets before they compete in a sled race to get an advantage in their next challenge, where they will make winter soups.
Episode 5

Fish Out Of Water

Musician Stephan Moccio greets the contestants as each team must prepare halibut in seven different ways for chef David LeFevre; dinner service poses a great challenge for both teams as poor communication results on one contestant's elimination.
Episode 6

Hot Potato

The chefs are challenged to create a delicious, restaurant-quality dish that features potato as they key component; tensions escalate and the pressure becomes too much for one of the chefs to handle, which leads to a chaotic dinner service.
Episode 7

Last Chef Standing

While chefs are challenged to serve five "staple" dishes, one chef is removed from each team at certain intervals until the final chef finishes all dishes; the teams are taken aback by an unexpected alteration to the dining service.
Episode 8

One Hell of a Party

The top 10 chefs are challenged to create a special dish as a part of a Sweet 16 birthday celebration for Tilly, Gordon's daughter.
Episode 9

What Happens in Vegas

The nine remaining chefs are challenged to make authentic Chinese dishes, which are to be judged by chef Shirley Chung; tensions escalate during dinner service as one team has difficulties with teamwork and causes several errors.
Episode 10

Poor Trev

With only four chefs per team, they must prepare to cook for a charity dinner service in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Waterkeeper Alliance featuring Italian food, but one team's performance forces Gordon to get involved.
Episode 11

Devilish Desserts

The remaining seven chefs face a dinner service for pastry chef Valerie Gordon, who will harshly judge each team's dessert, but poor communication results in kitchen chaos and one dramatic elimination before the next round.
Episode 12

Break on Through

Tensions escalate while the six remaining chefs meet with Ramsay to talk about their next three extensive challenges that will ultimately result in the elimination of one chef and leave five chefs in the running for the coveted black jacket.
Episode 13

An Episode of Firsts

The five remaining chefs face a new challenge that results in an unpleasant elimination and considerably shakes the group's dynamic to its core, but they have precious little time to get reorganized as they face mounting pressure.
Episode 14

What's Your Motto?

The final four competing chefs face a tableside challenge that will send one lucky winner and their chosen partner on a luxurious day in Malibu, Calif. the chefs encounter a showmanship challenge that is rife with mistakes only rookies should make.
Episode 15

A Rollercoaster Ride

The final two chefs are given some unexpected assistance for their final menus before they share noteworthy moments with chef Ramsay and the chefs' families.
Episode 16

The Grand Finale

The teams return to Hell's Kitchen and prepare for service at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Preview: High Steaks, Horrible Odds from "Welcome to the Jungle"

Preview: High Stakes & High Rollers from "Josh Josh Josh"

All Stars Return for a Second Chance

Ariel Takes The Lead

Bret Serves Raw Chicken

The Contestants Have Their Final Diner Service

The Contestants' Parents Come To Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Has A Final Surprise For Ariel & MIa

Gordon Meets The Final Two At Six Flags

Mia & Ariel Arrive At Six Flags Magic Mountain

Mia Makes Her Own Menu

Mia Takes Lead In The Kitchen

Roe Under Cooks The Pork

Preview: Will It Be A Rookie Or A Veteran? from "A Rollercoaster Ride; The Grand Finale"

The Final Four Are Tested from "What’s Your Motto?"

The Final Four Vote Who Should Be Eliminated from "What’s Your Motto?"

Gordon Introduces The Next Challenge from "What’s Your Motto?"

Preview: Before One Is Sent Home They Quit

Bret Has Trouble In The Meat Station from "An Episode of Firsts"

Bret Reflects On His Past from "An Episode of Firsts"

Motto Takes Over The Fish Station from "An Episode of Firsts"

Preview: It's Down To The Top Five from "An Episode of Firsts"

Preview: The LA Rams Are In Hell's Kitchen from "An Episode of Firsts"

Gordon Explains The Second Challenge from "Break on Through"

Gordon Reveals The Black Jackets from "Break on Through"

Mia Joins The Red Team from "Break on Through"

Mia Tells Ariel She Is Ready To Step Up from "Break on Through"

Which Cook Will Breakthrough?

Gordon Wants The Contestants To Get Romantic from "Devilish Desserts"

Tensions Are High Between The Red Team from "Devilish Desserts"

Trev Forgets To Put The Crust On The Lamb from "Devilish Desserts"

Prepare for a Meltdown

The Red Team Under Cooks The Veal Dinners

Trev Breaks The Ice Cream Turner

The Blue Team Plays Hard & Works Hard

The Red Team Express Their Frustrations

Trev & Jose Struggle with the Salmon

A Season Worth Of Screaming

Bret Seeks Medical Attention from "One Hell of a Party"

The Girls Let Loose At The Villa from "One Hell of a Party"

Gordon Ramsay Brings Out Some Old Pictures from "One Hell of a Party"

Kanae Can't Slice The Tuna from "One Hell of a Party"

Gordon's Daughter Wants One Thing For Her Birthday

Bret Gets Emotional

Each Teams Decides Who Should Leave The Kitchen

The First Three To Leave The Kitchen Will Have A Cook Off

Preview: A Vet Makes A Rookie Mistake

The Red Team Struggles To Finish Their Dishes

The Blue Team Argues Amongst Each Other

Chris Battles With Mental Demons

The Cooks Meet Mr. Potato Head For The Next Challenge

Pan-Seared Branzino

The Blue Team Struggles To Find Confidence

Chef Ramsay Introduces The Protein That Will Be Cooked

The Moment Gordon Is Speechless

The Women Get To Play Virtual Reality Video Games

Brick Chicken Recipe From The Hell's Kitchen Cookbook

This Sounds Like Hell

Preview: Over Worked & Undercooked

Bret Lets The Blue Team Down

It's Snowing In Hell's Kitchen

The Red Team Burns A Pork Chop

Things Are Going From Soup To Nuts

The Red Team Arrives in Palm Springs

Preview: Everyone Clashes With Jen

The Blue Team Rallies Together to Finish Strong

Chef Ramsay Introduces The United States Marine Corps

Gizzy Overcooks the Fish

Jen Has Trouble in the Garnish Station

Gordon Ramsay Announces The Winner Of The Punishment Pass

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