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Adapted from Lauren Brooke’s best-selling novels, this compelling family drama follow...more

Adapted from Lauren Brooke’s best-selling novels, this compelling...More

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Episode 1

There and Back Again

Amy’s return from Europe is far from the homecoming she anticipated when she finds herself struggling to integrate back into life at Heartland and her relationship with Ty. Meanwhile, Jack and Lisa have been waiting to reveal their marriage to the family.
Episode 2

The Big Red Wall

After her initial shock at her grandfather’s announcement, Lou throws herself into party planning mode and forces Jack into an awkward reunion with an old acquaintance. Ty becomes the middleman when Amy and Caleb butt heads over horse training.
Episode 3

Severed Ties

Amy’s attempts to reunite with Georgie are continually thwarted by the arrival of lavish gifts from afar. When Tim is captivated by an old acquaintance, he and Jack team up for a charity event.
Episode 4

Secrets and Lies

A surprise visitor at Heartland makes an unwelcome declaration and Amy is forced to deal with the devastating consequences. Meanwhile, a dire animal crisis at the Reserve eerily parallels Ty’s personal life.
Episode 5

Endings and Beginnings

Amy struggles to turn a pair of horses into a team, and is forced to go head-to-head with a rival trainer. Meanwhile, Ty discovers a dead bear on the Reserve with its gallbladder missing..
Episode 6

Steal Away

Amy initially blames Georgie and Jade when a client horse repeatedly escapes from his stall, but she is forced to reevaluate when she discovers that the horse has hidden skills.
Episode 7

Walk a Mile

Amy struggles to help a Hutterite family whose team of Percherons ran amok hayride. But Georgie forms a strong bond with the young Hutterite daughter who turns out to be the key to unraveling the mystery.
Episode 8

The Family Tree

A school project opens a door to Georgie’s past that could ultimately change her life at Heartland. Meanwhile, Casey expresses interest in buying one of Ty and Caleb’s bulldogging horses and Caleb enlists Amy’s help to train it.
Episode 9

The Pike River Cull

When a threat of a cull looms over a herd of wild horses, Jack and Amy go to the aid of an old friend in Pike River. Amy finds herself contending with a flood of bittersweet memories, but she seizes the opportunity to get back to her roots.
Episode 10

The Heart of a River

With the fate of the wild horses hanging in the balance, Amy and Ty find themselves drawing closer as they make a desperate bid to save them. Meanwhile, Lou and Peter set aside their differences and form a united front against child endangerment charges.
Episode 11

The Silent Partner

Amy finds herself in a difficult position when a client reveals that Peter turned down a lucrative job offer in Calgary. Meanwhile, with increasing demands on her time and two horses to care for, Georgie struggles to accept a friend’s help with Phoenix.
Episode 12

Broken Heartland

When Amy is invited to do a horse clinic in Montana, she and Ty decide to take a road trip together, but an unexpected encounter derails their plans. Meanwhile, back at Heartland, Jack and Lisa feel caught in the middle when Lou confronts Peter.
Episode 13

Cowgirls Don't Cry

Tim opens a rodeo school, determined to help young people avoid injury while getting the training they need, but is immediately confronted with a problem student. Meanwhile, Ty jumps to conclusions when he learns Lily has entered rehab again.
Episode 14

Riders On the Storm

Amy and Ty help Scott’s nephew realize he is worthy of continuing his family tradition of relay racing. Meanwhile, Georgie is caught in the middle when her brother Jeff and her friend Jade exchange half-truths and outright lies.
Episode 15

Eclipse of the Heart

Lou returns from Vancouver with an admission that threatens to change the Heartland family forever. Meanwhile, Jack intervenes when he discovers that Tim intends to crash Miranda’s wedding in Moose Jaw.
Episode 16

Faking It

The family strives to support a devastated Georgie when Lou and Peter are forced to tell her about their separation, and Amy helps Georgie find the strength and determination she needs to deal with the terrible news.
Episode 17

All I Need Is You

Lou spearheads preparations for the big day while Amy throws herself into gentling a rescue horse in order to avoid all the wedding craziness. But Amy and Ty’s happy future is jeopardized when Ty is unexpectedly arrested for assault.
Episode 18

Written in Stone

In order to give Amy and Ty the wedding they really want, Lou struggles to deal with a slew of last minute hurdles.

About this Show


Adapted from Lauren Brooke’s best-selling novels, this compelling family drama follows life on the Heartland ranch as sisters Amy and Lou, together with their grandfather Jack, deal with the challenges of running a ranch that has been in the family for generations.

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