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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

TVY7ActionFantasyScience FictionAnimation • KidsAdventureFamilyTV Series1983

In this successful all time classic series, He-man the action adventure hero, must us...more

In this successful all time classic series, He-man the action adv...More

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Season1 2
Episode 1

Shadow of Skeletor

Skeletor tries to provoke a war between the people of the Bright Moon of Eternia and the Dark Moon of Eternia by creating incidents on one moon and blaming the other
Episode 33


Man-At-Arms recounts how Adam found Cringer when they were both still young, and how Cringer first became Battlecat during a battle against the dreaded Gedge.
Episode 52

Beauty and the Beast

Teela and Orko are kidnapped by Skeletor and transported to the kingdom of Moragore to be held captive by the disfigured prince known as the Monster of Moragore.
Episode 55

Monster on the Mountain

The villagers of Ruxtown claim to be living in fear of the so-called Tingler of Fear Mountain, so Adam, Teela, Orko and Cringer take a Wind Raider out to investigate.
Episode 62

The Ancient Mirror of Avathar

Prince Adam, Melaktha and Moss Man travel to Avathar Island in search of the Ancient Mirror of Avathar, which is expected provide them with knowledge.
Episode 63

The Games

The alien Bendari select two warriors to pit good against evil. Because Adam is prevented from turning into He-Man in time, Fisto is chosen as the heroic warrior.
Episode 64

To Save the Creatures

Skeletor plans to replace his Beast Man with the evil inventor Maddok who has built a machine that can digitize wild animals and have them appear in another place, such as during King Randor's birthday celebrations.
Episode 67

Energy Beast

A temple is discovered inside Mount Eternia. Feeling useless, Orko decides to use the power of the temple to make him famous, but he ends up releasing the Energy Beast.
Episode 68

Fisto's Forest

Fisto, a hero of Eternia, tells a young boy the tale of how he was once a villain until He-Man and a courageous young girl, Rayna, convinced him to change his ways
Episode 69

The Gamesman

Lord Todd, a handsome nobleman, befriends Teela, but upon visiting his castle she realizes that Lord Todd has an evil plan from which she may never escape
Episode 70

The Rarest Gift of All

Orko runs away after being scolded for spoiling the gifts his friends have created for the King and Queen's anniversary, but soon Orko realizes how much he is needed when He-Man falls prey to the evil Talgoth
Episode 71

To Save Skeletor

He-Man and Skeletor must join forces in order to rid Eternia of Sh'gora, a powerful alien monster summoned by Skeletor, who intends to rule their entire planet
Episode 72

Day of the Machines

Skeletor creates a villainous energy creature, Byte, infiltrates Man-At-Arms' master computer and causes all of the Royal Palace's defense systems to attack those they are meant to protect
Episode 73

The Cat and the Spider

He-Man meets Kittrina, a roguish cat-woman, and with her help defeats the dreaded demon Grimalkin which has been released by Skeletor and his spidery henchman, Webstor
Episode 74

Trouble in Trolla

In Trolla, Orko and Dree Elle find it suspicious that Uncle Montork, head of the Academy of Magic, has been replaced by a young pupil, Snoob, and upon investigating they discover Snoob is teaching Trollan magic to Whiplash
Episode 75

The Great Books Mystery

All the books on Eternia have been stolen by Batros, King of the Bat People, who intends to use their knowledge to make himself Emperor of Eternia
Episode 76

Origin of the Sorceress

As result of an assault on Eternia by the ancient wizard Morgoth the Sorceress reveals her past to He-Man, including the events that caused her to become the guardian of Castle Grayskull
Episode 77

The Betrayal of Stratos

Hawke, a bird-woman, falsely accuses Stratos of sabotage and exiles him only to find that Skeletor is the real culprit tampering with Avion's defenses in order to steal the Egg of Avion
Episode 78

The Ice Age Cometh

Skeletor's minion, Icer, takes control of the Eternian Weather Station and threatens to bring a huge glacier down on the Royal Palace
Episode 79

The Arena

While Om, an alien composed of pure energy, visits Eternia, Skeletor attacks the Palace with a goblin army. In order to preserve life, Om stops the battle, declaring that he will choose one champion from either side to resolve the conflict .
Episode 80

Disappearing Dragons

Dragons are disappearing from Dragon Mountain, and Granamyr asks He-Man for aid in finding out where they have all gone.
Episode 81

Island of Fear

When the Sword of Power is lost, Prince Adam must rely on his friends for help in order to stop Skeletor's plans to destroy the Great Eternian Dam and flood all of the King's domain
Episode 82

Attack From Below

The Belots, a mole-like subterranean race, are causing crops to disappear from the surface, and when they capture Teela, He-Man must conquer the Belot machinery to save her and keep the people of Eternia from starvation
Episode 83

Into the Abyss

While playing a friendly game of hide and seek with Adam, Teela accidentally slips into the great abyss surrounding Castle Grayskull and only He-Man can save her
Episode 84

Fraidy Cat

Queen Marlena is kidnapped, and Cringer is challenged to overcome his fears when he realizes that He-Man and the Heroic Warriors have gone astray, leaving only himself and Orko to save the Queen from Skeletor
Episode 85

The Rainbow Warrior

When Skeletor captures King Randor, Prince Adam, Man At Arms and Teela, Queen Marlena leads the charge against Snake Mountain.
Episode 86

Jacob and The Widgets

He-Man saves Jacob, an old hermit, from one of Mer-Man's mechanical monsters. The Widgets take Jacob in and care for him, showing the old hermit that some people really care about others.
Episode 87

The Good Shall Survive

A leak in the Bee People's successful honey harvest flows underground, awakening the Tycons from their rocky cocoon slumber.
Episode 88

Revenge Is Never Sweet

When the Attak Trak breaks down, Orko wanders away from Adam, Teela and Cringer and meets a large creature that introduces himself as Kothos, a former wizard transformed by Evil-Lyn's magic.
Episode 89

The Littlest Giant

The Widget Squinch wants to be bigger, so he goes to Snake Mountain and asks Skeletor to use his magic. Instead Evil Lyn tricks the Widget into giving He-Man a magical box that traps him in Snake Mountain.
Episode 90

A Trip To Morainia

Adam is sent on a mission to the Kingdom of Morainia to pick up some energy crystals they have developed. But Skeletor also wants these crystals, and he's keeping the King of Morainia hostage in order to get them.
Episode 91

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Glitch, a fearful young prince who teamed up with Skeletor hoping to gain courage, is thrown out of Snake Mountain and befriended by the Eternians.
Episode 92

Three On a Dare

Teela goes on a field trip with three students. When two of the kids dare the third to fly Teela's Wind Raider they fly too far and are captured by Skeletor.
Episode 93

Just a Little Lie

Orko, wanting to distract the visiting Prince Dal from his homesickness, lies about a worthless lump of rock, telling Dal the rock will make its owner invincible. But Orko's lie puts the whole team in danger once Dal believes the rock can save his kingdom
Episode 94

One For all

A crew of evil Space Pirates attacks a small village, intent on stealing all their food. Prince Adam's Sword of Power is taken by the pirates, so he cannot become He-Man.
Episode 95

Trouble's Middle Name

It is time for the Keepers of the Temple of the Sun to recharge the Sunstone. As evil Negator attempts to capture the power of the stone, He-Man and the rest must also contend with the interference of Prankster.
Episode 96

Journey To Stone City

In order to revive his people from their thousand year stony sleep, Vokan, Keeper of the Temple, must reclaim his Life Bringer from the clutches of Evil Lyn.
Episode 97

A Bird In The Hand

Orko and Stanlon accidentally break a valuable statuette belonging to Melaktha, the Royal Archaeologist. The broken statue reveals a map leading to the Ancients' Book of Spells. Orko, Stanlon, and Adam go after the book with Skeletor hot on their heels.
Episode 99

The Time Wheel

While seeking shelter from a storm, Orko and He-Man stumble upon an ancient Sylcon laboratory.
Episode 100

Search For The Past

While searching for his long missing father King Randor is captured by, the Enchantress. Now He-Man must rescue both his father from the dungeons of the Enchantress and his grandfather from Lost Mountain, a floating mountaintop.
Episode 101

Hunt for He-Man

He-Man accidentally drinks poisoned water in the swamp and becomes weak. Skeletor believes this to be the perfect opportunity to capture him.
Episode 102

Greatest Show On Eternia

Crackers the Clown's circus comes to the Royal Palace to perform for the people of the Royal Palace, much to the chagrin of Skeletor.
Episode 103

Not So Blind

Prince Adam, whilst watching his old friend the storyteller relate stories of He-Man's past heroics to a group of children, meets a young blind boy named Loos.
Episode 104

The Secret Of The Grayskull

Skeletor sends fiery-spider fireworks towards the Royal Palace, and while the Heroic Warriors deal with this threat, Orko receives a scolding from Man-At-Arms causing the little Trollan to leave.
Episode 105

No Job Too Small

On a diplomatic mission to Phantos, Man-At-Arms, Teela and Orko are kidnapped by the Evil Warriors whilst He-Man is temporarily distracted.
Episode 106

The Bitter Rose

When Orko plucks the fabled Bitter Rose as a gift for Dree Elle, Rose Mountain starts to crumble and threatens to destroy the village of the Insect People.
Episode 107

The Gambler

Melbrag the Gambler tricks Smudge the Widget into giving him some precious Coridite, then uses it to weaken and capture He-Man for Skeletor as a prize.
Episode 108

Teela's Triumph

Skeletor sends Zoar to another world, not realizing she is really the Sorceress. The Spirit of Grayskull calls for help and implores Teela to take the Sorceress' place.
Episode 109

The Problem With Power

After Skeletor tricks He-Man into thinking he has killed a man He-Man relinquishes his Sword of Power by throwing it into the abyss. With the most powerful man in the universe gone, who will save Eternia from Skeletor and his Goblin Warriors?
Episode 110

Double Trouble

Skeletor uses the Mirror of Moravad to make an evil clone of He-Man's ally Kol Darr.
Episode 111

The Eternia Flower

A young man named Jonno steals the Wind Raider and disappears on the day he is to be named “Boy of the Year” by King Randor. It is soon discovered that the evil Count Marzo is controlling the boy with a highly addictive flower called the Black Nightmare.
Episode 112

Orko's New Friend

Squonge, friend of Orko, is known for his tall tales. When Squonge discovers that the Slave Master is hiding in the nearby forest and has kidnapped Orko, will anyone at Royal Palace believe his story?
Episode 113

Happy Birthday Roboto

Adam and Duncan rescue a robot pilot from its crashed spaceship and manage to fix it back up. But Modulok breaks into the palace to claim Roboto's power for himself.
Episode 114

Battle of the Dragons

He-Man and Man-At-Arms are invited to Darksmoke and Orko tags along. But the evil dragon Morningstar steals the magic flame of Granamyr and blames the Eternians to start a new war between Dragons and Humans.
Episode 115

Time Doesn't Fly

Evil wizard Hexon has stopped time so he can become the new Emperor of Simbar. But Princess Kathay, daughter of the current Emperor, sets out to find the Sands of Time and soon receives help from He-Man and friends.
Episode 116

Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere

Man-At-Arms has created a device that can make half-size duplicates of anything, so Skeletor plans to steal it.
Episode 118

Orko's Return

Beast Man and Trap Jaw set out on their own and create an impenetrable fortress grown from magical seeds. They then kidnap Orko and hold him hostage in exchange for all of Eternia’s Photanium.
Episode 119

Visitors from Earth

Two astronauts from Earth are accidentally sucked through a vortex and end up in Eternia. While Major Andrea Steele explains her cause to Queen Marlena at the Royal Palace her partner Colonel Mark Blaze lands at Snake Mountain.
Episode 121

The Magic Falls

Skeletor plans to sneak a disguised Kobra Khan into the Royal Palace on Eternia Day but first he kidnaps Orko and drains his powers so that he can not identify the villian.
Episode 122

Search for a Son

Count Marzo has been secretly holding Mekaneck’s son captive for years as he uses the boy’s talent to serve as a distraction to cover his petty crimes. Once discovered, Count Marzo forces Mekaneck to take him to the King and Queen.
Episode 123

Mistaken Identity

When Farin, an impetuous young man, claims to be He-Man in order to impress his girlfriend, Modulok overhears the story and takes him captive. Now the true He-Man and his friends must save Farin before Modulok ends his life.
Episode 124

The Toy Maker

Skeletor orders the Toy Maker to send his toys into the Royal Palace by impressing Orko. Once the toys are inside the castle, they grow in size and over-power Man-At-Arms.
Episode 125

The Bargain With Evil

In order to free her father from the Realm of Evil, Lady Arvela promises to bring the Starchild before Angast, ruler of the realm.
Episode 126

Capture the Comet Keeper

Skeletor imprisons Zagraz, the keeper of the comets, and tries to convince him to form an alliance. However, once he removes Zagraz from his mountain, the comets spin out of control, putting all of Eternia at risk!
Episode 130

The Cold Zone

In an attempt to calm a young boy’s fear, Fisto tells the story of how he went from villain to hero with the help of a young girl named Rayna and her brave companions.

About this Show

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

In this successful all time classic series, He-man the action adventure hero, must use his superhuman power to overcome the forces of evil. It all begins when The Sorceress, who dwells in the mysterious and magical Castle Grayskull calls on Adam, Prince of Eternia. She presents Adam with a powerful and magical sword, which he must learn to use with great wisdom and knowledge. The sword enables Adam to transform himself into He-man, the most powerful man in the Universe, by holding aloft his magic sword and commanding “By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!” The sword also transforms his trusted but fearful feline friend Cringer, into the fierce and loyal sidekick, Battlecat. Together He-man and Battle-Cat become the protectors of Eternia, alongside their trusted allies and friends, Teela, Man-At-Arms and Orko. All are fighting against the evil warrior Skeletor and his army of wicked henchmen - Beastman, Trap-Jaw, Evil-Lyn, Mer-man, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Clawful, Two-Badd, Stinkor and Webstor. Skeletor has one plan, to dissolve the empire into chaos and rule over the planet. Only one man can stop him! He-man, guided by the Scorceress, stands in Skeletor’s way but can he save the planet!

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