1 season available


TVMA • Comedy, Drama, Political • TV Series • 2016

Graves, tells the story of President Richard Graves (Nick Nolte), a former two-term POTUS as he embarks on a Don Quixote-like quest to right the wrong...more

Graves, tells the story of President Richard Graves (Nick Nolte), a former two-term POTUS as he embarks on a Don Quixote-like quest to right the wrong...more

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1 season available (10 episodes)

1 season available

(10 episodes)

Episode 1

Evil Good and Good Evil

Expected to spend his retired years living quietly outside Santa Fe, NM, former President Richard Graves spins out into an existential crisis when he realizes that his White House’s policies of 25 years ago have messed the country up and decides to go on a journey to right his administration’s wrongs. Graves befriends bohemian waitress Sammy and drags his uptight new assistant Isaiah along as he goes off the grid and tries for the first time in his life to live in the present moment and be authentic. Meanwhile, Olivia Graves is having a breakdown of her own, shedding her picture perfect First Daughter persona after separating from her Rockefeller husband, as her mother — the ever-composed Margaret Graves — tries to keep her family’s antics from drawing attention.
Episode 2

You Started Everything

The family and staff unsuccessfully try to prevent Graves from finding out that his attempted assassin Martin Treadwell, while he was in the White House 25 years ago, is seeking a furlough to visit his dying mother. Graves attends his gardener’s niece’s quinceañera and becomes an advocate for the Mexican immigrant community. Margaret is approached by the Republican Party and invited to launch a Senate campaign, while Isaiah and Olivia get too close for (Isaiah’s) comfort.
Episode 3

Nothing Can Come of Nothing

The family deals with the repercussions of Graves’ unorthodox show of support for Mexican immigrants, and Graves encourages a federal bureaucrat to grant amnesty to a group of illegal immigrants who have sought refuge at his ranch. His son Jeremy returns home after serving four years in the Army only to find that even being a war hero seemingly can’t impress his emotionally distant father. Olivia is excited to have a sexy new man, Arturo, in her life despite the language barrier between them, and Margaret continues to mull over a run for the Senate despite Graves’ disapproval.
Episode 4

That Dare Not Speak

Graves is forced to acknowledge that his views are on the wrong side of history as he reluctantly attends his speechwriter’s marriage…to another man. Olivia falls deeper in love with Arturo, only to realize there’s more to him than meets the eye. At the wedding, Margaret inches closer to launching her Senate bid after she receives a call of support from an old friend, successful businessman Jonathan Dalton. Isaiah desperately tries to prep Jeremy for an interview on a local morning news show, but instead Jeremy throws a massive party, unprepared for how everyone’s lives have changed since he’s been gone.
Episode 5

Lions in Winter

After learning his longtime friend and political ally ex-U.K. Prime Minister Trevor Lloyd is dying of cancer, Graves takes off to see him in Baltimore for one last adventure. Isaiah and Sammy join him, and Isaiah gets a peek behind the curtain when she takes him to visit her family. Olivia enlists Jeremy’s help when she realizes she’s in over her head with Arturo. Margaret finds herself falling into familiar patterns as she and Dalton strategize on her campaign.
Episode 6

A Tincture of Madness

Concerned about her husband’s strange behavior, Margaret has a therapist hold a session for the family. Jeremy intercepts a letter to the family asking if they would like to send someone to speak at Treadwell’s furlough hearing, and it sends him into a rage. Olivia acts out, angry about her impending divorce.
Episode 7

The Careless Giant

Graves tries to rectify mistakes he made dealing with Native American groups during his presidency, and Isaiah’s burgeoning relationship with Sammy becomes collateral damage during the adventure. Jeremy speaks at Treadwell’s furlough hearing and meets a new friend in the process. Margaret assists Olivia in her divorce proceedings while Olivia contemplates whether or not to stay with Arturo. Olivia gives Margaret the boost of confidence she needs to firmly decide to run for Senate.
Episode 8

TV is the Shephard

The family welcomes a 60 Minutes-like news magazine show team into their home for an hour-long special on Graves’ post-presidential life. While presenting themselves as a picture-perfect family, Olivia discovers she’s pregnant as Jeremy’s burgeoning career as a political commentator – built on spiteful comments he made on air about his father – begins to heat up. Pushed to his limits by the family’s shenanigans, Isaiah makes a decision about his future.
Episode 9

Through a Glass Gravely

With Christmas around the corner, Graves travels across state lines to convince Isaiah to come back to his staff. Jeremy is offered his own TV show only to find his good mood shattered when Olivia calls on him for help in an unexpected, life-changing crisis. Margaret sets up her campaign office and, in realizing her kooky opponent may be more of a challenge than she’d anticipated, is forced to consider what compromises she’s willing to make for her run. Treadwell visits his mother during his supervised furlough.
Episode 10

Not Giants, but Windmills

At the annual Republican conference, Graves enlists Isaiah’s help crafting a speech while they both try to quell dangerous rumors about Margaret’s relationship with Jonathan Dalton. Margaret manages infighting among her team as she prepares to officially announce her candidacy at the convention. Olivia and Jeremy feel the pressure as the FBI starts asking questions about their connection to Arturo. Treadwell escapes his security escort and leaves his mother’s hospital room on a mission.

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