8 seasons available

Full House (1987)

TVG • Comedy, Sitcom, Family • TV Series • 1987

Comedian Bob Saget stars in this heartfelt comedy series as Danny, a widowed father raising three young daughters with the help of his rebel brother-i...more

Comedian Bob Saget stars in this heartfelt comedy series as Danny, a widowed father raising three young daughters with the help of his rebel brother-i...more

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8 seasons available (192 episodes)

8 seasons available

(192 episodes)

Episode 1

Comet's Excellent Adventure

Michelle's dog, Comet, runs away. The Rippers no longer want Jesse in their band. D.J. ends a relationship with a rich boyfriend.
Episode 2

Breaking Away

Rebecca and Jesse are apprehensive about their twin boys attending preschool. Stephanie becomes rebellious due to a friend's influence.
Episode 3

Making Out Is Hard to Do

Jesse's band replaces him with a new lead singer (guest star BARRY WILLIAMS - "The Brady Bunch"). Stephanie attends a coed party where boys and girls kiss.
Episode 4

I've Got a Secret

Danny causes problems for Michelle when she joins a secret club. D.J. becomes jealous when Kimmy dates her former boyfriend. Jesse and Rebecca agree to divulge the names of their past loves.
Episode 5

To Joey, With Love

Joey takes a job as a substitute teacher--in Michelle's classroom. PTA president, Mrs. Carruthers (guest star MARCIA WALLACE) becomes Joey's not-so-secret admirer. Danny auditions to play bass guitar for Jesse.
Episode 6

You Pet It, You Bought It

After earning $200 selling lemonade on a hot summer day, Michelle goes to a petting zoo and buys a donkey--creating havoc in the Tanner household.
Episode 7

On the Road Again

When Danny finds out that D.J. is secretly dating the guitarist in Jesse's new band, Danny forbids her to continue.
Episode 8

Claire and Present Danger

Danny asks the mother of Stephanie's friend Gia out on a date--causing Michelle to rebel. Joey is surprised when the French woman he asked out on a date arrives with her husband. Jesse is nervous about his first appearance with his new band.
Episode 9

Stephanie's Wild Ride

Stephanie and Gia go for a ride with some older boys whom they meet in a shopping mall-and who endanger their lives. Michelle's new computer game transforms everyone into video game addicts.
Episode 10

Under the Influence

Kimmy gets drunk on several occasions, disgusting D.J. The twins and Michelle feud.
Episode 11

Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Michelle and Jesse are almost arrested on Christmas Eve when a Scrooge-like merchant (MICKEY ROONEY) refuses to exchange a gift that Michelle bought for her dad.
Episode 12

D.J.'s Choice

Both Nelson and Viper compete to be D.J.'s boyfriend. Nelson hires FRANKIE VALLI (himself) to serenade her. Michelle leads the family on a crusade to clean up a vandalized playground.
Episode 13

The Producer

Danny feels humiliated and quits when Rebecca is promoted to producer of the show.
Episode 14

Super Bowl Funday

When Joey has to take Michelle's science club on a field trip on Super Bowl Sunday, he brings them to a sports bar.
Episode 15

My Left and Right Foot

Michelle has nightmares about her feet after her sisters tease her about how big they are growing. Rebecca upsets Jesse when she sings off key to the twins.
Episode 16

Air Jesse

When D.J and Kimmy plan a celebrity charity basketball game, D.J. recruits her family to play. Jesse is embarrassed to admit he can't play basketball. Jesse is coached by a pro--KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR (himself). ADAM ABDUL-JABBAR appears with his dad.
Episode 17

Dateless in San Francisco

Michelle gets a boyfriend for Valentine's Day, while Joey gets a secret admirer. When Jesse helps Danny plan an elaborate date with Claire, Rebecca feels neglected.
Episode 18

We Got the Beat

Jesse manages Stephanie's new band but is terminated when he criticizes the group for being more concerned with their appearance than their music. Danny and Joey invest in the stock market, not knowing that the tip they got is from Michelle.
Episode 19

Taking the Plunge

It's D.J. to the rescue when she learns that Kimmy plans to elope with her new boyfriend, hoping that marriage will solve all her problems. Joey gets an opportunity to meet the Queen of England.
Episode 20

Up on the Roof

Jesse encourages D.J. to implement the perfect prank--hoisting the principal's car on the roof--before she graduates from school, but he almost gets himself arrested. Rebecca tries to teach Michelle how to cook, but she doesn't know how to cook either.
Episode 21

Leap of Faith

Jesse tries to stop Rebecca from bungee jumping--but thinks it's okay if he takes risks. Michelle cons her dad into letting her go to a rock concert.
Episode 22

All Stood Up

Stephanie is upset when the boy she asks to a school dance never arrives. Danny confronts him, embarrassing Stephanie. Jesse tries relaxation to lower his high blood pressure but is annoyed by Kimmy's ostrich.
Episode 23

Michelle Rides Again, Part 1

D.J. needs a date for her senior prom. Stephanie plays Juliet for a school play but can't get her Romeo to kiss her. Jesse and Joey may get their own TV show. Danny and another parent become competitive when their daughters enter a horseback riding competition--putting Michelle in jeopardy.
Episode 24

Michelle Rides Again, Part 2

Michelle suffers from amnesia after a fall from a horse. D.J. isn't going to her senior prom--unless Kimmy can persuade her to go. Andrew wants to play Romeo with Stephanie.

Fast Friends

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Silence is Not Golden

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Shape Up

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Making Out Is Hard to Do

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Back to School Blues

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Goodbye, Mr. Bear

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Nerd for a Day

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Girls Will Be Boys

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Love on the Rocks

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