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TV14ActionDramaCrimeLegal • ThrillerTV Series2009

The Strategic Response Unit is a team of cops like no other – they’re the elite, the ...more

The Strategic Response Unit is a team of cops like no other – the...More

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Episode 1

Broken Peace

Team One is looking for an armed and abusive man who has tracked down his ex-wife demanding to know where their daughter, who is celebrating her 18th birthday, is.
Episode 2

No Kind of Life

Team One has to rescue a doctor, but as they search Sam discovers a child in critical need of medical attention, and realizes that being taken hostage may be the only way to save him.
Episode 3

Run to Me

Team One believes they are stopping a robbery in progress unaware that part of the robbers' plan is to escape their cruel leader. Their plan could make them his next victims and the team has to try to keep the robbers from harm.
Episode 4

Eyes In

Team One discovers that they need to take new security measures to protect the system they use to follow crimes after they are given acces to a crime about to happen.
Episode 5

Sons of the Father

Team One's efforts to save a kidnapped woman's life are dependent in large part on the abductor's brother, who holds a dark family secret.
Episode 6

Below the Surface

The team is called in when a car bomb explodes at a kid's birthday party. As it turns out the victim of the explosion was the head of a local biker community which is already under investigation.
Episode 7

Forget Oblivion

The team tries to help a young man with amazing memory who is taken hostage to help get to a weapon with "smart" bullets which can shoot a target even behind cover. The situation gets complicated when Ed himself is taken hostage.
Episode 8

We Take Care of Our Own

While the SRU is called in to stop some ex-soldiers robbing an armored truck with millions of dollars, they learn more about the background of the group leader who tries to maintain a place for ex-army men and women with nowhere to go.
Episode 9


Ed and Greg's sons come for a ride along and disobey a direct order from Sergeant Parker when he tells them to remain in the truck while Team One deals with an incident between three cops on an off-the-books mission to clean up the streets.
Episode 10

A World of Their Own

Team One confronts a man desperate to keep the promise he made to his deaf nephew by protecting the only place the boy has ever felt safe.
Episode 11

Fit for Duty

Team One is called in when an Emotionally Disturbed Person kidnaps his neighbor's baby, thinking it's his own daughter, and takes refuge on a ferry.
Episode 12

Keep the Peace, Part 1

Team One faces the most challenging call of their careers when a series of bombs tears the city apart.
Episode 13

Keep the Peace, Part 2

Team One continues the hunt for a bomber at large as team members, joined by EMS and the military, split up to deal with multiple bomb threats in a city already plunged into chaos.

About this Show


The Strategic Response Unit is a team of cops like no other – they’re the elite, the blueblood of the force. High risk is their business and life-and-death stakes are their world. The SRU team is also unique; they rescue hostages, bust gangs, defuse bombs, climb buildings, see through walls and talk down suicidal teens. It takes years on the street, intense physical conditioning and elite marksmanship to qualify for the SRU. They have to prove that they’re at the top of their game on a daily basis because if they’re not, there are hundreds of others willing to step in and take their place. The team uses state-of-the-art equipment – sniper rifles, snake-cameras, robots, flash-bangs, night-vision and tasers. But beyond all of the cool gadgetry, the most important weapons in their arsenal are human intuition, a gift for words and their ability to read emotion. Each team member is uniquely trained in negotiating, profiling and getting inside a subject’s head. They stand out because of the rare balance between lethal hardware and people skills: pure muscle and pure intuition. They’re the envy of law enforcement everywhere. The stakes are always high in Flashpoint – only here, the lives of the men and women on the team are also always on the line. That’s the nature of the job. The SRU may be heroes, but they are also human. At the end of the day, they each go home haunted by what they’ve seen, by what they’ve had to do – pursued by new demons which they cram into already bulging closets. They lock down emotion and they second-guess decisions made in the heat of the moment. These individuals are constant witnesses to the extremes of human distress. Not everyone is cut out for this. If you’re a cop, you’re three times more likely to kill yourself than to be killed by a bad guy.

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