2 seasons available

Finding Carter

TV14 • Drama, Teen • TV Series • 2014

After learning that her mom Lori is actually her abductor, Carter is forced to navigate life with new parents, a twin sister, and a brand new high sch...more

After learning that her mom Lori is actually her abductor, Carter is forced to navigate life with new parents, a twin sister, and a brand new high sch...more

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2 seasons available (36 episodes)

2 seasons available

(36 episodes)

Episode 1

Love the Way You Lie

After Lori kidnaps Carter for a second time, the Wilson family finally learns the truth. Those revelations bring some people together and tear others apart.
Episode 2

Shut Up and Drive

As the Wilson family tries to pursue justice for Carter's kidnapping, they learn painful secrets that test them in new ways. Carter's friends celebrate her safe return, but Taylor struggles with Max's emotional recovery.
Episode 3

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The Wilsons put aside their tensions to celebrate Joan and Buddy's anniversary. Meanwhile, a struggling Max must take a job from an unlikely source.
Episode 4

Pretty When You Cry

A stranger from Carter's past offers new insights on Lori that change everything, while Joan's unwelcome intervention with Grant leads to family drama.
Episode 5

Wake up Call

The school counselor urges Carter to take her studies more seriously or face the possibility of failing out of school. Taylor learns the truth of David's past, tensions rise at the town fair, and Max's new job poses a threat.
Episode 6

Stay With Me

Carter tries to save Crash from a dire situation while David and Elizabeth weigh heavy decisions. As Taylor evaluates her true feelings for Max, it becomes clear she's beginning to spiral out of control.
Episode 7

Something to Talk About

Carter struggles to make sense of Taylor's behavior as Taylor throws herself into planning a big school event. Grant questions whether he can continue living at home.
Episode 8


Carter is grounded just as her old friend Madison arrives unexpectedly and brings alarming new information about Lori. Shocking shades of Max's past color him in a different light for Taylor.
Episode 9

I Knew You Were Trouble

After getting shocking news about Lori, Carter and Max must take an unexpected road trip together. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Joan and Taylor deal with drama on the homefront.
Episode 10

Rumour Has It

On a camping trip with friends, Carter debates whether or not to reveal a secret that could change everything for the people she loves the most.
Episode 11

Wrecking Ball

Bonds of sisterhood are put to the test when secrets are revealed. Crash returns from military training and Carter is forced to make a decision about her future.
Episode 12

I'm Not the Only One

Set to testify in court, Carter vows to end Lori's manipulation once and for all. But, Lori drops a bombshell that rattles the Wilson household to the core.
Episode 13

Native Son

After learning the shocking outcome of Lori’s trial, Carter is determined to get to know her new brother, Ben, despite the warnings of others. Meanwhile, Taylor is concerned about Gabe’s methods of coping with his father’s death.
Episode 14

Anywhere But Here

Loving her new secret job at the bar, Carter struggles to keep up with school until her double life becomes untenable. Meanwhile, Taylor and Max attempt to celebrate a big anniversary, and Crash gets his new assignment.
Episode 15

Rabbit, Run

Carter is alarmed when Lori tells her shocking news about Ben. As Carter digs deeper into Ben's shocking secret life, Taylor urges Max to help Gabe get back on track. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has a plan to keep Lori away from her family.
Episode 16

The Sound and the Fury

Carter sparks with someone new, as Carter figures out a way to save the struggling bar. Meanwhile, Max takes Grant under his wing, and things come to a head between Max, Taylor, and Gabe.
Episode 17

The Consequences of Longing

Carter and Ben go head-to-head over secrets and lies. Elizabeth finds out the truth about Carter and Carter must fight harder than ever to earn the trust of those around her.
Episode 18

She's Come Undone

Everything comes to a head at a house concert for Carter, Taylor, Max, and Ben, where everyone's secrets come to light.
Episode 19

Never Let Me Go

Carter and Elizabeth's relationship is pushed to the edge when Elizabeth oversteps her bounds just as Lori inches her way into Carter's life. Meanwhile, Max's abusive father is up for parole.
Episode 20

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

After learning shocking news about Jared, Carter must figure out the truth. Ultimately, Jared's past mistakes come back to haunt everyone at Carter's biggest party to date.
Episode 21

The Death of the Heart

Just as things are going perfectly between Carter and Jared, new obstacles arise to threaten their relationship. Meanwhile, things come to a head between Elizabeth and Lori while Max deals with the aftermath of his dad's trial.
Episode 22

The Corrections

In the wake of a loved one's death, Carter and Max must uncover the truth about the people closest to them. Meanwhile Elizabeth finds an unlikely ally to help protect her family.
Episode 23

The Sheltering Sky

After a shocking turn of events, Carter must decide how she feels about Jared. Ben must pay the price for his past misdeeds, and Bird deals with a personal crisis in the aftermath of a loved one's death.
Episode 24


Carter uncovers a shocking truth after someone close to her is murdered which will change everyone's lives forever. In the midst of legal battles, David and Elizabeth petition for temporary custody of Ben.

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