1 season available

Fashion House

TV14 • Drama • TV Series • 2006

Fashion House delves deep into the glamorous, yet unscrupulous, world of the fashion industry and how greed, lust and blind ambition make or break car...more

Fashion House delves deep into the glamorous, yet unscrupulous, world of the fashion industry and how greed, lust and blind ambition make or break car...more

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1 season available (78 episodes)

1 season available

(78 episodes)

Episode 1

House of Gianni

When Maria Gianni needs a new design for her big show, Michelle - a budding designer - happens to be in the right place at the right time; but Michelle's marriage is on the rocks as her husband Lance beds his secretary, Gloria.
Episode 2


Confused about her marriage, Michelle leaves Lance and moves in with her friend Nikki; after getting a job with House of Gianni, the last thing Michelle expects is to find is Gloria in her home… wearing her jewelry and lingerie.
Episode 3

Secrets and Lies

After encountering Gloria in her own home, Michelle throws a fit, tossing her out the door; but Michelle didn’t expect Lance to forge her signature on a fake pre-nuptial agreement, leaving her with nothing but the clothes on her back.
Episode 4

Broken Promises

When Maria finally gives in to her feelings for William, he makes love to her right in her office.
Episode 5

Highlights #1

Maria uses one of Michelle’s designs to close her fashion show - and then offers Michelle a job in the design studio.
Episode 6

The Best Laid Plans

Maria fights to keep her emotions in check as the relationship between her son and Michelle heats up; and William has his own plans to manipulate Maria's emotions, and destroy her in the process.
Episode 7

A Rose by Any Other Name

Luke sketches Michelle the perfect rose; just as he’s getting closer to her, Tania crashes the party and ends all the fun; Maria, meanwhile, is wrapped up in finding dirt on Michelle as William plays Maria like a fool.
Episode 8


When William bribes Congressman Spangler so he can build on the conservation wetlands, the congressman makes him pay big $$$; the congressman was not expecting was a rather large tip from William.
Episode 9

Friends With Benefits

Maria tries to stop her son Luke from dating her employee; but she has no idea that William’s devious plan to marry her has gone into full effect.
Episode 10

A Private Affair

As Maria thinks about William and his marriage proposal, Luke goes after Michelle even though Maria has forbidden it.
Episode 11

Highlights #2

Maria does everything she can to stop her son from seeing Michelle Miller, but who will stop Maria from marrying William?
Episode 12

Let It Ride

Lance shows up at Joe McManus’ office to confront him about taking pictures of he and Gloria; but the last thing he expected was to murder him.
Episode 13

Secrets and Gifts

As Maria plans her wedding she decides to leak some of her guest list to the press; but for some reason she doesn’t have the courage to tell her son Luke.
Episode 14

A New Face

Looking for the new face of Gianni, Maria plans a dinner introducing her son to her fiancé William; but Maria wasn’t counting on Luke bringing Michelle.
Episode 15

Portrait of a Lady

Maria commissions Luke to paint a portrait of her and William for their wedding; that makes Luke the boss, something she has to learn to live with.
Episode 16

Multiple Offers

When Michelle is feeling bad, she gets a job offer at another company, lifting her spirits; then Maria hears about it, and wants the opportunity squashed.
Episode 17

Highlights #3

When Maria tells Luke that she doesn’t want him seeing Michelle Miller, Luke tells her to mind her own business.
Episode 18

Political Posturing

When Congressman Spangler plays political hardball with William Chandler, he has no idea that the bull is about to give him the horns.
Episode 19

Maternal Instincts

When Maria tells Michelle she wants her to design all the dresses for the show, Michelle agrees; but she still wishes Maria would accept her relationship with Luke.
Episode 20

Global Recap #1

Lance Miller cheats on his wife, who finds out and leaves him for Luke Gianni.
Episode 21

Madness in Manhattan

When Maria sends Michelle to New York City with John Cotter, she thinks John should have no problem taking advantage of the junior designer.
Episode 22

William's Story

As Luke gets to know William over dinner, we learn the truth behind his machinations and his engagement to Maria.
Episode 23

Highlight #4

When Maria realizes she can’t get her son Luke to stop seeing Michelle Miller, she bribes John Cotter to seduce the girl.
Episode 24

(There's Got to Be) a Morning After

Luke wakes up to Michelle yelling at him, oblivious to the implications of a naked Lexi in his bed.
Episode 25


As Maria’s wedding date nears , she becomes the bride from hell manipulating everybody that gets in her way.
Episode 26


As the rehearsal dinner approaches, Maria heads into the office to ensure that everything is on schedule for the happiest day of her life.
Episode 27

Do You Take This Woman?

As the wedding approaches, Sophia arrives, pleased with her son's devious commitment to his plan.
Episode 28

Global Recap #2

When Maria finds out that her son is sleeping with Michelle Miller, she does everything in her power to ruin their relationship.
Episode 29

Highlight #5

Maria spares no expense in planning a queen's wedding - only to have William dump her at the altar.
Episode 30

Wedding Blues

Maria has no idea why William humiliated her at the altar, until Sophia Blakely takes credit for the big fiasco.
Episode 31

The Ties That Bind

Sophia drops the bomb on Maria telling her William is Charles Blakely’s’ child, as William and Luke discuss taking a DNA test.
Episode 32

All in the Family

After her run-in with Sophia, Maria is confronted by Luke about the identity of his real father and, though defeated, does her best to lie.
Episode 33


Michelle confronts Maria about stealing her designs, only to find out that Maria also drugged Luke to get him into bed with Lexi.
Episode 34

Stirring the Pot

As Maria tries her best to hide her money problems, William and Sophia seek out ways to bring the diva to her knees.
Episode 35

Enough Is Enough

When Maria sees what a great job Michelle’s doing setting up the charity event she takes over, thinking that will break her confidence.
Episode 36

Highlight #6

When William rejects Maria at the altar, she is humiliated and exposed - and hears Sophia laughing out loud.
Episode 37

Tania's and Sofia's Story

Sophia meets Tania and gains her trust for her own nefarious purposes.
Episode 38

The Blow up

When Maria takes credit for her designs, Michelle informs the press and the fashion world that Maria hasn’t designed a dress in months.
Episode 39

Building Blocks

When Maria discovers that Lance was once William’s accountant she asks him to find her an investor to prevent the hostile takeover of Gianni.
Episode 40

Coup De Grace

As time runs out for Maria, Eddie agrees to pay back her multi-million dollar loan in exchange for a majority of Gianni's shares.
Episode 41

Irreconcilable Differences

When Michelle needs help getting her company started, William tells her to call a friend of his, who turns out to be a friend of Maria’s as well.
Episode 42

Highlight #7

When Maria gets Lance to find her an investor, he introduces Maria to Eddie Zarouvian the gangster, who agrees to give her $21 million dollars.
Episode 43

Nursing the Wound

Maria smashes Lance’s knee with a baseball bat and tells him to call Michelle for help, hoping to trigger the Florence Nightingale effect.
Episode 44

Women On Verge

When Tania’s test shots come back for the face of Gianni, she looks strung out and Maria tells Michael she’ll deal with it.
Episode 45

Global Recap #3

Maria uses Lance Miller to save her business and keep Michelle away from her son.
Episode 46

Opportunity Knocks, Rings the Doorbell, and Beats Down Your Door

Maria pays William the money she owes and thinks she’s won, until Lexi steals her contacts and partners up with Michelle.
Episode 47

Gaggle at the Gallery

As the night of Luke’s show finally arrives everyone who loves him is there and excited for him, until he reveals the show's centerpiece.
Episode 48

Highlight #8

When William and Sophia show up to take over House of Gianni, Maria casually hands them a check for $21 million dollars.
Episode 49

Michelle's and Luke's Story

A piece of artwork causes friction between Michelle and Luke.
Episode 50

The Shot Heard Round the...

When Eddie explains that he can’t call off the hit on Michelle, Gloria takes her son Alek with her to warn Michelle.
Episode 51

After the Assassin

When Alek is shot by the assassin and taken to the hospital, Michelle gives Gloria her love and support.
Episode 52

The Heart Attack

After Maria calls in her fake heart attack she tells Lance to run to Michelle’s side, knowing Luke will come to the hospital to be by hers.
Episode 53

Highlight #9

When William finds out Nikki’s pregnant with his child he celebrates by sleeping with Nikki’s archenemy Tania.
Episode 54

Second Chances

When Lance’s dinner with Michelle doesn’t go as planned, Maria devises a new plan to ruin Michelle’s business, hoping that will get her away from Luke.
Episode 55

Dark Days Dawn

As Maria’s plot to ruin Michelle’s business thickens, William Chandler’s plan to have Maria put behind bars moves into play.
Episode 56

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

When Maria ends up behind bars, her lawyer explains that the only way out is if Luke lies to the judge for her.
Episode 57

Truth and Consequence

Luke chooses to lie for his mother and get her out of jail, causing the DA to look like a fool in front of the mayor and his staff.
Episode 58


Maria convinces Congressman Spangler that she can get Lance to wear a wire and he tells her she’ll be exonerated if he can secure a conviction.
Episode 59

Highlight #10

When Maria gets arrested for forging Luke’s name on his trust fund checks, she’s forced to wait in county jail hoping Luke won’t press charges.
Episode 60

Down to the Wire

Maria convinces Lance to wear a wire for the police and gets to listen in on the detective’s plan to bring down Eddie and his credit card fraud ring.
Episode 61

Maria's Story

Maria gains an advantage by exploiting Dr. Woods' unethical practices, as a big surprise awaits William and Sophia.
Episode 62

Miller's Crossing

When Michelle’s big day arrives she doesn't suspect her ex-husband is working with the police to put Maria’s financial backer behind bars.
Episode 63

Out of the Woods

When Maria promised William he was going down he should have taken her more seriously because now the DA is after him.
Episode 64

Mother I'd Like to Forget

Michael shows up for a his meeting with Maria after a couple of drinks and ends up having sex with his best friend’s mother.
Episode 65

Highlight #11

Lance wears a wire to help bust Eddie Zarouvian but Eddie gets away and comes looking for him.
Episode 66

Nothing Ventured...Nothing Capital Gained

When it looks as if William may spend the rest of his life behind bars, Sophia finds Congressman Spangler and shows him some incriminating pictures.
Episode 67

Safe Haven

When Lance escapes Eddie’s thugs, Eddie calls Gloria to say that he needs her one more time and that if she doesn’t help him she’ll be sorry.
Episode 68

After the Fall

When Nikki takes a fall, Michael and all her friends rally to her side and Luke has to tell William that Nikki has lost their baby.
Episode 69

Breaking Point

Michelle tells Nikki she's lost the baby and should call the police, but Nikki wants revenge instead.
Episode 70

Global Recap #4

When Lance loses everything, he’s forced to launder cash for a gangster.
Episode 71

The Betrayal

When Maria offers Lexi control of MMD, with Maria being the majority shareholder, Lexi accepts and Michelle is fired on the spot.
Episode 72

Down to the Wire Part Dos

When Luke breaks up the fight between Michelle and Maria, Michelle explains how Maria and Lexi stole her company.
Episode 73

Maria's Final Bow

While Maria deals with the insanity of pre-show fashion problems, she never suspects someone might try to assassinate her.
Episode 74

Too Little Too Late

When the police finish questioning everybody connected to Maria Gianni's murder, the only thing they're sure of is that it’s going to be a tough case to crack.
Episode 75

In Loving Memory

At Maria’s memorial service, everybody gets a chance to say how they really felt about her as her son, Luke, hangs on every word.
Episode 76

Highlight #12

When Maria mows everyone down in her path, they declare their revenge but can Maria “the fighter” ever be stopped?
Episode 77

Falling Apart at the Seams

After Maria is murdered everybody connected to her becomes a suspect and without the murder weapon, it looks like the killer may get away with it.
Episode 78

A New Foundation

When Eddie kidnaps Michelle, Luke rescues her, never thinking his mother or Lance might still be alive.

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