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Dragonaut: The Resonance

TV14Science FictionAnimation • AnimeInternationalTV Series2007

With an asteroid hurtling toward Earth, sexy human Dragonauts and their curvaceous dr...more

With an asteroid hurtling toward Earth, sexy human Dragonauts and...More

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Episode 1

(Sub) Resonance: Hand in Hand

Jin's world is rocked by a devastating explosion that changes his life forever. Heartbroken and alone, he struggles to pick up the pieces of his shattered existence.
Episode 2

(Sub) Tryst: the World Starts Moving

After learning the truth about his family's tragic accident, Jin unknowingly becomes part of an ISDA plot to capture his mysterious new friend.
Episode 3

(Sub) Awakening: Wings Gathered

Toa attempts to calm Spirytus, but the interference of the Gillard Army further enrages the rogue dragon, prompting Gio to enter the fray.
Episode 4

(Sub) Flight: to the End of the Blue

Jin and Gio have questions, and Toa is the only one who can answer them. To find her, they must steal a ship from the ISDA and chart a course for the Moon.
Episode 5

(Sub) Mingle: the Rain Starts Falling

After being abandoned by Gio, Jin is captured by the Gillard Army and used as bait in a sinister plot to capture an authentic live dragon.
Episode 6

(Sub) Reunion: Feelings of Attraction

The Lindworm Unit is dispatched to the Moon to assist the Gillard Army in their efforts to capture Toa and Gio. In the meantime, Jin and Toa begin to reconnect.
Episode 7

(Sub) Recollections: Hearts Reflected On the Water

The Lindworm Unit arrives at the hot springs with orders to apprehend Jin, Gio, and Toa. But some members of the unit are reluctant to capture the renegade dragons.
Episode 8

(Sub) Parting: an Echo Out of Thin Air

Enraged and alone, Kazuki descends into madness. Jin betrays Gio in a desperate attempt to get Toa back - but will her horrifying revelation tear them apart forever?
Episode 9

(Sub) Determination: Overcoming the Gale

When the Gillard Army attacks a shuttle carrying Toa, Jin must set aside painful thoughts of his family's tragic death and join forces with Gio to save her.
Episode 10

(Sub) Truth: a Shattered Mirror

After their battle with the Gillard Army, clashing ideals divide the Lindworm Unit. Gio and Toa are detained by the ISDA - one marked for death and the other for experimentation.
Episode 11

(Sub) Rumblings: in Search of the Truth

A Gillard spy kidnaps Toa and delivers her to Prince Asim. While Jin and the renegade Dragonauts hide out, the Fourth Original blazes a deadly and destructive path to Earth.
Episode 12

(Sub) Fierce Attack: the Scorching Messenger

With the Fourth Original on the loose, the ISDA evacuates the city and sends in the Lindworm Unit to capture the dragon. Kazuki's seething rage puts Jin and Gio in great danger.
Episode 13

(Sub) Visitation: a Guidepost Shown

The Lindworm Unit watches as the Third and Fourth Originals do battle in the sky. Jin and Gio are locked in on Toa's signal, but a terrifying development could make them return to Earth.
Episode 14

(Sub) Friendship: an Altered Future

As the D Project moves into Phase 7, Jin and Gio decide they must journey to Mars to save Toa. But before they can blast off, Kazuki and Widow make their presence felt.
Episode 15

(Sub) Embrace: Those Who Call to Each Other

Relations between Gillard and the ISDA grow tense. Jin and Gio break into Asim's compound with help from Akira and Machina, but they might be walking into a trap.
Episode 16

(Sub) Lamentation: a Fate Torn Asunder

Jin, Toa, and their comrades take refuge in a lunar hot springs. After noticing something strange about Toa, Akira proposes an official ceremony involving Jin.
Episode 17

(Sub) Roar: As the Shining Star Burns

Machina descends into violent madness after the murder of Akira. Jin, Toa, and Gio attempt to escape, but Asim and his minions stand in their way.
Episode 18

(Sub) Tranquility: Everyday, Temporarily

After the disaster on Mars, the ISDA begins systematically imprisoning and eliminating all remaining dragons. Thanatos's response to this genocide threatens to destroy Jin and Toa's happy existence.
Episode 19

(Sub) Family: Traces of Warmth

The ISDA develops a virus capable of destroying Thanatos, but it can only be transmitted by an original dragon. Meanwhile, Jin, Toa, Gio, and Sieglinde plot their counterattack.
Episode 20

(Sub) Rescue: Severed Ties

Before the Dragonauts can infiltrate Tartarus and rescue their dragons, Gio mysteriously disappears, and Kazuki shows up looking to settle the score with his old friend Jin.
Episode 21

(Sub) Parting: the Successor

Gio bursts back onto the scene with a surprising attack on his former allies. Jin wants answers, but he might not want to hear what Gio has to say.
Episode 22

(Sub) Attack: the Time of Judgement

Jin and the Dragonauts uncover Commander Sakaki's web of deceit, and the Gillard Army exposes Raum to the anti-Thanatos factor in preparation for her ultimate destiny.
Episode 23

(Sub) A Glorious Death: With Sorrow and Hope

Jin and Toa spend a final heartbreaking day together before Jin turns her over to Gio. Toa's reaction to his betrayal quickly makes Jin regret his decision.
Episode 24

(Sub) Wrath: a Disappearing Tomorrow

When the Dragonauts' diplomatic peace mission fails to sway Thanatos, Jin must make a difficult choice. He can either fuse with the mother dragon or lose his beloved Toa forever.
Episode 25

(Sub) Resonance: May It Reverberate Forever

Kazuki's valiant attempt to use the Aegis to destroy Thanatos fails. With six billion dragons headed for Earth, humanity's future depends on the love between a boy and his dragon.
Episode 26

(Sub) Lonely Island: Shut Off from the Din

The ISDA crew is back in action, but the dragons are acting really strange. Gio is cracking jokes, Howling Star is hiding under tables, and Toa's sexy growl is driving Jin crazy!

About this Show

Dragonaut: The Resonance

With an asteroid hurtling toward Earth, sexy human Dragonauts and their curvaceous dragon companions unite to create a formidable fighting force. In the middle of this race against time are Jin, a heartbroken flyboy, and Toa - a voluptuous mystery woman.

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